Atoms ATR-1722C by SkyLink – Extremely Quiet 3/4 HPf Chain Garage Door Opener!

Operating your garage door smoothly just with a click of a button is a dream come true now. With a powerful and stress-free operation, this Atoms ATR-1722C Garage Door Opener by SkyLink is there to serve you well. We bought this product for testing and knowing about its functionalities in a detailed manner. So, check out our complete SkyLink ATR-1722C review that we have provided after a deep analysis. This garage door opener is the best product for making our life easier and simpler. It is equipped with an extremely quiet dc motor. Its smooth chain drive system with a 7ft rail caters to the soft start and stop function that prevents any kind of wear and tear of its mechanical parts.

Its wall console, two-button remote control, and a keypad give easy accessibility to this Atoms AT 1722 by SkyLink. The built-in LED light provides a long-lasting illumination. To come up with an added security, this garage door opener uses a unique code encryption system every time you use its remote control. One of the best things to account for is that it provides easy accessibility even with the in-car garage door remote so that you can very comfortably operate it from your car. The automatic closer timer closes this door automatically after a stipulated time in case you missed closing it.

1. Horse Power

SkyLink garage door opener ATR-1722C works with a 3/4 HP and gives powerful and efficient operations for your garage doors. This heavy-duty DC motor, despite being powerful, works so quietly that this door opener is best suitable for living rooms attached to or above the garage doors.

As compared to other garage openers equipped with AC motors, this quiet Garage Door Opener provides a smooth working experience from start to stop. With its strong lifting capacity, this product increases reliability giving the desired results.

2. Chain-Drive

This heavy-duty chain drive gives durable and long term results. The smooth working of this chain drive results in the conveniently quiet operation of this SkyLink ATR-1722C 3/4 HPF Garage Door Opener. With a soft start and stop, it automatically adjusts the speed at the ends, preventing any vibrations or jerks that might lead to the mechanical parts’ wear and tear.

This patented anti-break-in chain drive also provides you with external access protection giving security and peace of mind. Thus, this durable chain drive gives satisfactory performance making it the best choice for your place.

3. Skylinknet Smart Control

To provide you with smart user-friendly connectivity, this SkyLink 3/4 HPF Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor offers skylinknet compatibility that allows you to use it even with your smartphone. The Skylink Internet Hub (HU-100) that is sold separately lets you connect this garage door opener with your smartphone.

Also, being IFTTT enabled, it lets you connect to other devices as well without any constraints. Thus, by syncing with your mobile device and other smart devices, you can go remote less and control this SkyLink AT-1722 from anywhere without any complexities.

4. High Security Remote Control

SkyLink 0.75 HP Atoms Chain Drive Garage Door Opener comes with a technology that is one step ahead of the other garage door openers. It comes with 3-button remotes that are password-protected, just like mobile phones, to offer additional security in case the remote gets lost or stolen.

You can protect your remote control by setting up the numeric passcode of 3-8 digits using the 3 buttons provided on its remote control. First, to operate through the remote control, unlock the remote by using a passcode set and then proceed with further operations. This hi-tech security lets you stand under this garage opener in peace and prevents any kind of mishap that is likely to occur due to lack of security.

5. Built-in LED Light

The major issue that you might probably face when dealing with other garage door openers is the inappropriate light system. This might be a huge disadvantage at times of darkness. Atoms SkyLink ATR 1722C Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor overcomes this issue with a built-in LED light.

The integrated 12W LED light provides an efficient, long-lasting illumination. Give up the stress of changing your garage’s light bulbs frequently. This energy-efficient LED light consumes less power as compared to the normal tungsten bulb. So, this garage opener reduces the stress of worrying about bulb compatibility.

6. In-Car Remote Compatible

Another advanced technology feature that this SkyLink Atoms Garage Door Opener ATR 1722C boasts of is that it can easily work with its in-car garage remote control. If your vehicle possesses the built-in in-car remote control for the garage doors, then you are lucky to go with this garage door opener. Because this garage opener efficiently provides this facility.

You can be worry-free from carrying a remote or any additional hardware to operate this device. Simply control the garage opener with the car remote, and the door opener understands well what task is to be performed without disappointing you.

7. Diagnostic Display

For ease of operating and convenient access, this technically advanced SkyLink Atoms 3/4 hp garage door opener is an ideal option. This LCD guides you all through the programming steps and error code for troubleshooting, making things easier for you.

If the LCD displays “F,” it implies that the amount of force has exceeded the opening or closing limit. “B” tells that the safety beam sensor is being blocked, and “P” states the program has an additional remote control. It is due to this display that working with this garage door opener requires no additional efforts to be made.


  • Manufacturer : Skylink
  • Item model number : ATR-1722C
  • Product Dimensions : 12.13 x 5.63 x 5.5 inches
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Item Weight : 9.35 pounds
  • Style : Without Wifi
  • Power Source : AC/DC
  • Type of Bulb : Built-in 12W LED
  • Warranty Description : 1 year


Can i use the KN-318 wireless keypad for this SkyLink Atoms ATR-1722C garage door opener or does it have to be the wired one?

The KN-318 wireless keypad can be very conveniently used for this SkyLink ATR-1722C garage door opener.

Where is SkyLink 3/4 horsepower garage door opener ATR-1722C manufactured?

For the SkyLink garage opener ATR-1722C, the manufacturers say that the factory is in Vietnam and its Head office is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

IS this Atoms AT 1722C Garage opener compatible with the homelink mirror button in my car?

Yes, this Atoms AT 1722C SkyLink quiet garage door opener is compatible with the homelink mirror button in our car.

Can i use my iphone to open the Atoms SkyLink ATR 1722C Chain Drive Garage Door Opener?

For connecting this Atoms SkyLink ATR 1722C Garage Door Opener to your iPhone, you have to be sure about the atoms’ updated firmware so that it can be connected to the wifi stick. This SkyLinknet system might help you to connect with your device.


Just give up all your worries about finding a perfect garage door opener, as we have found one such great garage door. Atoms ATR 1722C Garage Door Opener with a smooth and quiet chain drive system comes up with reliable and trustworthy performance you may long for. With its powerful DC motor that gives a perfect drive and anti-break-in chain, it gives competent results. This garage door opener comes with high security and advanced controlling features to meet up with the advanced technology system. This would surely make this door opener an ideal choice for you, especially for the living rooms attached since it is tranquil to operate. Hope our SkyLink ATR-1722C review made it easier to choose the perfect garage door opener.

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