Sommer Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1042V002 – Quiet & Durable

The Sommer 1042V002 Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener is a device which makes use of advanced and smart technology with fantastic features and functions. This garage door opener has a special smartphone control set up, which enables the opening and closing of garage doors easily by a mere touch on your smartphone. This product is a very efficient, strong and durable device. The fascinating aspect of this product is that it can effortlessly lift a door of a height of up to 8 feet. This product houses a powerful motor which is ¾ HP and therefore it lifts heavy and heightened doors quite easily. We won’t declare that it is 100% perfect for your garage, but on checking our complete Sommer 1042V002 review, you can know whether it fits your requirement or not.

After testing this Sommer direct drive garage door opener, it can be rightly concluded that our garage door opener has been engineered to be completely secure and it also provides its users with a totally secure setup. The device is directed with a lot of facilities that make it one of the best garage door openers in the market. It functions on a high power motor to give a safe and secure experience. Its package comprises remote control along with some amazing additional accessories, and also has a sufficient warranty period.

Sommer 1042V002 Review of 2023 (Key Features)

1. Security

Sommer 0.75-hp direct drive garage door opener is high on the security aspect of its customers. It provides a Home Link Connection feature. This is quite intriguing since you can easily monitor your place from wherever you are. To do that all you need is a smartphone and connect it with the Home Link feature.

This direct drive garage opener also enables you to stay in touch through monitoring through this Home Link Connection feature. This feature enables you to connect the device to your home MYQ or any other connections in order to keep monitoring. This facility makes this product extremely safety-prone, and it also comes with a secure setup. It is designed with safety beam sensors and an obstacle detection system which ensures the highest level of safety while closing our garage doors.

2. Remote Control

In this modern era, everything can be controlled with just the touch of a few buttons. Similarly, our Sommer 3/4 hp direct drive garage door opener includes a 2 button remote control as an accessory that is given along with the product. This remote control feature becomes very convenient for users.

Its remote control enables users to exercise the opening and closing of their garage door from a short distance. So, every time they have to operate this garage door opener, they do not have to walk to the garage wall as they could simply use its remote controls. This advanced feature adds on to the customer preferences and customer satisfaction.

3. Direct Drive Technology

This 1042V002 Sommer garage door opener uses advanced technology when it comes to the type of drive that it houses. Unlike most other garage door openers which use parts like chains, belts or screws which are noisy, our smart garage door opener uses a Direct Drive Technology which consists of only one moving part.

With this technology, the motor sprocket silently glides along a chain that remains fixed and is embedded in a sturdy steel rail. No noise operation is the result of its direct-drive technology. Thus, we can say that this machine indeed delivers noise-free functioning. The advantage of this spring-loaded chain is that it will never become sagged down.

4. Additional Accessories

For easy installation of this product, it comes with added accessories. This Sommer Smart Garage Door Opener comes with a few accessories. The accessories that are included in its packaging are- 2-button remote controls, wall control panel, a pair of infrared lights and a smartphone kit is also provided along with the product. The 2-button remote controls enable you to operate your garage doors by making use of its remote controls to manage from any short distance.

The smartphone kit enables you to control the functions of this product by an easy click on your smartphones. Enabling this feature is very easy; you are just required to make the Home Link connection. The app for using these controls through your smartphones are available for Apple as well as Android smartphones in their respective app stores. There is absolutely no additional set up, or monthly fee is required for enabling this feature.

5. Warranty

Sommer 1042V002 review from many users make it very evident that it meets the superiority standards. The manufacturer of our Sommer direct drive 3/4 hp smart garage door opener model 1042V002 provides its customers with a lifetime warranty on this entire unit as a whole. The manufacturer is also considerate to provide its users with a 2- year warranty on all the accessories that come with its product.

Although these accessories are very reliable since they are well examined upto 100,000 cycles solely by an independent test institute. This product is manufactured and tried enough times to guarantee its quality of service, but for customer satisfaction, this product’s manufacturer provides them with a lifetime warranty on the functioning of this unit.


Specifications of Sommer Model 1042V002

  • Manufacturer : Sommer USA
  • Item model number : 1042V002
  • Product Dimensions : 138 x 3 x 1.25 inches
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Item Weight : 42.6 pounds
  • Average Battery Life : 30000 Hours
  • Warranty Description : Lifetime
  • Horse Power : 3/4 HP


Does Sommer 1042V002 direct drive garage door opener kit come with a camera?

Unfortunately, no. Our Sommer 1042V002 kit does not come with a camera.

Does Sommer 1042V002 3/4 hp garage door opener have a battery backup?

No, this Sommer 1042V002 0.75-hp direct drive garage door opener does not have a battery backup.

What phones are supported for Sommer 1042V002 garage opener?

The Sommer 1042V002 garage opener supports iOS as well as android. So you can find apps both in Apple Play Store and Android Google Play.

Where to buy 1042V002 Sommer smartphone controlled garage door opener?

You can buy the 1042V002 Sommer garage opener online on various e-commerce websites like Amazon.

How to program Sommer garage door opener 1042V002?

The steps to program a Sommer garage opener 1042V002 are very easy, and the videos for the same are easily available on the Internet. So you can check them out.


Concluding our Sommer 1042V002 review, it is the best garage door opener in the market since it provides a wide range of facilities at a budget-friendly price. It has a 2-button remote control and also has the provision of smartphone control which makes it easier and much more convenient to operate this device. From an overall inspection of the product, it can be rightly concluded that it is extremely efficient and takes into consideration the convenience and satisfaction of users.

What we loved about this product was that it is a complete package. With the functions that it offers and the accessories that it comes with makes our Sommer 3/4-hp garage door opener highly recommendable. It has everything that one looks for in a garage door opener. With all of its efficiency it comes with a lifetime warranty. Go get this product as soon as possible for managing your heavy garage doors with increased fun and ease.

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