Have a Quiet & Smooth access over your Garage with Best Genie Garage Door Openers 2019

Nowadays, opening your garage door has become much more convenient. For this, we should be thankful for the Genie Garage Door Opener which is more sophisticated than ever in their features. If you are interested in purchasing one for your house and you have high standards wishing to buy only the best garage door opener on the market then you have come to the right place.

Garage door openers are always a nice convenience but become most appreciated when the weather turns dangerous. They are also a near necessity if the job of opening and closing a garage door is too challenging, due to some physical limitations. Most of the garage door openers are relatively inexpensive and highly reliable. Even though or unless you are very handy, you should probably budget for professional installation. Modern garage door openers include basic to advanced features that improve safety.

Best Selling Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews 2019

Genie is one of the USA’s best-known companies for quality garage door openers. Genie is a company you can depend on for your next purchase for the Garage door openers. Moreover, the Genie garage door opener is a strong competitor in this market and in the following sections. However, we are trying to help you understand the features of this genie garage door opener better.


Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener

This Genie garage door opener has most of the features that we were looking for. It including a rolling code system, that makes it virtually impossible for criminals to “listen” to the code your remote sends to your Garage opener. However, the code automatically changes each time you use it. This Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener also is noticeably faster at opening your door than most other door openers. Genie garage door opener has a screw at the core of its main mechanism, machined from one solid piece of steel for durability. Genie PowerLift Accelerator comes ready to integrate with the HomeLink or Car2U systems. This allows you to control this best garage door opener, appliances inside your house and more from a control unit in your vehicle.

Genie garage door opener

Moreover, the compatibility has become quite common among new garage door openers but we still consider it a valuable feature. This remote garage door opener is designed to handle most doors that are 7.5-feet tall, regardless of material, though the Genie recommends an extension kit for doors that are 8 feet or taller. This 1/2 hp garage door opener accommodates two 60-watt bulbs for a total of 120 watts of light. That is more than earlier garage door openers. Moreover, this quiet garage door opener has a reputation for easy maintenance as it has fewer moving parts that can come loose or wear out. Another ease-of-use advantage is the two included remotes. We prefer to start out with at least two. That is how many most households want this 1/2 hp chain drive garage door opener with 2 remotes anyway.

  • Opens your garage door as twice as fast as others.
  • Speed and impressive warranty.
  • Unique opener.
  • Good safety features.
  • Easy and fast installation.

  • Lack of motion.


Genie Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener

The Genie ChainMax 1000 is a 3/4 hp garage door opener, capable of lifting heavy weight doors. The main thing to know about this best Genie Garage door opener is the electric motor. It is also one of the best electric motors developed by Genie. Hence, it is reliable, tough and sophisticated. In a nutshell, you can become an owner of a high-quality and the best garage door opener at a low price. Moreover, it is mainly developed for garage doors of 7 feet. However, you can get an extension kit and use it for larger doors of 8 feet. The good thing is that the extension kit is affordable as well, hence this adaptation isn’t as expensive as you may think. When it comes to the design of this Genie Chainmax 1000, you will be surprised. All the garage door parts look modern and they are well-made.

Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage door opener

The same goes for other garage door opener parts, hence, this Genie would look perfectly in all homes. Being based on the latest technology, you can expect a lot of this garage door opener. Hence, Genie 3/4 hp garage door opener is one of the highest ranked garage door openers in the class. The quality, alongside several other advantages, made these electric garage door openers so desirable. Moreover, it is fast as well. Hence, opening or closing garage doors is quicker than ever. However, it is still quiet garage door opener, despite the fact it is quicker than equivalent types. One reason for that is sophisticated rail and inner systems. The Genie garage door opener uses a chain mechanism, that is more affordable, but louder than belt drive alternatives.

  • Extremely quiet.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Very Quick.
  • Auto seek dual frequency.

  • Need for extension rail.
  • Need extension kit.


Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

The Genie SilentMax 1200 is a 3/4 HP garage door opener with Genie’s Power Plus motor. The “Plus” means it is actually more powerful than a regular one and has more than enough power to open and close heavy top rated garage door openers. The Genie SilentMax 1000 is slightly more powerful garage door and is relatively easy to install. It includes Genie’s impressive safety and security options and comes well equipped with two 3 button garage door remotes, a deluxe wall console and also a wireless entry keypad. Three things really stand out with this Genie belt drive garage door opener. Firstly, Genie 3/4 hp garage door opener is silent during operation. Second, this best Genie garage door opener opens at 9 inches per second. Third, the DC motor of this Genie 1.25-hp ultra quiet, stealth drive belt drive garage door opener with battery back-up is quiet.

Genie SilentMax 1200

The amount of noise that this Genie Garage door opener produces when it is in operation is nearly a whisper. If you have thin walls or irritable neighbours, this Genie will be a lifesaver. Moreover, this remarkable Genie 4042-TKH included Intellicode security to assure that this garage door opener is nearly impossible for robbers to exploit as an entrance. If you are looking for a high-security garage door opener, this is an outstanding choice. Just be aware that the Genie SilentMax is designed for 7-foot tall garage doors. If you have an 8 foot tall garage door you need a rail extension kit. The installation process for this best Genie belt drive garage door opener was free of any hitches or issues. Moreover, if you want your opener works even at power failure, you can have a battery backup unit.

Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener

  • Very powerful.
  • Auto seek system.
  • Multi-function wall console.
  • Additional garage door remotes.

  • Needs rail extension kit.
  • Programming can be difficult if you use older remotes.


Genie Garage Door Opener 1035-V Chain Drive

The Genie 1035 V chain drive garage door opener is lightweight for easier installation. This best garage door opener has the ability to provide power to operate residential sectional garage doors up to 7 feet high and 350 lbs in weight.  The Genie 1035V also comes with a Single Bulb Lighting of 60 Watt Max. Moreover, the Genie LED light bulb is recommended that will be Sold separately as part number 39438R. This Genie 500 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener also equipped with a pre-programmed remote. Here, in this case, for faster installation, the genie garage door opener remote is ready to use out of the box that eliminates one step during the initial installation process. Plus, this program genie garage door opener comes with SmartSet programming. The Pushbutton programming makes set up of this Genie garage door opener fast and easy.

Genie 1035V chain drive garage door opener

Auto Seek Dual Frequency is also one of the best features of this Genie 1035V chain drive garage door opener. With the help of this feature, the Genie can automatically seek either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by a remote. Thus, helping to ensure the garage opener can respond regardless of nearby frequency interference. However, this 1/2 hp garage door opener is compatible with Aladdin Connect smart device enabled garage door controller. However, it is HomeLink and Car2U Compatible. This side mount garage door opener comes with maintenance-free precision machined motor and the gearbox backed by a 5-year limited lifetime warranty. Moreover, the Heavy-duty chain drive system of this Genie allows for long-lasting durable operation. The Safe-T-Beam system of this  1/2 hp garage door opener keeps your pets and family safe by reversing the closing door if anything passes through the infrared beam.

  • Limited 5-year warranty.
  • Compatible with Aladdin connect.
  • Pre programmed remotes.
  • 5 piece tube chain.
  • Smart set programming.

  • Remote is a bit tiny.

How to Choose the best Garage Door Opener?

A good garage door can last decades, maybe even a lifetime. Hence, it makes sense to spend a little extra time and effort making the best choice possible. When shopping for new garage door openers, there are plenty of things to be aware of before you choose the best garage door opener. You need to consider some important things like safety, security, noise level, price and overall utility of the device before purchasing. Hence, these garage door opener considerations help you take the right decision.

Things to Consider

How powerful a Garage door opener motor do you need?

In general, Garage doors range from lightweight, uninsulated aluminium affairs to heavy patterns with insulation, glass, or solid wood. While weight is a consideration, most garage doors are counterbalanced so even a 1/2 horsepower garage door opener can be sufficient enough for typical use. Instead, some factors such as size and how often you use the garage door are also more critical, makers such as Genie say. The major advantage of opting for a higher horsepower opener is that it can move your Garage door with less strain.

That is a plus for heavier, larger doors, or in situations where the garage door opener is used more often than is typically the case as putting less strain on your opener leads to smoother operation and better long term durability. For example, if you use your garage as the primary entrance to your home or have multiple drivers in your family.

What are HPS and HPC?

Garage door opener lifting power has traditionally been specified in horsepower, and that is fine for those that use an AC motor. However, that’s not technically correct for the DC motors used in many modern garage door openers. To get around that, and to make it easier to compare the lifting power, many companies adopted horsepower equivalency ratings. This is to specify the strength of their systems. While others continue to simply just specify the power in equivalent horsepower, without fully explaining what that means (presumably to not confuse things).

If you see a power rating such as .75 HPS (horse power similar) or .75 HPC (horse power comparable). For example, that simply means that the garage door opener has lifting power that’s comparable to a .75 HP AC opener.

How high is your garage door?

Every garage door opener, in this case, can handle a 7-foot-high garage door without modification. But most of the Genie garage door openers require extension kits for taller doors. Expect to pay about $50 extra for most extension kits, although in some cases you may have to choose between multiple extension kits based on your garage door’s height.

Don’t scrimp on safety.

Your garage door opener controls what may be the heaviest and largest moving object in your house. A typical residential garage door can weigh up to 600 pounds. Hence, safety is crucial. However, Federal law requires all garage door openers made since 1993 include sensors to prevent the door from striking anybody who may be in its track Automatic reverse, that stops the door and lifts off any obstruction, is another common safety feature. Some garage door openers rely on sensors that stop a garage door if it comes in contact with an object. While others are supplied with sensors that shoot an invisible beam of light across your garage opening. Also, can stop and/or reverse the garage door is something interrupts that beam.

Do it yourself or hire a pro?

Despite type or maker, user reviews let us know that not every house owner is fully equipped to tackle the job of installing a garage door opener themselves. For those who do want to tackle the job, it is certainly doable for those with, at a minimum, decent handyman skills. Read the instructions, then read them again and again before you start unless and until you understand all steps. Inventory the carton to make sure all parts are on hand before you begin as missing accessories is a frequent user complaint. Having a helper on hand is also a better idea. Finally, budget enough time so that the task is not rushed. Experts say to expect at least a minimum of four hours, especially when you are also removing an old opener.

