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Liftmaster 8550W MyQ

Liftmaster 8550W Garage Door Opener is here for the easy open-close operation of a garage door. If you get irritated by using your old & traditional garage door system, then it’s the time to buy an automatic garage door opener. What the exact difference between the new model and the traditional one is, you need to step out from the car to open the door. In the case of garage door openers, with the help of a remote controller, with just one button you can lift/shut the garage door in the car itself.

You can save the time & energy that you spent near your garage. In the means of security & safety, this best-rated garage door opener will help you a lot. One more point in this innovation is, the Liftmaster Garage Door Openers provides quiet convenience for the users. At sometimes, you heard a weird noise while opening. Let’s check the Liftmaster 8550W Elite Series Garage Door Opener Reviews in the forthcoming sections.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Technology in today’s world is increasing with the innovation of many devices to reduce the burden of human work. Scientists don’t want to see when the people & their loved ones from getting hurt due to a hard garage door. That’s why they make an invention of a garage door opener. Automatic Garage Openers are pretty much safe and comfortable when compared to the hand-operated garage doors. If you are in a race of buying the best garage door opener, then it’s not an easy task. That’s why we are here for you to lessen your work. Liftmaster Garage Door Opener’s Motor is powerful, reliable & durable.

There are few indications which give a sign of changing your garage door system. Whenever you get a clunky noise or wasted more time, then you need to buy a garage door opener. Having a best brand garage door opener means having a bunch of advantages. If you have kids who love to play all the time with his cute pug then easy in & out is possible. After that, it protects you & your family from getting hurt while opening the garage door. There are many models in the Garage Openers. Few of them are Belt-drive, Chain-Driven and Screw Drive. Liftmaster 8550W Garage Door Opener is a Belt-Driven model. Catch out the remaining details of Liftmaster 8550W Garage Opener.


Liftmaster 8550W Elite Series Garage Door Opener Reviews

Liftmaster, one of the no.1 companies in manufacturing the Automatic Garage Door Openers. With its innovating techniques & features, the Liftmaster win many people’s heart by receiving positive reviews. Only one paragraph will tell about the importance of Liftmaster 8550 Garage Door Opener. Firstly, the Liftmaster 8550W is a Belt-Driven Opener. It is a Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener which let you control & monitor your garage door from your smartphone. This Best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener 8550W well integrated with the Security+ 2.0 & MyQ Technology. You can also call this as MyQ Garage Door Opener

There is one facility with the Liftmaster 8550 is; you can receive alert messages & popup’s to track the position/status of your garage door. DC Motor and a Belt-Driven System provides a powerful, reliable & ultra-quiet performance. Essential features in this garage door opener are, timer-to-close, alert notifications. When the power goes, with the Liftmaster 8550W Battery Backup your garage will work. You will find the features, specifications & also Pros, Cons of Liftmaster 8550W Garage Opener of Elite Series.


  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Connectivity, Safety & Security
  • Timer-to-Close & Warranty

To purchase a product, the cost is a significant factor. If the price is affordable & the product’s performance is commendable, then only the purchaser buy the product. The Price of Liftmaster 8550W is 188.00 Dollars. It means under 200 $ only, you can get this. Be a no.1 buyer in purchasing the Garage Door Opener Liftmaster 8550W.

 Liftmaster Garage Door Opener is a 3/4 HP Belt Driven Opener which provides smooth, ultra-quiet performance. P3 Motors are available in the 8550W to ensure reliability & durability. When it comes to the Liftmaster, the quality of any model is mind-blowing. In a word, 8550 is the best one.

Liftmaster 8550 W is a Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener along with the MyQ Technology. So, to utilize this technology, you need to connect your phone to the wi-fi. MyQ Home App is available for free on the iPhone & Android Stores. It will provide the easy access & control/monitor the garage door opener with a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Automatic Garage Door Lock Compatible, Security+2.0 safeguard, PosiLock, Protector System are the security measures that will guard your Liftmaster 8550W Garage Door Opener.

If you are about to rush to your office, there may be a chance to lock your garage door. With the help of Timer-to-Close feature equipped in the Liftmaster 8550 W Elite Series Garage Door Opener closes the garage door within 1, 2 or 5 minutes.

The last but one and the important feature in the Liftmaster 8550W Automatic Garage Door Opener is its warranty. The lifetime for the Belt Drive AC Motor, 5 years for the Liftmaster 8550W Parts and finally 1 year period for its accessories.


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Liftmaster 8550 W Garage Opener Elite Series
200.00 Dollars
Item Model Number
Drive System
Belt Drive
Horse Power
3/4 DC
115V 60 Hz
Lighting System
Two lights ( 100 watts max per light )
Security+2.0, Patented PosiLock, Alert to Close
Special Features
Timer-to-Close, Battery Backup
Lifetime on Motor, 5 years on parts, 1 year on accessories

Why The Liftmaster?

When compared to the other brands, Liftmaster Garage Openers has benefits & better features. Some of them are:

  • Almost all the Liftmaster models equipped with the MyQ technology. With that, it is easy for you to access & control the entire device from the smartphone/ tablet.
  • Keeping the safety and security of every homeowner’s garage in minds the Liftmaster, the best brand of garage door opener provides a Security+2.0 unique feature.
  • The durability, strength, reliability of a product last forever when it contains a P3 Motors.
  • Battery Backup is available. Even when the power fails (power is out), the battery backup system make the garage work.


  • Smartphone Control
  • Battery Backup
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Energy Efficient Operation


  • Best Quality Garage Door Opener & comes at an affordable price
  • Liftmaster 8550 is the best Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Liftmaster 8550W Garage Door Opener contains a Battery Backup system. It means whenever the power off, the battery backup helps in working your garage door
  • Robust security systems are present in the Liftmaster 8550W


  • Not adaptive with the old modeled garage door settings
  • Keyless Entry TouchPad feature is not available in the Liftmaster 8550W Elite Series Garage Door Opener

Bottom Line

The 8550W Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews will help you in bringing this to your home easily. If you want to take in & out your two amazing cars, then you need to buy the Liftmaster 8550W Garage Door Opener for sure.Before going to fit it in your garage, once check the Liftmaster 8550W Manual to make your installation easy.

LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Garage Door Opener comes with powerful motors that are reliable and durable. It even allows you to control or monitor the garage door using your smartphone. Moreover, when the power is down there will be a battery backup that powers up the unit. Now, you can get this all-in-one garage door opener at low price.

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