Liftmaster 828LM Garage Door Opener – Complete Control will be now in your hands!

Liftmaster MyQ 828LM Garage Door Opener Review 2023

A garage door opener is something which allows you to manage the movements of your garage from anywhere you want. You don’t have to get out of your car to open your garage door but you can automatically handle it from your car only. In simpler terms, a garage door opener is a “motorized” device which helps with controlling the opening and closing of the garage door with a garage switch and a remote control to use it from any distance. The most general type of garage door would have power source basically an electric motor which is connected to an orbit. And, a pulley then attached to a rod attached to the top of the garage which accelerates backwards and forwards, hence allowing the door to open and closed. To get the best garage door opener which you can control from anywhere, study this Liftmaster MyQ 828LM Garage Door Opener Review


  • Quality and Performance
  • Internet Gateway
  • Design and Durability
  • LED Lights
  • In-box material and other added technology

1. Quality and Performance

The Liftmaster 828LM Garage Door Opener is a very amazing and affordable garage door opener in the market. Liftmaster is known for quality and reliability of their products in keeping people safe and secure while safeguarding their home. Liftmaster is one of the top companies in producing and manufacturing innovative garage door openers and providing the best security and protection to its users and consumers. There are variety of options available in the market to pick from, but for your security and protection of your home you should choose the best quality garage door opener irrespective of everything. Because nothing is more important than your home and you yourself. Liftmaster out of many brands is known for its quality of safety and protection at reasonable prices, without putting you under the burden of spending excess amount over some other garage door openers.

2. Internet Gateway

Most of the Wi-fi enabled garage door openers require an internet gateway for the proper functioning of the garage door opener. Liftmaster MyQ 828LM Garage Door Opener is a device with an internet gateway which allows to make connection between your garage door opener with the app on the smart devise via internet connection. Moreover, you can also use various models of Liftmaster by easily reconnecting and rewiring the 828LM internet gateway.

3. Design and Durability

The Liftmaster 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway has been designed very carefully with a compact and very easy to use design. It is very necessary for the device to be designed in a way that it doesn’t uphold the connectivity, such as the internet gateway, on which the functioning (opening and closing of the) garage door depends. The material used in the making of Liftmaster 828LM Garage Door Opener Internet Gateway is all plastic body, without much complications in its installation.

4. LED Lights

Moreover, for information whether the device is working properly or not it has been provided with three LED lights on the top of blue, yellow and green which reveal the connection strength and demonstrate other information. After setting up the device you will understand the use of the LEDs provided in the device. The blue light on tells us that we have only one device connected to the internet gateway, while the yellow light will tell addition of a new device on the internet gateway. The blinking green light represents the lack of IP address, whereas if the green light is turned off it depicts that the router in not functioning properly. At last, if the green light stays on with blinking, or going off it means everything is fine and you’re ready to use the device and connect it to MyQ devices.

5. In-box material and other added technology

In the box, you will find an internet cable and power cable along with the device which you will need while installation of the device. You will find all the important information about How To Install Liftmaster 828LM which you will need while setting up connection of the internet gateway garage door opener. You can even register yourself up on the website and create account to connect your devices. The Liftmaster 828LM device can be used for two garage doors at the same time simultaneously with the internet gateway connection. The product is a real steal at such a low price, offering control of not one but garage doors through one single device only. In addition, the MyQ technology connection allows you to connect it with 16 devices (Home devices and phones etc) and use them to operate the garage door, and keep tabs on them form anywhere you want with few clicks only.



  • Manufacturer : LiftMaster
  • Product model number : 828LM
  • Product Dimension : 8 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Batteries : 1 CR2 batteries required.
  • Item Weight : 7.2 ounces
  • Colour : Grey
  • Warranty : 1 year



To set up the Liftmaster 828LM garage door opener
1. Go to the Liftmaster website.
2. Login. If you don’t have an account already, then sign up.
3. Add a new device.
4. Add a place.
5. Enter the serial number found on the back of the motor unit.
6. Enter a name that you want to give of your choice.
7. Click on “add a new device” >> “Garage door opener.”
8. Follow the instructions given on the website.
9. Download the myQ app for Liftmaster.
10. Login.


To install Liftmaster 828LM
1. Keep in mind all the previous connections.
2. Connect the wires to the new myQ control panel.
3. Install the myQ control panel to the wall.
4. Reconnect power.
5. Test the control panel.
6. Connect the Liftmaster internet gateway.
7. Connect the unit with your router through an ethernet cable that has been provided and power in.


To connect my Liftmaster garage door opener to the WiFi
1. Open the cover of the door control and press the learn button.
2. Go to settings on your mobile phone device and connect to the myQ WiFi.
3. Go to the website myQ device setup
4. Click “start.”
5. Connect to your home WiFi.
6. Click “Next,” and it’ll get connected.
7. Once you hear it, click, “Yes.”
8. Click “Next.”
9. Go to the mobile app of myQ and login >> click “Get Started” >> Add new Hub >> enter the serial number >> Name your device.


Get real-time alerts and control your Liftmaster garage door from anywhere. Control myQ lights as well.


Liftmaster 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway device won’t work without subscription in your home devices and android devices. But the product is amazing with the price it comes at and the features it offers along with safety and security of your home and family members. I would definitely recommend you to buy the device, if it meets all your requirements. The product has been given a 4.5-star rating on Along with 26th rank in Garage remotes and keypads and with 3140 rank in home and improvements.

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