Best Side Mount Garage Door Openers Reviews 2019

Is your Garage ceiling height is a lot bigger than the height of the garage door, then you should consider about this Side Mount Garage Door Opener. When garage space optimization matters a lot, then this rich Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is the best option for you. Garage Door Opener is a must-have thing for anyone who wants to take care of their garage. The Quiet Garage Door Openers are incredibly convenient, and these Smart Garage Door Opener can increase the security of your home Garage. These Advanced garage door openers which are now compatible with smartphones (Android and iOS), allowing you to open, close, and controls the activity that happens around your garage anytime you want. Check out the following Best Garage Door Opener Reviews 2019, in order to find out perfect side mount garage door opener for your home.

Best Side Mount Garage Door Opener 2019

A jackshaft garage door opener is best suitable for garages with non-traditional ceiling detail. Not every garage is designed to accommodate traditional chain drive, belt drive or screw drive garage door openers. Side Mount Garage Door Openers with vaulted or cathedral ceilings, with a very low ceiling height or with obstructed ceilings such as those that are used for storing canoes, bikes, etc., are ideal for jackshaft openers. The jackshaft garage door opener is just attached merely to torsion bar of the garage door.  Check out the Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 2019 here.

The LiftMaster 3900

LiftMaster 3900 Garage Door Opener reviews 2019

Garage Door Opener comes at the affordable price, and it is manufactured from Best Brand LiftMaster. The LiftMaster 3900 is a light-duty Best Side Mount Garage door openers with this a compact design which is ideal for limited height, cathedral or obstructed ceiling installations. The LiftMaster 3900 Side Garage Door Opener can be used on standard high-lift sectional doors up to 14 feet in height. The Practical Light Duty Commercial Door Opener offers a versatile and durable performance. These Side Mount Garage Door Opener LiftMaster are designed to deliver safety and reliability to the end user.

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The heavy-duty 24 VDC motor of this Side Mount Garage Door Opener offers ultra-quiet operation. The LiftMaster 3900’s Standard 1-button station is used for opening and closing the garage door effortlessly. The safety sensor will automatically sense any obstruction in its way, and that signals the door operator to reverse the command and a useful lifetime warranty for the motor.


  • Jackshaft is one of the advantageous thing available in this garages
  • Best Suitable for light-duty commercial sectional applications
  • Not occupy any ceiling space, so you can use the extra ceiling space as your wish
  • Quiet Operation and will be a good choice if you have living space above the garage.
  • Features a compact design ideal for the limited cathedral, height, or obstructed ceilings

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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers 2019

With the latest innovative wall-mount design, the LiftMaster Garage Door Openers make more possibilities by freeing up space overhead. In addition to this, Side Garage Door Openers are fully equipped with the latest features including built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone control to a deadbolt lock for maximum garage security.

 LiftMaster 3800

LiftMaster 3800LiftMaster 3800 is very simple to install garage door opener on either side of the garage door. Its unique design does not require any railings and you will get lots of free space over the garage door for storage. 3800 is the Best side mount garage door opener from the incredible brand LiftMaster in the market. With the remotely operated 200-watt light, it can easily it can be located anywhere you. The 24V DC powerful motor can produce 3/4 horsepower. Takes sufficient power for lifting the heavy garage doors. And although it is overpowering the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener motor is super quiet. So you don’t have to worry about letting your whole house and neighborhood know whenever you are opening or closing the garage door. Uses very less power in Standby mode which is simply admiring feature.

The EverCharge Standby Power System works better even in power failure. LiftMaster Garage Door Opener remote lights up if your hand passes over it.   LiftMaster 3800 openers are most popular home garage doors 2019. These Best jackshaft Garage Door Openers are still pretty cool and offer very quiet. The LiftMaster 3800 includes the standards of all Chamberlain LiftMaster side mount garage door opener such as the Sensing and Security+ rolling code technology and the Protector System safety sensor. You can also be manually operated in case of emergency. Warranty for the motor is lifetime and five years for the parts.


  • Offers smooth performance and Quiet Operation
  • Provides more overhead storage space.
  • Easy Installation no need of any other complicated hardware.
  • Perfectly fits in garage spaces
  • Very durable garage opener in market
  • Flawless security and safety system
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LiftMaster offers a Lifetime warranty for the motor and5-year warranty for other parts.

 LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8500 is one of the Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 2019 available in the market. This Budget friendly side mount Garage opener comes at an affordable price. Being a very low in price, but its powerful performance makes this LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener best in the market. The Reliable and durable Garage door opener from LiftMaster uses P3 motors which offers quiet operation. Offers battery backup of this LiftMaster Garage Door Opener ensures you can still use the opener even when the power is out.

Security+ 2.0 option will allow you to be the only one able to control the garage Door opener. With a MyQ Technology from LiftMaster, you can easily find what’s going on around the garage from your home itself. You can also monitor and control your Garage with the Wall Mount Garage Door Opener as you paired to the smartphone with Internet Gateway. In order to safeguard your home garage, you can get a Security+2.0 with every tap/click on it, a new code is sent to the Garage Door Opener, so that door opens for you only.


  • Available at a very reasonable and affordable price
  • Very Durable Performance
  • Compatible with Smartphone or computer with the help of Internet Gateway.
  • 888LM MyQ Control Panel
  • Security+2.0 technology to SafeGuard the Garage
  • Lifetime warranty for Motor and 5 years warranty for Other parts.

Why Side Mount Garage Door Openers Only?

Garage Door opener installation can be achieved successfully even without professional support. All you need is a little to know how and the help of the right tools. However, please note that the installation requirements of the different garage opener models. Therefore, you should read the manual carefully to make sure that you will be able to perform the task correctly. But in general, here are the steps you should follow when installing a garage door opener.

Basically, there are many different types of rails used in the garage door opener. If you buy the opening using a T-shape of the rails, the first thing to do is to properly align the T-shape of the rails in place. When finished, be sure to secure the bolts together. After the idler pulley aligns and then secure the rail guide at the other end of the door opener.