How to Install Garage Door Opener? Most of the people face difficulty while opening the Garage Door. So we are providing the easiest method of installation of Garage Door Opener here. Know the step by step procedure of Garage Door Opener Installation and complete the process by yourself instead of paying for someone else. Installation takes only a few hours to complete which fixes all the movements of closing and opening the door easily. 

How to Install Garage Door Opener?

The installation guide provided here gives you some steps to follow for the installation of door and also the hardware that is required for the installation. While installation, be sure that every process is done perfectly and installed properly to assure a fault-free, durable and secure services.

Garage Door Opener Installation Guide

For the installation of Garage Door Opener, the individuals require proper knowledge and preparation. Maintain the necessary tools to fix the complete tools in its place. Also, read and follow all the instructions before starting the installation process. Check below for the step by step procedure to be followed for the process of installation of garage door opener. Here are some of the safety measures to follow. Check those to know How to Install Garage Door Opener.

How to Install Garage Door Opener image
How to Install Garage Door Opener image

Safety Measures to follow while installing Garage Door Opener

Steps to Install Garage Door Opener

There are various steps to be followed while installation of garage door opener. These are as follows.

Preparation to install a garage door opener

There are four steps involved in the preparation of garage door opener. Refer those to know How to Install Garage Door Opener.

1. Knowing the type of garage door that has an opener attached to it:

The new garage doors with multiple horizontal sections should be well-matched with an opener. Most of the older types of one solid piece need to be replaced before installing an opener.

2. Choosing a garage door opener:

There are 4 types of garage door openers. They are belt driven and chain driven, screw driven and direct driven. Almost both the Belt Driven and Chain Driven garage door openers operate in the same way but there is a slight difference in the part of the operation. Know all the operations of various garage door openers and find out the one from the 4 garage door openers. Follow the installation process according to the specific door opener.

3. Prepare  garage door for installation of the opener:

Make sure that the garage door is properly operated and lubricated.

4. Make sure for an electric socket is available in the area of opener motor:

They are generally fixed in the ceiling facing down. You need to install an electric switchboard or have one already installed by the licensed electrician. Before attempting the wire connection make sure that the power is disconnected at the main breaker box to install a new permanent electric wire. In order to avoid the electric always make sure that the power cord of the garage door opener is connected to the properly grounded outlet.

Installing a garage door opener

There are seven steps to be followed in installing a garage door opener.

Arrange all the parts that are available with the opener:

Make sure the parts included in the package matches with the list of parts included with the opener.

Start the main assembling by putting all the parts together:

The opener will have a list of detailed instructions for installation, so follow all the instructions to start assembly.

3. Installation of Blocking on the Ceiling

In this step, you can attach the garage door opener to the ceiling. The detailed specifications for blocking are available in the instruction manual available. Make sure that the blocking is attached to the joists (solid wood) in the ceiling irrespective of its size and spacing but not to the sheetrock.

  4. Attach the bracket that comes with the opener to the point of connection

The distance from the garage door to the top should be specified in opener’s direction and in most of the cases, you will center it on the door.

5. Lean the assembly end up the garage door:

Attach the opener came with the wall to the bracket above the door and insert the assembly end into it. Connect the assembly end and bracket as given in the installation instructions.

6. Raise the other end of the assembly and fix it in its place:

Install the power unit at least 7 feet from the floor so that the tall people won’t run into it.

7. Attach the opener to the bracket of garage door:

In most of the cases, two pieces are present to attach the door to the opener. It gives flexibility in connection as the distance may vary between the door and the opener.

Installing the additional features

There are some steps involved to install the additional features. Check those to know How to Install Garage Door Opener.

1. For emergency release on the carriage attach a safety rope:

Garage Door openers should have a manual disconnect code so that it should be adjusted approximately 6 feet above the floor so that any adult can reach it.

2. Insert a bulb Into the electric socket in the compartment of garage door opener

It is suggestible to have a bulb of appropriate wattage inside the compartment. But it is better to buy a light bulb which is rated as rough service in order to withstand the vibrations which the opener emits. Whenever the door is opened, the light will turn on and can also be operated manually as well. Be very sure to install a light bulb in the opener so that the program of the garage door can be successful. Most of the Garage door openers use the light to signal the programming changes that occur in it.

3. Installation of an electric eye safety system that comes along with a garage door opener

At the bottom on one side of your garage door, you need to run 2 small wires. Fix an electric eye in that location and fix reflector on the opposite location of the door. Be very sure to follow the instructions given in the manual.

4. Fix the push button control 5 feet from the floor in order to avoid children reach it

Fix it in such a position that everyone can operate it and see it. Also, program and install other equipment such as a keypad for opening the door from outside the garage or door openers.

5. Adjust the electric eye system and safety reverse system properly

Refer to the instruction installation manual and follow all the safety measures.

6. Check your garage door whether the opener is working correctly or not

If the opener and the door are moving without any problem and smoothly and if there are no obstructions in blocking the door and in the movement of opener that it is fine. Some of the garage door openers make little loud noise even in normal condition but do not worry that it is not properly installed.

Garage Door Opener Placement

Another thing to know in this How to Install Garage Door Opener guide is Placement. In order for an opener to function properly, make sure the position of the motor and opener is fixed correctly.

One piece door or Sectional door with track
Sectional Door or One piece Door without a track

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