Skylink Atoms 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener ATR-1622BKW – Powerful, Quiet & Reliable!

For the last few decades, we came across an increasing number of thefts, which made us more concerned about our favorite cars’ security in our garages. Besides, many people find manually hoisting ponderous doors of garages burdensome. So, the time to let yourself be bothered by garage doors is gone as Skylink Atoms 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener has been launched in the market. As soon as we saw its huge demand, we bought this product to test its efficient features and here is the genuine Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW review based on that. This garage door opener has a majestic exposure and design, which is distinctively carved for easy consolation.

SkyLink Atoms Garage Door Opener also offers a powerful motor that enables ultra-quiet operations by eliminating sound and vibrations through the ceiling. An incredible thing about this garage door opener is its efficacious connectivity and security features. This product serves Wi-Fi connectivity and allows users to control and monitor the garage from anywhere. Its built-in bright LED gives long-lasting illumination, and for power cuts, it features an optional battery backup too.

1. Design

Atoms ATR-1622BKW by Skylink garage door opener has been developed to fit in every garage ceilings and wall perfectly. It has a space-saving design that easily mounts on the wall beside our garage door, which results in freeing up the ceiling space. Perfectly suitable for both single and double garage doors, this ATR series garage door opener weighs only 9.3 pounds. This product can also be used with an orbit camera which is sold separately for unlocking it.

This product is a compatible garage door opener that has its dimensions as 12.12×5.62×5.5 inches. This less weight and small design make its portability easy from place-to-place. It has a very nice sleek design, which is appealing for viewers, and its parts can resemble comfortably. Along with this, the installation process is pretty simple, and any individual can perform it with null obstacles.

2. Smart Connectivity & Security

Smartness and innovation are the main things usually seen in many electronic devices, especially in garage openers. Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener comes with a Diagnostic LCD that guides you through programming security codes and error codes for troubleshooting. It also features a wonderful passcode-protected remote control that enables passcode protection to give mind relaxation.

The Smartphone App orbit sends an immediate notification when this garage door is open or closed. It can be integrated with an in-car remote, too, and hence no need to carry an additional remote if your vehicle has a built-in car remote. We get a Skylink KN-318 keyless entry transmitter along with 2 password-protected remotes. The Wi-Fi is accessible with a dongle that plugs into the top of its motor. Also, it comprises infrared safety sensors and works seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT without any extra charges.

3. Performance

This Skylink ATR-Series Atoms Garage Door Opener provides reliable and powerful performance, which is mainly administered by a tranquil built-in DC motor. A powerful ½ HPF DC motor provides silent and smooth operations as compared to traditional openers with AC motors and thus making it ideal for homes with living space above garages.

This garage opener gradually accelerates to full speed and slows down before stopping to reduce vibrations and increase mechanical parts’ durability. Its steel-reinforced belt drive is also responsible for quiet and plain sailing functioning. Anti-Break-in Chain Drive protects external access or tampering to open this door. By these functions, this appliance’s durability and smoothness in operations are maintained.

4. Battery-Backup and LED

In case of power outages, it will be a huge issue if you are stuck until the power comes back. But, thanks to SkyLink Atoms ATR 1622BKW 1/2 HPF Belt Drive Garage Door Opener, one can rest assured with sudden power cuts as it comes with battery backup. This machine comes with an incorporated 12W LED to offer long-lasting and enduring illumination. Its LED is perfectly fitted in the design and gives an attractive look to our garage.

This LED comes with high durability to last long. Its machine is compatible with a backup battery (sold separately) Model BA-100 that enables continuous operation even during power outages. Moreover, due to efficient power rating, its luminosity remains the same when this backup battery powers this garage door opener in case of power outages. This machine can be used for 7 ft easily and with its integrated extension kit its lifting can be done for 8-10ft height garage doors.

5. Accessories Included

Skylink 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor is the best garage door opener. Considering its functionality and the convenience it gives us while operating this product makes it a worthy-buy. In most regular garage openers we see only the product and there comes the necessity to buy additional accessories separately. This will be a huge burden and increases maintenance costs. But our garage door comes with included accessories.

The extension for 8ft height doors and 10ft height doors is the main highlight. For lifting garage doors of more than 7ft these extension kits come in handy. Also, the 3-button remotes for accessing this garage door from a certain distance is possible. A wireless keypad is also offered in its package along with a battery backup for power cuts.


  • Manufacturer : Skylink
  • Item model number : AT-1622BKW
  • Product Dimensions : 12.12 x 5.62 x 5.5 inches
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Style : With Wifi
  • Horse Power : 1/2 HPF
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Item Weight : 9.3 pounds


Does Skylink ATOMS AT-1622BKW 1/2HPf Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener comes with a rail to connect belt?

Yes, this Skylink ATOMS 1/2HPf Garage Door Opener comes with a full rail for a standard door height.

What wifi adapter do I need for this Atoms AT 1622BKW by Skylink?

Atoms AT 1622BKW by Skylink comes with a WiFi antenna to connect with your router.

Is Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener compatible with an 8 foot door?

Yes, the Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener can be easily installed with an eight-foot door.

Will this Atoms Skylink ATR-1622BKW Garage door opener work with Homelink on Tesla Model 3?

Yes, Atoms Skylink ATR-1622BKW Garage opener comfortably works with Homelink on Tesla Model 3.


Ending our Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW review, we would say that it’s the most adaptable and feasible garage door opener. This device offers Wi-Fi connectivity and can be administered from anywhere through your smartphone orbit app. This SkyLink garage door opener is compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, and with google assistant too. Unlocking the remote to send a signal can be done as simply as unlocking your phone.

Keeping a good garage door opener like this Skylink Atoms AT-1622BKW garage door opener is of great assistance during the garage’s lifting and shutting. The best thing is that even during power cuts, the performance of this garage door opener remains unaltered because of its battery backup. Hope our review on this garage door opener is found satisfactory to give you detailed info. Have a happy shopping!

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