Liftmaster Garage door opener 8500 Vs 8500W – An Ultimate Comparison Guide

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Garage door openers not only improve the accessibility of your home but also help to make it safer and more protected. It comes in a variety of kinds, and you can choose them based on the garage door opener’s intended use. With several modern age designs created by them, LiftMaster is one of the most appreciated and recognized brands among clients across the globe. The Elite Series 8500 and 8500W garage door openers are two of the kinds we’ll talk about today. Both technologies are designed with the needs of users in mind. This Liftmaster 8500 vs 8500W review is all about comparison despite their similarities. We hope that the few important differences listed below which include information on major specs, design features, and user reviews for both versions, will surely assist you in deciding which door opener is preferable.

LiftMaster 8500 Vs 8500W – What are the Differences?

Liftmaster 8500 Review ImageLiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator image
Basics of ComparisonLiftMaster 8500 Elite Jackshaft Garage Door OpenerLiftMaster Elite 8500W Wifi Jackshaft Garage Door Operator
Weight lifting Capacity650 lbs850 lbs
Power source‎24V DCDC Motor
Weight‎28 pounds‎11 pounds
Smartphone controlNoYes
Built-in wi-fiNoYes
MyQ App CompatibilityYesYes
Battery BackupYesYes
Sound QualityUltra QuietQuiet
Smart Phone ControNoYes
Timer to closeYesYes
Lights turn on while entering the garageYesYes
Automatic garage door lockSold separatelyIncluded in the package
Warranty5 Years5 Years
Check PriceCheck Price

LiftMaster Elite Series 8500 or 8500W –

Who Wins?

Here let us review some key features that are very important in a best rated Garage door opener. You can set your preferences according to your needs and budget to choose the best one for you.

Weight Lifting Power

Garage door lifters are acquired to assist in the opening and closing of garage doors. The Liftmaster 8500w variant can handle up to 850 pounds, whereas the 8500 model can only handle 650 pounds. Although the 8500W can lift heavy-duty doorways made of any composition, the Lifmaster elite series 8500 can lift light-duty panels made of any fabric. As a result, consumers with heavy garage doors will prefer the 8500w device, which can carry an excess load of up to 850 pounds. However, the 8500w comes out on top.


In comparison, the 8500w garage door opener costs somewhat more than the 8500 garage door opener. If contrasted to the Liftmaster 8500 smart garage door opener, the value of the 8500w is more because it includes a battery and remote control. It all boils down to product cost, and in the end, customers will choose and purchase products based on their budget and the features supplied by each gadget.

Installtion Type

These smart garage door openers are difficult to set up and may necessitate the assistance of an expert. If the frames from a prior opening are already in place, this can be a simple Small project. The installation manual is already included in your order, as well as any additional components that may be required. On the company’s webpage, a soft copy of the instructions can also be downloaded free of charge.

Remote Control

There is only one remote included with both garage door openers. Extra remote controls, on the other hand, can be bought individually. The current 8550W model may also be operated via Wi-Fi connectivity and the MyQ app, which can be downloaded quickly to your smartphone device. Furthermore, the Liftmaster garage openers come without a keyless entry pad, which is a disadvantage when compared to other top-selling competitors in the same category.

Battery Back Up

It is usually preferable to purchase the best garage door opener with battery backup since one never knows when a situation will arise in which the operator might need the battery backup option. The lack of a battery backup on the 8500 model is a significant flaw, as it may cause it to lose ground to competitors with similar operating capacities. LiftMaster, on the other hand, has done its homework and included a battery backup feature in the 8500W garage door opener in the next edition.

Timer to close feature

The timer to close feature allows garage door owners to close the garage door mechanically according to the timeline specified by the garage door operator. The timer-to-close function on the Liftmaster 8500W is automatic. You can use this function to autonomously close your garage door after it has opened at a pre-determined time. With a simple button, you can change the duration to your liking or personalize it up to ninety-nine minutes.

WiFi Connectivity

With regards to wifi connectivity, the 8500W model comes equipped with it, meanwhile, the 8500 model does not. Using wifi connectivity, customers may utilize the device’s wifi to control their garage door opener and integrate it into their household connection. With the MYQ app downloaded on the mobile, the side mount garage door opener can also be operated via smartphone. Sadly, the 8500 lags behind here and must be managed with the help company’s remote controllers.

Lights Turn On When Entering

Whenever the user enters the garage, the garage door opener should have lighting to illuminate the living environment. Then it would allow for efficient parking mobility. The LiftMaster company recognized the need for such a feature, so both the 8500 and 8500W models come equipped with this feature. When the customer opens the parking lot, the light is turned on and it lightens up the entire space.


Consumers search for durability when purchasing a garage door opener. A device’s warranty is determined by the manufacturer, and in numerous circumstances, it differs from one item to the next. Across both the 8500 and 8500W garage door openers, LiftMaster has covered the manufacturer’s warranty. Both have a lifetime warranty on the motor, with a 5-year warranty on the parts. Also, because the 8500W has a battery backup, LiftMaster provides a one-year warranty on the battery and related equipment, which is typical.


So this is all about Liftmaster 8500 Vs 8500W comparison, these are both strongly regarded garage door openers and are almost identical in procedure and utilization. However, after trying to compare both products on different indicators, the 8500w sounds like a much better commodity in several criteria, except for retail prices, where the 8500 wins. Although the price of the 8500w garage door opener is slightly more, it comes with more features than its predecessor, the 8500 garage door opener. It will be better if you purchase the 8500W model while on sale. Overall, the 8500w comes out on top.

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