Genie SilentMax 1000 3042-TKV 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Reviews 2023

Genie SilentMax 1000 3042-TKV 3/4 HP

To access a garage door easily without any noise, buy a Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener. Selecting the best garage door opener from top brands is not an easy task. That’s why Genie Garage Door Opener is our suggestion. Who dont want to get their work done effortlessly with smart tech gadgets?

Garage Door Opener is one such innovation among them. With the remote access, you can control the Genie Garage Opener. It is better to know in detail about the product before spending money on it. If you decide to buy the Top Rated Garage Door Opener, then checking the Genie SilentMax 1000 Reviews is necessary. Here, you will get clear-cut information regarding Genie Garage Opener Features, Specs, Pros, and Cons.

Garage Door Opener Genie SilentMax 1000

Nowadays, almost every one ow vehicle for easy transportation. But Accessing those vehicles and keeping the safe at our home is somewhat hideous. It is better to maintain a garage for such a task. If you get a manual garage door for the garage, It is difficult to maintain such a garage when you are always in a hurry. Here comes the smart garage door opener handy.

Here are my views about the Genie Garage Openers buying. A few months ago, I found that my Garage Door was not working properly. Whenever I open or close the door, it irritated me a lot. Then I understand that it is a wake-up call for me to buy a Garage Door Opener. I have searched many reviews about garage door openers. Out of the top-rated garage door opener brands in the present market, I have chosen the Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener. You also purchase this wonderful and best garage door opener & lessen your pressure and save your energy in opening the door.

Genie SilentMax 1000 Reviews

Genie, one of the top garage opener manufacturing companies in the world like the Chamberlain & Liftmaster. Its latest product, Genie SilentMax 1000, stood top 10 because of its features & techniques. The power that the Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Opener is 3/4 HPC 140 Volt DC Motor is essential to operate any type of residential garage door. The model of SilentMax 1000 Genie is a Belt Driven, so that a smooth operation available. In a word, you can get a soft start & stop of a garage door.

GenieSense Technology provides power whenever you want to open or close the door. This technology avoids the noise & provides safety to your vehicles. Two 100 Watt Bulb Lighting System available. A Genie’s SilentMax 1000 3/4 HP Motor more powerful than garage doors made by wooden. For safety purposes, Intellicode 2 Access Security System is equipped in the Genie Garage Door Opener. For an easy understanding, check the Features detail in the upcoming section.


  • Cost & Performance
  • Smooth & Quiet Operation
  • Safety & Security
  • Special Features & Warranty

1. Cost & Performance

The cost is a prime factor for a customer if he/she decides to purchase it. When it comes to the Garage Door Openers, almost you can get them at an affordable price only. In the same manner, the Genie SilentMax 1000 Price is less than $300.

With a Belt Driven 3/4 HP 140 Volts DC Motor, it provides an ease-of-operation of a garage door while opening or closing. The Genie 3042-TKV SilentMax 1000 Best Garage Door Opener power operates at any residential garage doors up to 7 Inch high from the box.

2. Smooth & Quiet Operation

Few garage doors produce a clunky & irritating noise when opening/closing due to the old model since the Genie Garage Opener is a combination of belt driven and DC Motor so that you can get a noise-less operation of a garage door.

3. Safety & Security

A secured system named Safe-T-Beam infrared garage door sensors that stop & reverse your garage door when a light ray/beam is detected or interrupted. Manual Emergency Release for the garage door is available. Finally, GenieSense Constant Monitoring Technology is to reverse the door when an object or a person meet/ encountered.

4. Special Features & Warranty

3 Button Intellicode and 2 Garage Door Remotes, Multi-Function Wall Console, SmartSet Push-Button programming, 200 Watt Lighting System with a 4-minute delay. Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener is compatible with the HomeLink & Lear Car2U Systems only.

If a product lasts for a long period, then it is the wonderful & outstanding one. The warranty for a Genie Garage Door Opener SilentMax 1000 is 15 years. 5 years for Genie SilentMax 1000 Parts & finally a year for its accessories.



  • Manufacturer : Genie
  • Item Model Number : 3042-TKV
  • Product Dimensions : 11.5 * 9.5 * 40 Inches
  • Item Weight : 31.2 Pounds
  • Horse Power : 3/4 HPC Power Plus DC Motor
  • Compatibility : HomeLink & Car2U Systems
  • Security : Safe-T-Beam, GenieSense Monitoring & Intellicode Security
  • Warranty : Limited Lifetime Motor & Gearbox



To program Genie silentmax 1000 keypad 3042
1. Press and hold the program button and the up/down button on the wireless keypad
2. Then press the following numbers in correct order. 3 >> 5 >> 7 >> Program button.
3. Enter the pin of your choice. Click “Program”.
4. On the motor unit, press and hold the program set button.
5. Then press it again.
6. On the keypad, enter the pin and press the up/down arrow button once. Press it once again.
7. Then press the up/down button once again to operate the door


To set the keypad on Genie 3042
1. Flip open the slide
2. Long hold “PROG” and “8” button
3. LED will blink once


To install Genie Silentmax 1000 Keypad 3042
1. Slide keypad cover up until it latches.
2. Snap 3-5-7.
3. Click “PROG”. (LED light blinks)
4. Enter the PIN
5. Press “PROG”. (LED blinks fast)


You can open Genie 3042 from inside by pulling the emergency cords connected to it.


I hope you like the information regarding the Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener Reviews. Every line mentioned here is noteworthy. I know, you opened this & read about the Genie SilentMax 1000 Model 3042. What are you waiting for? Without wasting a moment, buy this Best Garage Door Opener. Before going to use this, once check the Genie SilentMax 1000 Manual, which helps you at the time of installation.

Genie 3042-TKV SilentMax 1000 Revolution Series Belt Drive 140V Garage Door Opener image

Genie 3042-TKV SilentMax Garage Door Opener has an Electronic Limit Setting that accurately gives the garage door travel control. It’s Flexible 2 Light System also ensures safety. Altogether, it is the perfect unit, which is very easy to install, and there will be no Dirt and Dust Build-up due to its C channel rail.


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