Genie 3042-TKH Silentmax 1000 Garage Door Opener – Features & Specs

Genie Silentmax 1000 Review 2023

Genie Silentmax 1000 Garage door opener is perfect to easily open/close any garage door without making much noise. Genie Silentmax Garage door opener comes with motor 140 volt DC which is ultra quiet and with the other accessories you require. Genie Silentmax 1000 is the best choice for garages close to living room because of its steel reinforced belt which is extremely quiet. Safety features of Genie Silentmax 1000 3042 include safety sensors to safe-T beam and Genie problem-solving technology. In order to ensure high levels of safety and several years of steadfast functioning, Genie 3042 garage door opener is build with enclosed C-channel rail.

Genie 3042-TKH Silentmax garage door opener is very easy to install and this garage door opener includes deluxe wall control board, wireless exterior access keypad, for extra security it has vacation lock system and 2 pre-programmed 3 garage door button remotes and you don’t require adding anything else unless you need to open/close 8 feet garage door. This garage door is equipped with intelligent rolling code system that averts unknown person from opening the garage door by altering the access code automatically at each time you use the garage door opener. Features and specifications are mentioned in this Genie Silentmax 1000 Review along with its pros and cons.


  • Cost
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Performance & Warranty
  • Safety and security
  • Smartset & Options
  • Multi-functional wall control
  • High output lights & Special features

1. Cost

The very important factor when a person decides to purchase something is its price. When it comes speaking about garage door opener, you can purchase them at reasonable cost only. The price of Genie 3042 TKV Silentmax 1000 is around 274.00 dollars.

2. Quiet and smooth operation

some of the garage door openers make clunky and irksome noise at the time of opening or closing the door because of its old model technology. As Genie Silentmax 1000 garage door opener is the combination of both DC motor and belt driven it makes very less noise while operating garage door.

3. Performance & Warranty

Genie Silentmax 1000 3042 garage door opener has belt driven ¾ HP DC motor 140 volts which helps in easy operation while opening/closing the garage door. Genie silentmax garage door opener can operates at every residential garage doors of 7 feet height from box.


  • Lifetime warranty on Gear box and motor
  • 15 years warranty on belt drive systems
  • 5 years warranty on parts
  • 1 years on accessories

4. Safety and security

Genie Silentmax garage door opener is build with secured system known as Safe-T-beam infrared sensors that can stop and reverse the garage door if a beam of light ray is episodic or noticed. Manual emergency release is also available for garage door. At last there is Geniesense steady monitoring technology to take the door in reverse direction when an object or any person is interrupted in-between or encountered.

5. Smartset & Options

This is the easy to use programming feature which allows doing simple adjustments to force, speed and limits. Screw driver is not required. With the help of clearly marked buttons you can make simple adjustments. Dual frequency function which is also called as auto seek, this hopping feature of frequency helps the opener to choose either of 351 MHz or 390 MHz based on which frequency one proffer the least interference.


  • clogged confirm remote
  • extra remotes
  • rail expansion kit for 8 feet high garage doors

6. Multi-functional wall control

The Genie silentmax 1000 wall control has far beyond functionality when compared to old door bell button. Still there is open and close button, it also has another button for the light to turn on and off and one more button to employ sure-lock feature.Sure lock factually locks the opener and does not let it to be controlled by wall control or with garage door remotes. This is a good feature to include when you are on leave or vacation for long duration.

7. High output lights & Special features

This garage door opener has 2 bulbs with 200 watt lighting system and motion recognition. The lights will shut down automatically after 4 minutes. This gives more than enough light if you want to park your cars in garage.

Other Features:

  • Potent ¾ HP DC motor
  • 2 garage door button remotes, 3 button intellicode
  • Double frequency automatic seek method
  • Multi-functional wall console
  • Push button programming with smartest
  • Maximum 200 watt lighting arrangement with delay of 4 minutes
  • well-suited with Car2U and home link systems



  • Manufacturer : Genie
  • Item model number : SilentMax 1000 Model 3042-TKH
  • Product dimensions : 11.5 x 9.5 x 40 inches
  • Batteries : Requires 4 CRs batteries
  • Horsepower : 3/4 HP
  • Compatibility : Car2U and Homelink system
  • Average battery life : 2 years
  • Security : GenieSense monitoring, Safe T-beam and Intellicode security
  • Usage : Residential garage door opener
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime Motor & Gearbox Warranty, 15 Years Belt, 5 Years Parts, 1 Year Accessories



Yes, Genie 3042-TKV Silentmax 1000 is compatible with alexa and google assistant and also aladdin comptable.


It is the power of the motor that differs between silent max 1,000 and the silent max 1200. Silent max 1200 is better in performance.


Genie Silentmax 1000 garage door opener stood in top 10 positions based on its features and inbuilt techniques. Genie 3042 garage door opener has the power of ¾ HPC 140 volt DC motor that is crucial in operating any residential garage doors. This model is equipped with belt driven system so it operates easily and smoothly. GenieSense technology gives the power in opening and closing the door and this technology provides safety and evades noise. Overall, Genie Silent max garage door opener is easy to install, powerful, safe and secured with high quality features and is recommended.

Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Model 3042-THK image

Genie 3042-TKV Garage Door Opener is an ultra-quiet model which is perfect for the garages that are attached to living area. Steel-reinforced belt drive system makes it more durable and reliable. So, overall if you want a powerful garage door opener with smooth operation, then this will be the right choice. Check Genie Silentmax 1000 Reviews above and buy it online.


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