Why we should buy a Garage Door Opener? – How to buy?

Are you struggling about Why Should I Buy Garage Door Opener? An automatic garage door opener is one of the invaluable instruments of this century. An automatic garage door can not only make your life easier but is also a safer and more secure way to park your car.

Why Should I Buy Garage Door Opener?

If you are thinking about buying a garage door opener, then maybe you already know a bit about them, or perhaps you know nothing about them and think it is just a luxury.

Why Should I Buy Garage Door Opener image
Why Should I Buy Garage Door Opener image

Let us look at some of the benefits of using an automatic garage door opener.

convenient image

One of the major benefits of using an automatic garage door opener is the ease and convenience it provides. You can stay in your car until you are in or out of the garage
. you don’t have to get down your car to open or close the garage door. When you, especially have children or dog in the car or if the weather is bad, it becomes highly convenient if you have a garage door opener.

Built-in lighting image

Built-in lighting
Most garage door openers come with built-in lights that will illuminate your garage or the path to your garage. This type of lighting can be very useful at night, or in case of bad weather.

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Security is one of the most important things to consider these days, and it is important to make sure that your garage door opener keeps your family, home, and possessions safe. Opt for openers with a code-based security system, which can be changed on click of a remote button. Also look for Vacation mode feature, which disables the remote controls.

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With automatic garage door opener, there is no worry of garage door crashing down or fingers getting caught while shutting the door. This is very helpful when you have small kids playing around your garage.

Low energy use image

Low energy use
Surprisingly automatic garage door openers use very little energy to operate. This makes highly cost-effective. You need not worry about spending a fortune towards power costs.

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Automatic garage door openers come with latest technology and features which makes them work seamlessly. They make practically no noise and take just a few seconds to open or close a garage door. Modern door openers also come with smartphone apps out of the box and can be easily controlled from anywhere.

Maintenance and Cost image

Maintenance and Cost
Despite having so many features and convenience, garage door openers are fairly inexpensive and can be installed easily without expert intervention. The automatic garage door openers are also low on maintenance meaning it is an absolute bargain considering what they have to offer.

How to buy a garage door opener?

While buying a garage door opener, we need to decide on the type of opener that would suit best for our needs. There are three different types of garage doors: Chain drives, screw drives, and belt drives.

Each one behaves little differently than the other. It is better to understand the features of each type to make the right choice.

Chain drives use a metal chain to run the door. They are very popular but are also the loudest of the lot. If your garage is a bit detached from the main house, it might suit you well. However, if you want to keep an eye on the opening and closing of the garage door, this will still come in handy. They don’t require much maintenance, perhaps twice a year.

Belt openers are one of the best products to buy. This type uses a rubber belt to run the door. They are very silent compared to chain drives. They are highly dependable and last longer all types of drives available in the market.

Screw type drives use a lifting apparatus mechanism, which utilizes a threaded steel rod to run the door. Since there are very less moving parts in this system, the overall maintenance is considered low. If you live in areas where there are extreme climatic conditions, screw drives might not work well. They are slower compared to other types and noisier too.

What Garage Door Opener should I buy?


Do the math

Do The Math
You should determine the best garage opener for your needs by considering the power consumed vs. efficiency ratio. It is always better to go for overpowered doors which will provide higher efficiency rather than choosing an underpowered one with lower efficiency.

Check for extension kits image

Check for extension kits
Measure your garage door height before you shop for a door opener. If your door is taller than the standard 7 feet height, make sure to buy a garage door opener which also comes with an extension kit. If you use an extension kit your garage door opener can easily accommodate taller doors.

Safety first image

Safety First
It is always better to buy garage door openers with laser tag attached on either side. These openers use laser “eyes” to scan the vicinity and stop the door when there is an obstruction. Some modern openers also come with an automatic reverse function. When the door upon closing hits an object, like a car, it automatically reverses back to position.

Hire a professional to install image

Hire a professional to install
It is recommended to use a professional’s help to install a garage door opener. While you can do this work yourself, it might require some help especially when you want to raise the opener unit and mount it. It would take about 4 to 6 hours to install it yourself.

Find the latest image

Find the latest
Modern garage door openers have smartphone apps that can operate the door. This will help in remote operation of the door opener as well. In case you hurry to work, and wondering whether you locked the door or not, you can easily verify it using the app.

Final thoughts

Luckily for consumers these days, there are so many options in the market when you are looking to buy a garage door opener. There are many trendy products with different efficiency levels and safety features. We hope that this guide gave you a basic idea to choose an automatic garage door opener. To get more info on Garage Door Openers, keep visiting our portal frequently.

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