Mighty Mule MM9333H 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener – Super Quiet & Smart!

We brought ourselves the one and only Mighty Mule MM9333H 3/4 hp garage door opener for the sake of testing it, and you won’t believe how brilliant this low-priced smart device is. It is exactly what you need. If you own a garage, consider us, this is the product that will make everything regarding closing and opening your garage seems like a piece of cake. This model is as per the technologically new advanced versions of door openers. Its package came along with LED lights and remote-control systems, which can be installed easily. It’s a genius device as a whole! Let’s see the complete Mighty Mule MM9333H review to know our real-time experience.

Mighty Mule belt drive garage door opener is a smart product, and the functioning is so smooth. It’s like having a work-easy tool in your hand. Its LED light appears with a lifetime warranty with transmitters or a wireless keypad. Now, we don’t need to pull the door up and down manually. You can also install this in any industrial sites or a small factory, or if you own a ranch. The instructions in its user-friendly manual are so detailed and specified for easy operation of this device. There are simple and straightforward features of this small effective device, which you get to enjoy at such a reasonable price.

Mighty Mule MM9333H Review 2023

1. Belt Drive System

Mighty Mule smart garage door opener has a 3/4 HPe DC motor that comes with a steel-reinforced belt drive. It actually has a super silent operation. The rubber belt used to slide its trolley when the door is triggered to get opened up works so quietly and efficiently. This is simply perfect, as people these days prefer a belt drive rather than a chain drive garage door opener.

This garage door opener is much more durable, and as such, you can rely on it to last for a more extended period. This machine works great, and one can use it in their home places without any worry. One might think that a belt drive door opener won’t support extremely heavy doors, but that is not at all true. One should always go for belt drive garage door openers (preferably Mighty Mule).

2. Accessories

This model comes with a keypad, a standard wall station, and three-button remotes. It also includes a 36-inch release handle rope and a single trolley release handle in its package. These accessories help in the entire control system of this Mighty Mule smart 3/4 hp garage door opener.

Various parts that might be required to install and assemble this device are also included with all the necessary instructions. These accessories are really cool in appearance, and the best part is, it is very easy to grasp a hold on this system’s operation. Previous models within the same price range didn’t offer these extra appliances. Thus, its accessories are a very plus factor indeed.

3. Remote Control

This model comes with a remote-control unit that helps you open the door of your garage with just a click. It reduces the time consumed while going over to the garage to open it. One can just use this remote, and the work is done.

Mighty Mule garage door opener MM9333H’s app ensures that you can open this door using your smartphones as well. This supports both an android or an iOS mobile phone system. So, don’t worry, just get the opener and use it with much ease. The entire control system is within your hand, and you don’t need to search for a remote. Just open up its app on your cell phones and get the job done.

4. Design

The overall design is sleek and smart, including the accessories that come along with this Mighty Mule MM9333H garage door opener. This is a ceiling hanging plugged device, and the dimension of this product is very compact and fits in a small garage as well. The in-built bulb has a voltage of 120 Volts. It can also support a medium-sized garage and fits in comfortably.

This best quiet garage door opener is stylish and very smart, considering its smooth functioning in maintaining your garage doors. It kind of appears as a very hi-tech device in our place, and its color black ensures that we can mix it in any interior. Even though it seems fancy, this square device has comfortable usage for any user.

5. Warranty

As per the manufacturer, Mighty Mule MM9333H 3/4 hp garage opener comes with a lifetime warranty in case of LED light(s), belt, and motor. The accessories are warranted for a period of 12 months, and the company itself will bear the repairs or replacement expenses in that said time. Moreover, its whole parts come with a 5-year warranty.

This is the main attraction of this device; we now won’t ever have to worry if its lights or motor doesn’t work properly. These expenses usually reach more than the original purchase amount. At least, one can be assured of the quality and that with the future service. Thus, we can tell you that this product will give you great quality performance.


Specifications of Mighty Mule Smart 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

  • Manufacturer : Mighty Mule
  • Item model number : MM9333H
  • Installation Method : DIY
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Plastic, Galvanized Steel
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Usage : Inside; Amateur
  • Warranty Description : Lifetime LED light(s), 1 year accessories, 5 year parts, Lifetime belt, Lifetime motor


Are Mighty Mule garage door openers good?

Yes, the Mighty Mule MM9333 belt drive garage opener can be considered the best in the market. This comes with a lot of benefits at a very economical price for consumers.

Will Mighty Mule MM9333H garage opener work for a one car garage?

Yes, Mighty Mule MM9333H 3/4 hp can easily open a one-car garage door. Infact, this device can efficiently work for a two-car garage with much ease.

Is this Mighty Mule MM9333H (MM9333) 9000 Series Operator for a double size door?

The Mighty Mule garage door opener MM9333H operates for a double size door comfortably. One can easily place this product as well as its other accessories, and it functions the same as with a single door garage.

Will this Mighty Mule MM9333H opener be able to be programmed to work with 2019 Audi?

This shouldn’t be an issue with this Mighty Mule MM9333H 0.75 hp garage door opener. It works perfectly well with almost all types of cars, so it should be able to function with a 2019 Audi as well.

Do you have to pay for the app to use this Mighty Mule MM9333H 0.75 hp garage door opener?

No, one does not require to pay for the app. It is absolutely free and can be downloaded on any android or iOS smartphone. Mighty Mule 3/4 HP DC Smartphone Compatible Garage Door Opener app is very user-friendly.


We conclude this Mighty Mule MM9333H review, that it is the best automatic and compact garage door opener with efficiency. Mighty Mule MM9333H Automatic Garage Door Opener will not only be a good addition but will also provide you with the necessary benefits that come with the price paid (which is unexpectedly very low). We mean to say that getting a smart and technologically upgraded unit at such a price might be hard for you. We are absolutely in awe of it, as this is coming from a very average income salary family.

Owing to its high-quality execution, this Mighty Mule 3/4 HP Smartphone Compatible Garage Door Opener will be a useful machine for a person owning a garage. Hopefully, these will help you clarify what exactly this product can offer and will aid you in your decision about buying this small LED-lit device. It should not come as a surprise if we highly recommend you to buy the Mighty Mule device. Have a happy shopping!

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