SkyLink Atoms AT-1611W Smart Garage Door Opener – Get the real-time door status!

Technology has made a place in almost every gadget we use. Garage openers are no exception. Automated garage openers have solved our problems for many years. How about a device that is controlled by our voice and smartphone? Here it is, the Atoms SkyLink garage door opener. It is voice-controlled with Alexa and Wi-Fi compatible. This garage opener works with google assistant too. We could integrate with our Orbit SmartHome control and IFTTT agreeable. Its extension kit for 8ft and 10ft is a bonus feature.

It also has a built-in 12W LED for bright illumination of your garage. This garage door opener works with patented anti-break-in chain drive to prevent tampering, which we have ensured to test while operating it. And has proven to its claims and stood durable. Operation of this Atoms ATR-1611W by SkyLink garage opener is quiet much to our expectation. Having procured and handled the door opener extensively, we are more than impressed by its functioning. Let’s see the SkyLink Atoms ATR-1611W review, to get in-depth knowledge on it.

1. Smart Control

This SkyLink ATR-1611W garage door opener is Wi-Fi enabled and is compatible with our smartphones or tablets. We can also voice initiate this door opener using Alexa or google assistant. We just had to install the Skylink Orbit smartphone app, and we could open/close our garage door from any location. Do not fret over thoughts of your garage door being left open after leaving home! Use this app to have total control over your garage door.

Other guests and family members can be given secure access to your garage door. This same app was used by our family members as well. Instant notification is sent from the smartphone orbit app when your garage door is open or closed. We needed more controls to make our life simpler, and we were able to combine with IFTTT software at no extra monthly fees. We were fully covered from all smart features with this garage opener.

2. Built-In Chain Drive and Quiet DC Motor

This best wifi garage door opener comes with a built-in chain drive for impeccable performance. This chain drive has a patent for anti-break-in features. The chain drive is unique due to its shield that protects your family against all external access. This safety shield protected our trolley latch from tampering by intruders. Chain-link also contained an emergency cord protector to stop the garage door from being opened externally under theft circumstances.

We were secure using this garage opener as it saved us from possible burglaries through garages. Its DC motor, on the other hand, was very powerful to give out efficient performance. We were worried about the noise created during its operation as it might draw attention. However, operation through its DC motor was quiet and did not cause any disturbance. This motor used was a powerful ½ HPf one. It enabled strong and silent working. Quiet operation, in particular, was helpful for homes that had living spaces just above their garages.

3. LED and Car Remote Compatible

LED lights present in our garage will help us look around the place more clearly. For this purpose, SkyLink 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor offers a built-in LED to illuminate our garage during opening/closing. This LED has an extended life cycle and ensures to be energy-efficient. We didn’t have to replace any other light sources in our garage anymore due to availability of the built-in LED on this garage door opener.

Few cars have added universal remote control and garage’s door can be controlled from that remote as well. In this case, we could connect this product to our car’s universal remote. This eliminated the need for carrying around an extra remote to just open our garage doors. The best part was connecting this door opener to our car’s remote did not require any extra hardware. You don’t have to fiddle around with extra remotes any longer for operating this garage opener.

4. LCD and Safety Sensor

SkyLink remote garage door opener has a display for troubleshooting purposes. Either during operation or installation, this display helped us in finding out the reason for misoperation of our garage opener. A set of pre-programmed error codes appear on display. Few examples to understand codes are “F” for force exceeding opening or closing limit, “P” to program the additional remote.

Another exciting feature in this best chain drive garage door opener was the availability of a safety sensor. We could just snap it in without drilling, and it was easy during installation. This sensor ensured safety during opening/closing. Any obstacle that crosses this sensor during closing will alert the system to stop closing to prevent untoward accidents. This feature is certainly helpful for families with kids. We no longer had to worry about kids running around garages during closing as it was protected by immediate stoppage.

5. Other Special Features

Some additional features of this appliance make this product the best garage door opener. This SkyLink Atoms smart garage door opener worked just fine for families with single or double door garages. Large families with more than one car might have a bigger garage. Such options were also compatible with this garage door opener from Skylink. This mitigates the purchase of a separate door opener for two-door type homes.

Another special feature that caught our eye was the working of this garage opener even in the absence of power. An optional backup battery that was sold separately can be coupled with this door opener to operate in case of a power outage. This gave us the much-needed feature, and it can be very helpful for families in areas with frequent power cuts. Backup battery’s model number is BA-100 and will be a good addition to the already equipped garage door opener from Skylink.



  • Manufacturer : Skylink
  • Package Dimensions : 28.74 x 11.02 x 6.5 inches
  • Batteries : 1 CR2 batteries required (included)
  • Item Weight : 33.2 pounds
  • Wi-Fi Integration : Yes
  • Power Source : DC
  • Drive System : Chain
  • Horse Power : 1/2HPF


Does this SkyLink Atoms AT 1611W Garage Door Opener plug in to charge battery?

No, there is no plug-in to recharge battery for the Skylink Atoms AT 1611W garage door opener. We can however work this machine during power outages with external power supply.

Does Atoms SkyLink ATR-1611W have WiFi built-in?

Yes, Skylink ATR-1611 W has a built-in Wi-Fi option. This can be used for connection to smartphones and this garage door opener can be controlled from any location with Skylink Smartphone Orbit app.

Does SkyLink ATR-1611W Atoms garage door opener product come with the installation rails?

Yes, Skylink ATR-1611W garage opener comes with rails for mounting. An L shaped bar to hang from the ceiling to complete the installation is provided with the kit.

Does SkyLink ATR 1611W 1/2 HP garage door opener work with Alexa?

Yes, Skylink ATR 1611W ½ HP garage door opener works with Alexa to open/close garage doors. It is compatible with google assistant as well. It can be coupled with IFTTT to have further conditioned working.


At the end of SkyLink Atoms ATR-1611W review, we can say that it is the best product for families with single or double door garages. It is Wi-Fi enabled and voice-controlled. We can open/close with Alexa or Google Assistant. Durable chain drive with anti-break-in gave required safety and peace of mind to operate this product. We were content with its special features like infrared sensors to stop closing once the obstacle crosses the sensor and built-in LED light to illuminate our garage.

A diagnostic LCD for troubleshooting was an added advantage of this SkyLink Atoms ATR 1611W chain drive garage door opener. We could connect this door opener to our universal car remote to avoid carrying another remote. We could also control garage door opener from any location with access given to guests and family members. IFTTT could be enabled with this opener and set further conditions for opening/closing. We suggest purchasing this Skylink Atoms garage door opener to have a comfortable and smart operation of your garage doors from anywhere with ease.

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