Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener – Bring it now for effortless door lifting!

We’re always concerned about security, and for the places we keep our precious belongings, it becomes a thing of paramount importance. It is seen that many people are bothered to lift heavy doors manually, like those of garages. For making this purpose unchallenging, the Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener has been launched commercially to make our lives easier. This powerful and rigid garage door opener has an impressive outlook and design specially carved with easy installation and portability. Its robust motor enables silent operations by eliminating sound and vibrations through the ceiling with variable speed. However before deciding to buy, once check our complete Liftmaster 8500 review here.

The most amazing thing about this 8500 Liftmaster is its efficacious security features. The appliance is designed for vitreous durability, reliability, and proficient performance. Being light-weighted, it is compact and compatible; this elite series model is fully equipped with security 2.0 MyQ, the smart garage technology leader. The process of installation is pretty quick and straightforward. An infrared beam generated by a fabulous protector system is the God for security. As we’ve done in-depth research and tests of this appliance, we must say that it is an awesome device.

Side Mount Garage Door Opener Liftmaster 8500 Review for 2023

1. Design

Liftmaster garage door opener 8500 has been developed to fit in every garage ceilings and wall perfectly. It has a space-saving design that easily mounts on the wall beside our garage door, which results in freeing up the ceiling space. Available in black color, it weighs only 30 pounds, and this compatible garage door opener has its dimensions as 48×12×16 inches.

There is no worry of having the overhead garage door stuff and hanging rails above your cars, and your garage looks much more open with the units mounted on its walls. Along with this, this garage door opener can be operated from mobiles and has a perfect size that makes it handy, and anyone can use it with null complications.

2. Security

This feature is the most significant one and distinguishes Liftmaster MyQ garage door opener from other door openers. This appliance comes with security 2.0 MyQ and lets you electronically program security codes from the MyQ control panel. This garage door opener features a wonderful protector system. This protector system comprises system safety sensors that project an invisible infrared light beam across your garage entrance door. If anything interrupts the beam during the closing of the door, it will automatically reverse its operation.

The sensing technology of this product’s control unit is a gifted feature that will immediately stop the closing operation when contact is made with the person or object opener. Also, aligning the safety sensors is an utter effortless job.

3. Performance

When we invest our money in something, we try to bring the best out of our every penny. Similarly, this Liftmaster ultra-quiet garage door opener’s reliable and powerful performance makes it a worthy buy. Its built-in P3 motors are a must to mention. OEM product quality powerful 24V DC motor provides silent operations. Auto-force feature ensures continuous monitoring of garage door opening system and adapts forces accordingly with floor-ceiling distance, temperature fluctuations, and door track movements.

This appliance is known for rapid actions, i.e., it opens and closes quickly and quietly. It operates by rotating the torsion bar, which is placed across its door top. It comprises a rigid powerhead enclosed gearcase that is accountable for constant lubrication and protection. By these functions, the durability of this device and smoothness in its operations are maintained.

4. LED and Remote Control

This Liftmaster remote garage door opener’s LED light is automated such that it turns on automatically when the protector system’s infrared beam is interrupted. Remote light delivers 200 Watts of light with adjustable light, and the process of time delay meets all UL325 requirements. A new code is sent by security 2.0 rolling code technology every time this remote control is used.

The best thing is that in the situation when a user forgets to close their garage door, this product closes automatically after a manually selected period (say 1 to 10 minutes). Since the maximum power rating is 200 Watts, there is abundant light. Provision to control the overhead light wirelessly from its main unit, users can easily mount this appliance in any place having an AC outlet.

5. Warranty

As we all know that any purchase we make, especially an electronic device, we ensure it comes with a certain warranty. Liftmaster elite 8500 too comes with a warranty. To obtain this warranty service, one must provide the original sales receipt as proof of purchase. In case of any power failure and its motor gets damaged due to such issues, then it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Various parts of this appliance come with a 5-year warranty. The manufacturer will replace this garage opener and its parts, if any fault found. Besides, it is advisable to contact its manufacturer before purchase if there is uncertainty about its compatibility and performance.



  • Manufacturer : Liftmaster
  • Item model number : 8500RJO
  • Product Dimensions : 48 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Item Weight : 30.6 pounds
  • Description Pile : Lithium
  • Warranty : Lifetime motor warranty and 5-year parts warranty


How to install Liftmaster 8500?

Follow the below steps to install Liftmaster 8500 MyQ Garage Door Opener.
1) Slide the opener onto the top tube that extends past the track.
2) Tighten the clamp to grip its top tube.
3) Drill a hole and screw two anchor brackets to your wall.
4) Connect the safety sensors of its door and mount the door lock to track.
5) Mount the control pad and draw wires to this opener and then plug in its power cord.
It is recommended to download the install manual from the Liftmaster website for a more accurate procedure.

How does this Liftmaster elite series garage door opener 8500 compare to the 3800 in terms of reliability?

Liftmaster elite series 8500 garage door opener has the same motor as the 3800 model but has MyQ technology, which allows garage door operations directly from the smartphone.

What size shaft required for Liftmaster 8500 garage opener?

This Liftmaster 8500 commercial garage opener requires a 1″ torsion shaft size.

How many remotes are included with this Liftmaster Elite Series 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener package?

Liftmaster 8500 elite series wall mount garage door opener’s package comes with only one remote.

What is the difference between Liftmaster 8500 and 8500W?

The 8500 is the base model for residential wall mount garage doors, whereas the 8500W is the newest one and comprises all the modern features.


Ending our Liftmaster 8500 review, we would say that it’s the most efficient and secure garage door opener if you desire the best security for your garages. This appliance is not only convenient to use and install but also opens/closes your garage doors quickly and quietly. This garage door opener offers security 2.0 and you can control it easily through your smartphone. You need not ask yourself whether you have shut your garage door properly or not.

Having a Liftmaster security plus garage door opener is of great help during the lifting and shutting of any garage. Since its commercial launch, its buyers have highly recommended this product and actually got numerous positive evaluations. Moreover, if you have this appliance installed in your garage, then your cars and other belongings are safe with assurance. Hope our article is helpful and unique from the other Liftmaster 8500 reviews as we have taken extra care in fabricating a detailed report on this product. Happy shopping!

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