If you are not comfortable with the above, the best advice is to hire a professional plumber. If you don’t already have a garage door installer in mind, many retailers can offer suggestions. Moreover, Amazon now offers installation services for many Garage door openers as an option when you order. However, some garage door openers are sold only by installers and could be a good option if you decide that a chain-drive or belt-drive Chamberlain opener is right for you. Genie garage door opener also makes a line of openers for the professional installation market. You can find local pros at Genie websites.

Is HomeLink worth the annoyance?

Many machines are sold with the capability of operating your garage door opener right from the dash. Home Link is the most popular system. But reviews are full of tales of woe over getting built-in HomeLink controls to successfully interact with a garage door opener, regardless of model or brand. Older cars are a particular problem as the system’s protocols have changed over the years. However, Add-on modules are available from HomeLink and also from garage door opener operators to restore compatibility. But users often complain about the added investment or the effort they needed to put in to learn that an adapter was needed in the first place.

Opener Design

In general, we look for wireless garage door openers that come with power to lift the heaviest doors and found that 1/2 hp garage door opener best suited for standard aluminium sectional doors used on most homes built from 1990 to today. The3/4 hp garage door opener motors can lift wooden doors up to 550 pounds. Each unit we looked at can open a standard 7-foot door, and extension kits are available if your door is taller.

The best heavy-duty garage door openers designed to integrate seamlessly with home automation systems. They also include a timer-to-close option that automatically closes the door for you. Moreover, they also equipped with a backup power source so you can get in and out of your garage during a power interruption. Most of the openers we come across run on either a chain- or belt-drive lift system. While both types are quiet, the belt drive garage door opener tends to be the quietest. Hence, they are best if you have a bedroom or other commonly used living space nearer to the garage.

Safety & Security

Most of the garage doors are heavy enough to cause serious injury and even death. Hence, it’s necessary for your opener to have safety features. For example, it should be able to automatically reverse when it detects that an object is blocking the door. Also, you need a door with motion sensors that recognize if a child or animal is moving in or out as it closes. However, security features are also valuable considering the garage door not only secure vehicles and anything else stored in a garage but also may offer indirect access to your home. A rolling code mixes the code your remote sends to the opener with each use to further prevent criminal activity.


You might not think it could get easier than pushing a big button to open a door. But some garage door openers make things even simpler by giving keyless entry and multiple remotes. Many garage door openers come with a keyless entry pad that mounts outside the garage door. Hence, you can gain access without a remote. While a remote is preferable for most situations, there are times when you require to get into the garage and don’t have it handy. Hence, this is a nice option to have.

Most of the electric garage door openers have two lights. One in front of the opener and one behind or sometimes they rest side by side. They should give enough light for you to get into your home from your car. Generally, people don’t leave the garage light on when it’s not in use, so it’s nice to have a temporary light when you arrive home. The length of time the light stays on varies according to how it is programmed. In most instances, you don’t need more than a few minutes from the time you leave the car to when you enter your home.

The best garage door openers can be controlled from a remote location through your phone. If you have ever left the house and had a moment of panic, not knowing if you left the garage door open. This option can give you peace of mind. The door opener’s built-in Wi-Fi connects directly to your home Wi-Fi router, that allows you to close your garage door from wherever you are through an MyQ smartphone app. However, some garage door openers have this feature. It is a 1-horsepower garage door opener with extra lifting power for unusually heavy doors of over 500 pounds. Some openers, like the Genie garage door opener, use new side-mount technology. This makes the garage door opener compact and hence frees up ceiling space as it sits between the wall and the garage door.


The best garage door openers have a lifetime warranty on its motor and chain or belt. While it is common for motors to come with lifetime warranties, belt and chain and parts warranties are often not that ample. However, it is not uncommon for parts warranties to extend several years. Often the warranties are limited and subject to specific stipulations that change and are detailed in the garage door opener manuals. User manuals are generally available as PDF downloads on the manufacturer’ websites.

Genie Garage Door Opener for Sale 2019-18

The brand Genie has been selling and installing garage door parts since the 1960s. With Genie, they have ensured a fantastic product at an even better price. In addition to the main garage door assemblies and parts for the ReliaG, IntelliG and TriloG product lines, you can also be able to find remote controls, carriages, keypads, infra-red sensors and other accessories for your Genie garage door opener. It is difficult to find a better brand, and the experts at GenieDoor.com can help you get the right parts for your particular garage door if you are having any trouble determining compatibility.


So hope you chose to buy this best Genie garage door opener from our review. If in future you need to repairs garage door opener, be sure to use the right tools and follow safety procedures and approved repair methods. If you are not sure of what to do, we recommend that you contact a professional garage door service company in that particular area.

Go and get this brand new Genie garage door opener without wasting time. Stay tuned to us to get latest garage door opener reviews. Thank You!!!!!

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