Liftmaster 877Max Keyless Entry System Review 2020

A best and top-rated Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keyless Entry System is waiting for you. An innovating invention like garage door openers, a wireless keypad implemented to open/ close a garage door. Do you have a garage in your home right? Generally, we use a garage for placing cars & bikes. Earlier, we use to open & close the garage door with our hands itself. By doing like this, sometimes your loved one’s hand may hurt. In some cases, a garage door produces a lot of noise which is very annoying at the time of opening/closing.

To avoid these type of issues, a garage door opener & a wireless entry keypad came into an existence. Liftmaster 877Max, a wireless keyless entry system designed to open/shut down the garage doors with an ease. Without the necessity of a remote controller or any other support, you can open & close with the help of these keypad systems. In the upcoming section, you can find out the Liftmaster 877Max Garage Door Keypad Reviews.

Liftmaster 877Max – Garage Door Keypad

The world today infront of you is fully developed with a technology. To lessen the efforts of mankind, many electronic devices were invented. A clicker garage door opener is one among them. If you purchase a keyless entry system to open/close a garage door then you will get many benifits. Do you want to all those advantages? If you use the garage door keypad then no need for you to carry a garage door keys or a remote control. Most of the times, we keep the house keys at somewhere but with the wireless keyless entry system, your garage door gets open with a 4-pin security code.

Like advantages like disadvantages. It means, for every product, there are benifits as well as drawbacks. When it comes to the bad of Liftmaster Keypad, even though it is a technology based device, you have to take some measures while using it. You have to remember the security code. If you have younger children in your home then tell them to share the secured code to others.  Know about the Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keyless Entry System in deep in the next section.

Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster, one of the no.1 & best-rated garage door opener designers in the world. Since 1993, the Listmaster manufacturers providing their services through garage door openers. This time its invention is entirely different. It’s nothing but a Liftmaster 877MAX, a garage door keypad system. By using a secured 4-digit pin or code, 877Max opens the garage doors. Not only with this code but also via MyQ Technology is well matched for the Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keypad.

Every time a new code sent through the Security+2.0 & Security+ Rolling Code Technology. The name itself a Liftmaster Wireless Keypad which means it completely works on a 9-volt battery system. With a single button, it is easy for you to close/ open a garage door. It has a Backlit Keypad so that you can see the numbers even in the dark. You can get the water/ weather-proof slide-up protective cover for the 877Max Liftmaster Garage Door Wireless Keypad System. Let us have a deep look on the Features, Specifications & Pros, Cons for 877Max Liftmaster Keypad.


  • Price
  • Connectivity
  • Performance
  • Safety & Security
  • Functioning
  • Compatibility

Are you decided to buy the Liftmaster 877Max? If yes, you need to know the price of it. The price of any product is based on its design & the features implemented in it. The Wireless Keypad Liftmaster 877Max Price is 38.49 Dollars. One of the best and affordable wireless keypad systems that I have never seen before.

No connection is required because it is a wireless keyless entry system. A complete wireless design is said to be a Liftmaster 877Max Garage Door Keypad. With a 9 Volt Battery, 877 Max Liftmaster Wireless Keypad runs.

After the cost, design a customer looks for the product’s performance. Before going to buy a product, you need to know how it exactly works. When it comes to the Liftmaster 877Max Clicker Garage Door Opener, you need to keep a 4 unique number code after that press a button to open/ close your garage door.

The Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Garage Door Keypad designed with a Security+2.0 Rolling Code Technology. It helps you in eliminating the radio wave interference. Also, if your garage door got a repair, use a temporary password at that time. By doing like that, repair/mechanic personnel does not have a chance to hack your security system.

The Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keyless Entry System opens/closes your garage door with just a 4-code pin & a one button press. With the wireless keypads, you can control up to 4 garage openers. The Liftmaster 877Max is a wonderful device, garage door keyless entry system. Because for all the Liftmaster Garage Door Opener models, the 877Max.


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
8 x 3 x 0.1 inches
Item Weight
2.08 ounces
38.49 Dollars
Security Rolling Code Technology
One 1.9 Volt Battery required
Battery Cell Type
Zinc Carbon


  • There is no chance to lose a key. It means with the help of Garage Door Keyless Entry, there is no necessity for you to carry a garage door key. Also, there are no chances to forgot the key
  • Changing a security code is possible in these Wireless Keypads. If you shared your password with many people then you can able to change the security pin
  • Temporary/Guest Code option available. If your garage has any repairs, it is necessary for the service/ repair personnel to get inside. With the help of this keypad, you can keep a temporary code
  • Wireless Control. In a word, without the wire connection use can use these Garage Door Keypads. That’s why it is pronounced as a Wireless Keypad Entry System


  • Designed with the Security +2.0 Rolling Code Technology
  • Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keyless Entry System at a time controls multiple garage doors
  • Compatible with all the previous Liftmaster Garage Door Openers such as 3800, 8500 & so on
  • Simple Setup and easy installation


  • According to the user reviews, the 877Max Liftmaster Wireless Keypad is not that much durable because of its plastic cover


How do you reset the pin on a Liftmaster 877MAX?

To reset the pin on a Liftmaster 877MAX

  1. Enter the hold the four-digit code.
  2. Press and hold the “#” and the motor will flash the light once, indicating the response for the command.
  3. Enter the new four-digit code of your choice and press enter.
  4. That’s it. Test the code once.
How to program a Liftmaster 877MAX?

To program a Liftmaster 877MAX

  1. Press the learn button on the motor unit, that is the yellow round button.
  2. You’ll have 30 seconds to reach for the keypad and click the four-digit code of your choice. Press the four-digit code and click “Enter”.
  3. To exit the programming mode, press the zero button once. That’s it.
How to erase a program on Liftmaster 877MAX?

Click and hold the learn button of MyQ control panel of Liftmaster 877MAX Garage door opener after the LED turns off all the programs are erased.

Bottom Line

When I heard and read about this Clicker Keypad benifits, it impresses me a lot. After that, I make a decision to buy this 877Max Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad & within the next minute, I fixed this keypad near my garage door. You too check out the Liftmaster 877Max Wireless Keyless Entry System Reviews and buy it.


LiftMaster Garage Door Opener is completely a wireless device which comes with battery. As you can see there is a flip-up protective cover which protects the unit from any weather conditions. Moreover, this controller is compatible with all the LiftMaster Garage Door Openers. So, get this best controller at low price on Amazon.

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