Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener – Super Quiet & Value for Money!

The main reason behind why a person should be using garage door openers is most certainly to avoid putting massive manual efforts to open them. Because lifting a garage door with all our body strength every time is not a necessary part of life, mostly when it is the modern era. But one certain question remains the same, as there are many garage door openers, you must be confused over which door opener is best for you. Well, Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP garage door opener is an eligible door opener worthy of your attention. Through its meticulous performance, it has been able to live up to our expectation while we tested it. Now let’s see the complete Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 review to know whether it meets yours or not.

Direct Drive 1042V001 Sommer Garage Door Opener is affordable on the one hand and durable on the other. It is also capable of producing very low noise so you can use this garage door opener even if your bedroom is adjacent to your garage. This product has all those features which you might have missed in other available garage door openers. This garage door opener has a truly powerful dynamic motor power which lets you lift bulky and jammed garage doors with unquestionably no sweating.

Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 Review 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design

Sommer garage door opener is quite different from other available garage doors with respect to its design. Most other garage door openers tend to have a bulky body which requires to be placed on the upper ceiling of your garage thanks to the gigantic size of motors they include.

But Sommer 1042V004 garage door opener, despite having a powerful motor, is not at all bulky. So you can place the body of this door opener on your ceiling while you can rest assured that it would not take much space. The dimensions for this 3/4 hp garage door opener are 42×10×6.5 inches. Being lightweight is another plus point which contributes to your satisfaction, as it weighs not more than only 37 pounds and aids in a quicker installation.

2. Motor Power

The motor power of 3/4 HP Sommer direct drive garage door opener is something that deserves a special mention in this regard. This garage door opener has a ¾ horsepower of motor power to deliver you a flawlessly influential performance. No matter how heavy your garage doors are, if they are of weight under 550 pounds which is in itself a great figure, this product will do it.

This garage door opener would work just perfectly to lift your garage doors. So forget about those days when you had to shed sweat to take your car out of garage. With this quiet and robust motor, you can park car or take it out any time you want, be it middle of the night and your family would not be perturbed even the least.

3. Direct Drive Roll

Till now, we know you have been fond of those belt drive garage door openers more compared to those chain drive garage door openers. The major reason behind this liking is self-explanatory, which is that a belt drive garage door opener produces far lower noise than a chain drive garage door opener. So belt drive openers have always been a favourite for installing in your house garage.

Sommer garage opener 1042V004 is something very much special and has neither of these chain drives or belt drives. It has a unique direct drive belt type that is further efficient than a belt drive one when it comes to keeping the noise level low. The motor going through a rail makes this direct drive the quietest drive of the above three. Its rail comes for 7ft and 8 ft high garage doors.

4. Attached Lights

Garage door openers often lack the additional features that come handy in an emergency need to open your garage. Say you have to take your car out of garage at night and you are in a hurry, you would need to reach for torch lights for seeing through the darkness around, which may consume more time. This is a big disadvantage.

What is best here in this Sommer direct drive garage opener is it has an inbuilt light attachment with it, which is a very thoughtful addition on the brand’s part. Though some garage openers may be devoid of this attachment, Sommer 0.75-HP Direct Drive Garage Door Opener has attached light bulbs with it which are of 120 watts. You can turn these lights on with remote control and illuminate your dark garage area.

5. Unique Security Codes

Direct Drive Sommer Garage Door Opener model 1042V001 is a safe and secure device for you to rely on blindly. This best garage door opener is controlled by a remote, and there is no way anyone would be able to hack this strong security system that it holds for you. Every time you open your garage door with this door opener using the remote, a unique security code is sent to you, which keeps changing every time you open the door. This product comes with two 2-button remotes.

It chooses a unique code from millions of codes and makes sure that the same code is not used for anyone. As soon as you make use of that code to open your garage door, that code is discarded from its system memory. So even if someone gets able to come across the previous security codes for opening garage door, it is of no use to them.

6. Safety Beams

As much necessary as it sounds, safety beams and sensors have been enforced by law in case of automatic garage door openers. Multiple cases have been reported on how a shutter fell on the ground while there was an object in its path owing severe damage to the owner. There can be a pet under the garage door, or a kid playing, which makes it very unsafe for garage doors to be shut without checking the area once. While you can open or shut your garage door from quite a far distance, you should be sure that there is nothing sitting under your door.

For this, safety beams have been incorporated in Sommer Direct Drive 0.75 HP garage door opener 1042V001. Those infrared beams check the area for clearance and then only lets the door be shut. If there is any object present below this garage door, the door opener forces the door to stop halfway through and changes its movement in an upward direction.

This is the best 3/4 hp garage door opener as it is compatible with the Homelink wireless control system which undoubtedly adds a glorious feather to this product’s crown. Not only can you enjoy all these amusing features of this garage door opener to make your daily life more comfortable, but also its HomeLink accessibility grants more of your needs.

You can control the security even more tightly and manage your garage door opener operations in a more encrypted way. With this HomeLink along side your garage door opener, it deserves to be known as the best direct drive garage door opener you can find. This machine comes with a lifetime warranty.


Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 Garage Door Opener Specifications

  • Manufacturer : Direct Drive
  • Item model number : 1042V004
  • Product Dimensions : 42 x 10 x 6.5 inches
  • Batteries : 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 115 volts
  • Item Weight : 37 pounds
  • Average Battery Life : 30000 Hours
  • Warranty Description : Lifetime Warranty


Where to buy direct drive 1042V001?

You can buy this Sommer 1042V001 from your nearest appliances store. For further convenience, consider buying it from Amazon.

How to use a Sommer garage door opener remote 1042V001?

Install this Sommer 1042V001 3/4 HP garage door opener. The remote has been equipped with easy to understand buttons with their functions written above it. Just press those buttons accordingly to get that particular work done.

What is the difference between the 1042V001 and the 003?

The V003 model includes a wall-mounted wireless keypad for outside to open its door with. This V001 doesn’t include that, just a remote opener and the push button wall mount control inside the garage. Also, the 003 model is much heavier than this 001 model.

What are the dimensions of the box the Sommer 1042V001 direct drive garage door opener comes in?

The box’s dimensions in which this Sommer 1042V001 quiet garage door opener comes has 36 inches of length, 10 inches of width and 8 inches of height in an approximation.

What is the wattage requirement for this Sommer direct drive 1042V001 garage opener?

The two bulbs of this Sommer garage opener are of each 60 watts, making those ultimately of 120 volts.


Now to sum it up this Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 review, we would put first the design of this garage door opener. It is a very compact one, perfect for a space-saving service. Its ¾ hp motor power was capable of doing a great job of lifting heavy to heavier garage doors with no difficulty. You would get a remote control that would let you control this safe and secure Sommer Direct Drive quiet garage door opener with no feat of being hacked.

Its unique rolling code (with 310 MHz) system also induces the feelings of relief as you would be safe from the attack of intruders in your absence. We were totally impressed with this quietest garage door opener for it was one of the most efficient yet lightweight door openers we have ever critiqued. Use this garage door opener with HomeLink smart wireless system for a superior experience. With its high efficiency and quality performance, we highly recommend this product for you.

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