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Liftmaster 821lm Garage Door Opener Review 2020

A brand new Liftmaster MyQ 821lm Garage Door Opener is here. If you are planning to construct a new house then it is necessary for you to have a garage to place your vehicles. For the safeness of your cars and bikes, a garage will play a major role. If the garage door placed with a secured system then it gives a protection for vehicles from the thefts/ robberies. A Garage Door Opener one of the invention that will help you in opening the garage door easily.

Choosing the best one from the Top Rated Garage Door Openers is not an easy task. The Liftmaster is one among them. Old-modeled garage doors are a little bit noisy and embarrass to open. But now, you can easily open them these garage door openers with a remote. Every customer wants to know about the features, specificati0ns along with the pros & cons when he/she decided to buy a product. In the form of Myq 821lm Liftmaster Garage Door Openers.

Best Garage Door Opener Liftmaster Myq 821lm

You can control these Garage Door Openers with any electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet/ laptop or computer. The garage door gets open with the mobile or a tab when there is a MyQ Technology. With this technology, you can control the garage door in mobile from home itself. For every asset in our home, it is necessary to have a security. The safety is also meant for the vehicles also.

If your garage door opener is old one then there is a chance to happen robbery. For that purpose these Garage Door Openers System invented. Through the MyQ Mobile App, you can secure your amazing vehicles. At the time of opening/closing a garage door, a noise arises which is quite clunky. If there is a Garage Door Opener then you can get rid of all these problems. Buy a Liftmaster MyQ 821lm Garage Door Opener at an affordable price. In the upcoming sections, you can get a brief information regarding the MyQ 821lm.

Liftmaster 821lm MyQ Garage Door Opener Reviews

The Liftmaster, one of the best garage door opener manufacturing companies in the world. Everytime Liftmaster releases many models such as 3800, 8500 8355 and so on. Now the 821lm MyQ Liftmaster Garage Door Opener is infront of you. This model designed to control the entire functioning of the garage door opener with a smartphone app called MyQ. Before going to use this app, you need to connect Liftmaster 821LM to your Internet Router.

Imagine a situation, after parking a car in the garage, you forgot to off the light & close the door. In that type of cases, Liftmaster 821LM MyQ let you control, access the garage door opener. Also, you can control the light systems of your home. To know the condition of your garage door opener then with the help of MyQ App, alert messages and pop-ups will be sent to your mobile. You know, this Liftmaster MyQ Garage Opener, i.e., 821LM opens two garage doors at a time. This is one of the excellent features in the Liftmaster MyQ 821lm.


  • Price
  • Connectivity
  • Performance
  • Capacity and Compatibility

When any customer thinks to buy a product, he/she mainly looks for the cost. If it is reasonable then only they purchase it. When it’s about the 821lm MyQ, the Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Price is 129.00 Dollars. In a word. you can also call the Liftmaster MyQ 821lm as an affordable garage door opener.

To start working your garage door opener, you need to enable the 821LM MyQ Technology to monitor & control, open and close the garage door. You need to login to MyQ from your smartphone. You can also operate the home lighting system. You need to keep the Wi-Fi Router near the garage door opener to a wall.

Liftmaster 821lm MyQ Garage Door Opener performance is outstanding. That’s what I liked most in the 821LM MyQ. It monitors, open and controls the garage door opener. Even, you can get the emails, popup’s in the form of alert notifications to your device so that you can directly know the status of the garage door.

The Liftmaster MyQ 821lm Garage Door Opener controls 2 garage door openers at a time but an additional door sensor is required. You need to buy it separately. It also controls nearly 16 MyQ-Enabled Devices.

Liftmaster 821LM  MyQ’s design is similar to the Chamberlain’s MyQ-G0201. It works the many garage door opener brands where photo eyes should be included in it. Few of the brands such as Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman.


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
10 x 5 x 5 inches
Item Weight
1.05 pounds
129.00 Dollars
16 MyQ-Enabled Devices


  • MyQ-enabled Garage Door
  • Smartphone Control
  • Warning Light


  • The installation process is easy in the Liftmaster MyQ 821lm Garage Door Opener device
  • Ease of activation and customization available in the MyQ 821LM
  • Controls two garage door openers
  • You can get the popup alerts and notifications in the Liftmaster MyQ Garage Door Opener
  • Secured Features are there


  • Not suitable for the garage door opener should not have a photo eyes
  • Troubleshooting instructions provided in the Liftmaster MyQ Garage Door Opener Manual are not clear

Bottom Line

To gain all the advantages with the help of a Garage Door Opener then you need to buy a Liftmaster 821LM MyQ. If you decided to take this then once check out the 821LM MyQ Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews mentioned in this article. At where you are wasting the time? After the completion of your house construction then bring this Liftmaster MyQ 821lm Garage Door Opener and save your time & also stay away from the quiet noise that happens when opening & closing of a garage door.

Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller allows you to access almost all the garage door opener brands and gate openers through your smartphone. At once you can control two garage door openers and it even controls 16 MyQ enabled devices.  Overall, it is the best controller for the one who even wants to control home lighting with smartphone.

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