ATR-1622CK Skylink Atoms 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener – Quietest one with all essential features!

Having a garage in your home is a big responsibility as it is like a second entrance to your house and lifting the door all by yourself is very frustrating. There are several garage door openers available in the market, but most of them are so loud that your neighbors will hear your door opening. That is why we introduce this Atoms ATR 1622CK by Skylink Garage Door Opener that has some amazing features that will amaze you. We have bought this amazon garage door opener to test and know its quality performance. Let’s just say that we are highly impressed with its features and you will know it by the end of this Skylink Atoms ATR-1622CK review.

First of all, this Skylink Atoms 1/2 hp garage door opener specialty is that it is extremely quiet and will not bother you in any way. The chain drive makes uplifting super smooth and vibration-free. It has integrated LED lighting that adds an advantage to it and consumes less power with zero maintenance. ½ HPF DC motor is extremely powerful to do the heavy-duty lifting with maximum efficiency. The security system is extremely advanced that will protect your house even when you are away. It is compatible with a backup battery also so that you do not need to lift up your garage door manually during power cuts.

1. Power System

Skylink 1/2 HPF Garage Door Opener 1622CK has an extremely powerful ½ HP DC motor. It ensures not only a smooth operation but also has several other benefits. It has high efficiency as it is built for delivering the best performance in heavy-duty lifting. This DC motor also helps you save your electricity bills because of its energy-efficient built-in technology.

This garage opener can work on battery backup so that you do not need to worry about using it during long power outages. It is a very convenient and great option for people who have frequent use of their garage and want a durable, heavy-duty door opener.

2. Chain Drive

Generally, garage door openers, while lifting doors, produce a loud noise that not only disturbs your family but is inconvenient for your neighbors too. This could be a huge problem. That is why Skylink Atoms garage door opener has a built-in Quiet Drive Technology, which includes a chain drive making it noise-free.

This product adds strength to the opener, along with making its operation extremely smooth and quiet. This technology is present in only a few garage door openers, and by possessing it in itself, this Skylink Atoms becomes a perfect option for living spaces and homes.

3. Integrated Light

This Skylink 0.5 hp Atoms chain drive garage door opener has an integrated light that turns on whenever you use it. This built-in light is an LED type that makes it durable and cost-efficient without affecting your electricity bills much.

This light is bright enough and allows users to have a clear view of everything around them in their garage. It works with the opener even when there are power outages, and the backup battery is connected. It acts as an additional advantage with this garage door opener as it adds a touch of convenience to it and several other features that it possesses.

4. Security

Security for our cars and other precious items which we store in our garage is very crucial. Atoms Skylink garage door opener 1622CK is super reliable even when you are away from home or when there are children at your home. It comes with an original Skylink brand’s built-in Anti Break-in Drive System that prevents unauthorized access through the garage door.

This machine has a wireless keypad through which you can easily set a passcode for your door opener that your family members and you can only access. You can easily lock the door through it when you are going on a trip without worrying about your house’s safety. It also has infrared safety sensors to add extra protection to your house.

5. Remote Control

In the era of modern technology, remote control for everything has become an essential part of it. So, with this Skylink garage door opener ATR 1622CK, gone are the days when you had to step out of your vehicle to push a button and open the door. You can easily use an easy-to-use remote control to open and close your garage door.

This smart remote control even works from a very long-range, up to 50 feet, without any difficulty. Two 3-button remote controls come along with this door opener so that you can keep one in your car and one at home and save you from losing one at the time of need.

6. Diagnostic Display

It is tough to know the issue when your garage door opener misbehaves and does not work properly. The diagnostic display of Atoms ATR-1622CK by Skylink 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener helps in letting you know if there is any fault happening in it.

This garage door opener displays the diagnostic code to troubleshoot it with ease. It also guides through the programming steps while installation. This is a unique feature available in this machine, making it extremely easy to install and use. It saves you from calling a mechanic to take a look at your device and pay him extra money.

7. Additional Accessories

ATR-1622CK Skylink remote control garage door opener, along with several fascinating features, comes with 3 additional accessories too. Wireless keypad to set a passcode for your garage door for security of your home, two easy-to-use remote controls with long-range connectivity for opening and closing the garage door. Also, a deluxe wall console to attach it directly to the wall for convenient use and installation is also included in its package.

You also have the option to install an extension kit to it if your door height is more than 7 feet. It is a backup battery compatible with saving you from any trouble if there is a power shortage. You can buy this extension kit and backup battery separately.



  • Manufacturer : Skylink
  • Package Dimensions : 24.3 x 9.1 x 8.6 inches
  • Batteries : 1 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Battery Cell Type : Alkaline
  • Item Weight : 29.8 pounds
  • Type : Chain, without Wifi
  • Remote Control : Two 1 Button Remotes


Is the chain included with this Skylink Atoms ATR-1622CK garage door opener?

Yes, the chain is included with this Skylink Atoms ATR-1622CK garage opener. You do not need to pay separately for it.

How do I program my Skylink garage door opener ATR-1622CK keypad?

The programming of the Skylink garage opener ATR-1622CK keypad can be done quickly by watching the company’s install video.

Is Skylink ATR-1622CK quiet garage door opener compatible with Homelink?

We are not sure that Skylink ATR-1622CK Atoms garage door opener is compatible with Homelink as its manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anywhere.


Getting a powerful and efficient garage door opener is extremely difficult. But Skylink Atoms AT-1622CK 0.5 HP Garage Door Opener Chain Drive stood up to all our expectations. It can lift a heavy door to a height of 7 feet. And the height can be increased by installing an extension kit to it. It impressed us through each of its features, including the quiet chain drive, high security, integrated light, backup battery compatibility, etc.

Even newbies can understand and operate this garage door opener with ease. Due to such unique features that it possesses, we highly recommend you to buy the Atoms Skylink garage door opener. It did not let us down in any aspect. Hope this Skylink Atoms ATR-1622CK review is satisfactory enough to give you detailed info about this device. Happy shopping!

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