SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C Garage Door Opener – Quiet, Powerful & Long-lasting!

Do you always have to get down the car to open or close your garage door? Frustrating, right? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore because the latest technology infused SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C Garage Door Opener serves the same purpose without any hassle. With built-in led lights, a chain drive system, a powerful ½ HPF motor, and one-button remote control, it is one of the most positively rated products in the market. Get the detailed SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C review given below based on our experience.

SKYLINK garage opener also comes with a safety sensor to prevent all sorts of casualties. The in-car remote button access allows customers to operate this product by sitting in their car. The in-built lights help to identify the discrepancy, if there is any. Its high-quality chain drive system enables the smooth operation of this garage door opener. The price of this Atoms ATR -1611C by SKYLINK is below $140 which is, quite affordable than other garage door openers of the same kind, offering the same features. After personally testing this product, where we have put a critical eye for a detailed analysis, we were very much impressed by its functioning.

1. ½ HPF DC Motor

SKYLINK ATR-1611C Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is super-efficient, delivering a smooth operation. It works on ½ HPF DC motor, which makes it quite handy and practical. The other best part of this DC motor is that it works peacefully, making no sound, reducing the noise pollution that other automatic garage door openers offer.

Almost quite frequently, machines that give robust performance fail to offer durability. But, our garage door opener motor’s probability of being damaged is relatively low, which makes our Atoms door opener a long-lasting product. Thus, we can say that this product is the most desirable product.

2. Heavy Duty Anti-Break-In Chain Drive

Chain-driven garage door openers are usually favored because of their functionality. SKYLINK remote control garage door opener ATR-1611C comes with a heavy-duty anti-break-in chain drive, which presents very smooth operations effortlessly and quietly. Patented chain drive prevents this garage door from being opened by external sources and also resists tampering.

So you can easily rest at home or do your office work with an absolute peace of mind, without having to worry about the safety of your precious car. The chain is also very durable and tight, making it resilient and long-lasting. For reducing vibration and maximizing this device’s durability of its parts it initiates with slow and smooth start or stop. Gradually it accelerates to full speed for giving a great experience.

3. In-Car Remote

Garage door openers that come with an in-car remote control are given huge demand in the market. But, most regular garage door openers with in-car remote systems fail to provide a satisfactory experience for their customers. Unlike these garage door openers, SKYLINK Atoms garage door opener has an in-car remote feature to give a never-before experience.

This product has suitable buttons for connecting to the garage door opener, and then you can easily operate it sitting inside your car, using those buttons. You can use separate buttons for opening and closing your garage or shift to one button according to your car’s model.

4. Additional Accessories

SKYLINK Atoms chain drive garage door opener comes with many accessories that one can use along with the main product. These accessories are heavy duty anti-break-in chain drive assembly, pushbuttons, infrared safety sensor, remote control, and mounting hardware.

There is also an LCD screen that displays the programming and the error codes for troubleshooting. For example, if it shows “F,” it means that the force exceeded the opening or closing limits. If it shows “P,” then it would mean program additional remote control and so on.

5. Built-in LED Lights

This Atoms model ATR-1611C Extremely Quiet Garage Door Opener has an in-built 12W led light for better and long-lasting illumination. Those traditional bulbs are replaced with LEDs so that you don’t have to change them quite often.

Whenever there is some error code or other problem, the led light will blink a number of times to indicate that there is some issue that needs to be resolved. This makes the 12W led light a vital part of this best garage door opener, and it is not recommended to remove or disable these lights for whatsoever reason.


  • Manufacturer : Skylink
  • Item model number : ATR-1611C
  • Product Dimensions : 27.5 x 8 x 4.5 inches
  • Color : White
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Style : Without Wifi
  • Item Weight : 29.7 pounds
  • Warranty Description : 1 year
  • Drive System : Chain
  • Wall Control : Push Wall Button


Will SKYLINK 0.5 Atoms chain drive garage door opener ATR 1611C work with a 8 foot (height) garage door?

No, this SKYLINK 0.5 Atoms ATR 1611C chain drive garage door opener cannot work with an 8 foot (height) garage door because it has a 7FT sectional rail.

Is it possible to program a genie intellicode with this ATR-1611C SKYLINK Atoms 1/2 hpf chain drive garage door opener?

No, it is not possible to program a genie intellicode with this ATR-1611C SKYLINK Atoms garage opener because it will have different frequencies.

Can the led-light be removed or disabled for this SKYLINK 0.5-HP Atoms ATR-1611C Garage Door Opener?

Yes, the led-light can be removed for this ATR-1611C SKYLINK 0.5 HP Garage Door Opener, but it is not recommended as it is a vital part of this door opener.

Does SKYLINK ATR-1611C have a smart button to disengage the unit from opening?

No, the Atoms ATR-1611C by SKYLINK does not have a smart button to disengage the unit from opening. But one can simply pull off the plug to serve the same purpose.


We can proudly say that SKYLINK Atoms 1/2 hp ATR 1611C Garage Door Opener is quite efficient and attainable as per our experience with it. Considering the price of this garage door opener and the features it has, this product is really consumer-friendly. The built-in light with chain drive controller are extra features that uplift our garage door opener’s standard. Also, the fact that it consumes less energy is a boon to the whole product. There’s a 1-year warranty for this product assuring us.

The main reason which attracts most consumers to this SKYLINK Atoms 1/2 hp chain drive garage door opener is the fact that it has safety sensors. This unique but very feature helps to prevent any kind of damage to the car or to any person who is using it. So if you are looking for a commerical garage door opener with all the modern amenities that we have mentioned above, then is the product that you should go for. Hope this SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C review is found helpful for everyone. Have a happy shopping!

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