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Liftmaster 888LM Review 2020

Ever happened that you just walked out of your home and forgot if you locket the door or not? Or say in between a party and it suddenly struck you that it wasn’t you who locked the door and children might have totally skipped the locking part in enthusiasm? There are so many every day situations which are sometimes unavoidable but have to take that extra care for the safety of your house. What does one do in such situations? Does not go out having fun or even if does, always keep the mind occupied worrying about home. To eliminate this problem, Liftmaster has been on duty since almost for two decades upgrading the security systems. The Liftmaster 888LM MyQ control panel provides complete set of security features that your home garage needs so that you can take your mind off the worrying. Go through our Liftmaster 888LM Review for more clarity.

liftmaster 888lm myq control panel FEATURES

The MyQ control panel is very easy to operate and programme. One can sync various remote controls of the garage doors and any MyQ enabled accessories directly from the control panel. This Liftmaster Garage Door Opener 888LM is equipped with a wide range of 150° angle motion detector for sensing which is as addition to the garage door sensors for extra safety.

The Liftmaster 888LM smart control panel allows you to access the garage door from almost any device which has internet facility. All you need to do in register in the customer account of Liftmaster.  This sensor will automatically turn on the garage lights connected to the app when any sort of motion is sensed.

The Liftmaster MyQ control panel 888LM has a feature from which you can control the timer to close after a specified time. It has the provisions of 1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Again, for added security, before the door closes, the garage door opener System lights will flash and the Liftmaster control panel will beep before the door closes.

liftmaster 888lm smart control panel SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Liftmaster 888LM
Item model number
Product Dimensions
6 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight
2.08 ounces
Pack of 1
1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Power Source
120 volts
40 watts
Item Package Quantity
Type of Bulb
Luminous Flux
Special Features
Keyless Features
Included Components
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Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
Battery Cell Type

Liftmaster 888LM Security+ 2.0 Accessories

Model 891LM

1 button remote control

Model 893LM

3 button remote control

Model 890MAX

3 button MAX remote control

Model 893MAX

3 button MAX Remote control

Model 895MAX

3 button Premium MAX remote control

Model 890MAX

3 button MAX remote control

Model 877LM

Wireless keyless entry

Model 877MAX

Wireless MAX Keyless entry

MyQ Accessories:

Model 823LM

Remote Light Switch

Model 825LM

Remote Light Control

Model 828LM

LiftMaster Internet Gateway

Model 829LM

Garage Door and Gate Monitor

Liftmaster 888LM Garage Door Controller Installation Guide

Installation steps of the Liftmaster Wall Control door Opener are :

STEP 1. Before connecting the control panel to the garage door opener, remove all the wiring and disconnect electrical and battery power supply to the garage door opener.

STEP 2. To set this up, you first need to demount the existing door control off the wall.

STEP 3. But before taking down the existing control panel, note polarity of the wires connected to the existing wall control by labelling the wire connected to red and white terminal respectively.

STEP 4. Then disconnect the wires from the existing door control panel.

STEP 5. Connect the wires to the new MyQ Control Panel while making sure the polarity is correct. Connect the Red wire to the R terminal and White wire to the W terminal as marked in the labels.

STEP 6. Once done with connecting, mount the MyQ control panel to the wall.

STEP 7.  Reconnect the power supply to the Liftmaster 888LM garage door controller.





How to Program Liftmaster 888LM Security+ 2.0 myQ wall control garage door opener?

To Program Liftmaster 888LM Security+ 2.0 myQ wall control garage door opener

  1. Click on the learn button, and it’ll automatically reset. The learn mode gets turned on.
  2. Program the travel-limit.
  3. Then do the Pressure control program.
How to install Liftmaster 888LM garage door opener?

To install Liftmaster 888LM garage door opener

  1. Disconnect power 
  2. Install control panel of MyQ 888LM
  3. Connect the power
  4. Let the LEDs blink for 5 minutes
  5. Click push button
  6. Connect Liftmaster to internet gateway
How to change the battery on the Liftmaster 888LM garage door opener?

 To change the battery on the Liftmaster 888LM garage door opener
Flip the key pad>>Unscrew the battery case>>Disconnect the old battery>>Replace the new one.

How to reset Liftmaster 888LM?

To reset Liftmaster 888LM

  1. Press the “Learn button” on the unit.
  2. The machine gets ready to force the program.  
  3. Repeat the procedure.
Does the Liftmaster 888LM work with a one-piece garage door?

Yes, Liftmaster 888LM should work with a one-piece garage door.

Final Verdict

There are multiple online videos and manuals available for helping the installation part of Liftmaster MyQ Garage Door Opener. The reprogramming part can seem a little difficult but with all the help assistance provided by the Liftmaster, this Best Smart Garage Door Opener has the list of features which would ensure your every entry and exit a safety and security. Not to mention, if you are out for vacations, there is no way your cars and house are best protected. Even if someone tries to break in, you would be notified first in your smart phones or whichever device you are registered with. There is absolutely no way you have to be worried about any of the safety related issues. Liftmaster MyQ control panel 888LM provides the full automatism one needs in life and probably the best in the market that you will find at this rate.

Liftmaster 888LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wall Control is easily programmable and you can operate with Smartphone or any other Smart devices like Tablet, Computer. It also has the feature to close the garage door automatically. All inclusive, it is the best opener which allows you to monitor the garage door anytime and from anywhere. Check out complete Liftmaster 888LM Review and buy at the best price on Amazon.

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