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Genie Chainmax 1000 Review 2020

Haven’t we all once dreamt of a life that is full of luxury and robotic stuffs that would automatically do all of our work but then reality dawned and we knew that we had to be super rich to be able to afford that so instead we are just living a mediocre life? This statement might take time to be comprehended or not, but our approach to certain things can certainly change straightaway. The way we have been wanting automatic dish washer and it miraculously appeared. The way we have been wanting something like Google assistant or say more advanced – Siri.

The way we never dreamt of gearless cars but they are here now. Just the way I wanted my garage door to be super cool to miraculously open and close before and after I enter. Of course it won’t happen in a miraculous way, but definitely in just some clicks and boom- I have an automatic garage door opener. It has been existing for song but never have I dared to check the price of the automatic door openers. But turns out, these are actually affordable depending on the long term capital gain they yield. So this garage door opener is the best of the kind that I found – Genie Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener. For an in-depth Genie Chainmax 1000 Review, you can refer the features and specifications below.


Most of the gadgets make that loud vibrational noise which is unbearable. Genie Chainmax Garage Door Opener is quiet with the minimal maintenance required. The chain drive system is traditional and made of strong reliable material assuring long lasting unhindered pulls. The opening speed is upto 7.5 inches/second.

The motor fitted is 140 volts DC motor which ensures easy and smooth lifting up of the garage door. Even the start and stop controls are so easily manageable. The low profile c- channel rail protects against dirt and even debris with flush mounting capabilities specifically designed for low headroom applications.

The Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener produces an invisible beam across the door opening. If any obstruction passes through it while closing, the door automatically stops and reverses the closing, which makes is completely safe for children and family.

The monitoring technology used is praiseworthy. It has a continuous monitoring and diagnostic technology which stays put all the time and alerts if any abnormal access is noticed.

IntelliCode Access Security System: The technology used in the Genie Revolution Series Chainmax 1000 is rolling codes which is super encryption of codes, prevents piracy of the radio signal.

HomeLink & Car2U Compatibility: The Genie Smart Garage Door Opener works fine with any Homelink and Car2U symtem irrespective of whichever year they were made in.

Genie Chainmax 1000 Installation is as easy as one could think of. The kit provides with the user manual and online Genie videos are always there to help. You don’t need a pro and spend that extra dollar for installation. Features mentioned in this Genie Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener Review listed after testing them personally.

Genie Chain Drive Opener SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Genie ChainMax
Item model number
Product Dimensions
40 x 12 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
36 pounds
Lifetime Motor Warranty; 5 Year Parts Warranty
ChainMax 1000
110 volts
Item Package Quantity
Type of Bulb
2 Genie LED Garage Door Opener Bulbs Recommended (Not included)
Works on residential garage doors up to 7 ft in height, Extension kit available for 8 ft doors Model EKCC
Residential Garages
Included Components
Building Materials & Ladders;Doors;garage-door-openers
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
Battery Cell Type
Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Description Pile
CR2032, AAA
Average Battery Life
2 years

Genie Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener Accessories

The kit includes the following accessories-

  • 3-button remotes
  • a wireless, keyless keypad
  • multi-function wall console (control panel)

The two pre- programmed 3- button remotes allow you access to open and close the door from the car which is really convenient. The wireless keyless keypad enables operations with personal pin number either from inside of the home or mounted exterior on the garage. The multi- function wall control panel gives the full range to control the entries and exits along with light control and vacation lock.





Where to buy Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Openers?

You can buy the Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener on Amazon.

How do you program a Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000?

Programming a Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000 

  1. To navigate the menu on the ceiling unit, press the program set button (square) until both (long and short) turn on blue. Immediately, the longer button turns off. 
  2. (Each pattern and colors of light indicates the options in the menu). So, the single blue short light indicates “Remote program”, “Limits program” (single long blue), “Speed program” (both blue light), and “Force program” (Round red light). Use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate. 
Does Genie 3022 come with the battery backup?

Yes, Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener does come with a battery backup.

Can the Genie 3022-TKH Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener replace a Genie Pro Model 1024 chain drive?

No, it is better to use the chain drive that is provided along with the product.

Bottom Line

Genie 3022-Tkh Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener is absolutely fit for the residential garage that needs a door opener. It is quiet, strong, reliable and above all, affordable. Programming the remotes might come as an engineer level task for you but no need to worry; the remotes are already programmed in the factories for the convenience. For additional programming, there are online videos as well as given in the manual. Adding to that, the customer service is also great so you won’t face problem anywhere with this Genie 3022 Garage Door Opener. You won’t know more of the perks unless you have bought it. Trust your instincts and go for it.

With just minimal maintenance Genie 3022-Tkh Chainmax 1000 Garage Door Opener offers quiet and reliable performance. The 140-volt DC motor of this Garage Door Opener ensures the smooth operation. All inclusive, it is safe for your family and your vehicles.

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