Genie 2055-LED Belt Drive Garage Door Opener – Perfect for garages attached to house!

Genie garage door opener model 2055 stealth 500 essentials is a motorized electronic device that was innovatively designed for residential sectional garage doors with much excellence and safety. A garage would be such a large area in your home where the traditional garage opener requires manual help, motors making a loud noise, and doesn’t assure 100% safety. Many garage door openers overcome it, with quick-release mechanisms and remote controls to initiate the garage door to open and close automatically. This garage door opener from Genie has attracted our attention, and we have bought it immediately to test its efficiency. Read our complete Genie 2055-LED review to know what pros and cons we noticed.

Its ultra-quiet performance captivated its customers that can ideally be set in garages attached to the living room or bedroom. Genie belt drive garage door opener is designed with high safety appliances such as the Safe-T-Beam system and the Intellicode Security technology allowing the accessibility of new codes every time, thus preventing unauthorized intruders. This is an automated device with its high-end technologies and features pre-programmed remotes, a lighted push-button, Genie’s radio frequency, and shatter-resistant LED garage door opener bulbs.

Genie 2055-LED Review 2023 (Key Features)

1. Belt-Drive Opener

Operating any garage door to open or close automatically was made possible by Garage door openers. And the Genie model 2055 LED does it efficiently through its powerful belt system. This product offers a steel reinforced belt that makes the process fast and ultra-quiet. Our belt drive garage opener relies on its high-quality steel belt that approves maximum efficiency.

This garage door opener has a powerful DC motor with 1/2 hp to perform faster. Its motor gets paired to a steel-reinforced belt drive that quickly lifts the sectional inside garage doors weighing up to 500 lbs. Among other belt-drive openers, the specially designed steel-reinforced garage opener of Genie responds effectively to the operator without any delay or breakthrough.

2. Remote Controls

Genie 2055 garage door opener comes with two pre-programmed single button remotes and 3-button remotes that include a lighted push-button and 2 genie garage door opener LED light bulbs. These pre-programmed remotes make installation easy and for safe operations. This remote control option helps to access the ultra-protective personalized codes.

The LED bulbs in the profile are operated through remote control. Moreover, this garage door opener attracts with its unique in-car remote control system compatible with a home link and car2U systems. This feature allows you to open the car just by pressing the home link button fixed in the car. The highly efficient remote controls achieve a user-friendly approach and focus on the user’s convenience.

3. High-Security Technology

It is necessary for a secured garage door opener as to protect our favorite cars or any other objects in our garage. Genie belt drive opener protects your home from any thieves. When you are on vacation, its vacation lock keeps the remote on lock mode. It ensures high protection to your home until your return. It also features a self-diagnostic Safe- T-Beam system and contact reverse system that illuminate infrared beams of light if anything passes by. Thus it assures the utmost safety of users, kids, or pets from the largest moving garage door.

Genie designed its garage door opener model 2055, satisfying its user’s safety at multiple levels. Adding to higher security, it features rolling code technology by providing an intellicode security system in which you can generate new access codes every time while activating the garage door through a remote.

4. Accessories Included

The added accessories of any device make it a bonus and also decreases our additional expenses. This Genie garage opener is packed in its box with included accessories to provide us ease of operation and installation of it. This garage door opener comes with a pre-programmed remote with a single button, lighted push button, safe-T-beams, and 2 genie’s radio frequency friendly, shatter, and vibrant resistant LED garage door opener bulbs.

Additionally, it favors a multi-functioning wall console with a light button that can be wall-mounted. Genie 2055-LED belt drive garage door opener applies to the sectional garage of 7 foot high only. But, one can extend its utility to 8ft tall doors by providing an extension kit EKTB, which is an amazing initiative.

5. LED-Light System

This Genie 2055-LED garage door opener got space for 2 powerful bulbs on its sides to illuminate our garage entirely. Genie’s radio frequency friendly LED bulbs brighten the whole garage by illuminating the light once we open the garage. Its incandescent LED bulbs can sustain 25000-hour life with low energy usage.

This garage door opener’s bulbs are designed as shatter and vibration-resistant to suit our garage area perfectly. The bulbs provided are cold-weather tested and damp location rated to withstand effectively in the garage over seasons without any hassle. Separate lights can be purchased up to your requirements. The lights are designed to go off a few minutes after closing the garage to ensure maximum safety.



  • Manufacturer : GENIE
  • Item model number : 2055-LED
  • Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 12 x 28 inches
  • Item Package Quantity : 1
  • Color : Black and White
  • Warranty Description : Limited 10 Year Motor Warranty, 15 Year Belt Warranty, 1 Year Parts and Accessories


Does this Genie 2055-LED Stealth500 Essentials belt drive garage door opener come with the belt and railing?

Yes, the Genie 2055-LED garage opener comes with a steel-reinforced belt spanned with 5 pieces of railings.

Is there an off switch to power down the Genie 2055 LED garage door opener when I’m on vacation?

Unfortunately, no. But, you can disconnect this Genie 2055 LED quietest garage door opener’s plug from the power source to switch it off.

Can this Stealth 500 Essentials Genie 2055 Garage Door Opener be linked to a vehicles buttons?

Yes, the Genie 2055 ultra-quiet garage door opener is compatible with a home link or car2u setups that are in-built in popular cars.


Genie 2055 LED Ultra Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener satisfies customers with the residential height of 7 or 8ft high and doors weighing not more than 500lbs. All its other features, such as ultra-quiet performance, efficient sensor controls, and rolling code technology, are performing beyond our expectations. This light-weighted garage door opener, Genie 2055 model, achieves easy assembling and monitoring motion objects smartly.

From our experience, we accounted for this garage door opener’s safe and quality performance. We purely believe that it is worth your bill. Its manufacturer provides the universal garage door opener‘s powerful motor with a limited 10-year warranty and a 15-year warranty for its steel-reinforced belt. Its accessories such as LED lights and remote control come with a 1-year warranty acceptable to its performance. Hope our Genie 2055-LED review found to be a guide for you in understanding this product well. Happy shopping!

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