LiftMaster  8355 Vs 8550 

LiftMaster  8355 Vs 8550 

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Item Weight:

LiftMaster 8355: 3 pounds

LiftMaster 8550W: 22 pounds

LiftMaster 8550W: works on DC supply

LiftMaster 8355 : works on AC supply

Power Source

LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: 3/4 HP

LiftMaster 8355 Garage Door Opener: 1/2 HP

Motor Horse Power

LiftMaster 8355: Ultra-quiet performance

Sound Quality

LiftMaster 8550W: Quiet performance

LiftMaster 8550W: Backup battery is provided

LiftMaster 8355:  Backup battery is not provided

Battery Backup

Operating Voltage

LiftMaster 8550W: 120 V

LiftMaster 8355: 115 V

LiftMaster 8355:1-year warranty on parts


LiftMaster 8550W: 5-year warranty on parts

To find out more 

To find out more