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Genie 2035-TKV Chaindrive Garage Door Opener Review 2020

The Genie garage door opener 2035-TV combines the reliable and powerful performance with even and smooth to produce a long-term, simple to install, and easy to operate the garage door opener. Genie 2035-tkv garage door opener has a potent DC motor that controls the door slickly with soft stops and starts and even decreases the tear and wears on the device for long term performance. This opener is built with Genie’s intelligent code technology that stops the unauthorized individual from opening and entering into the garage. The set-up and installation of this garage door opener are made easy and simple with the machine’s electronic push-button. 

The Genie 2025-tkv chain drive 550 opener is well-suited with the 7 feet height garage door and for 8 feet door you need to have an extension kit. It is included with many accessories for convenience and safety, two pre-programmed remotes with 3-button which helps to open the garage door from the car, wireless keypad without keys allow you to open the door with private pin. Genie chain drive garage door opener is made with a highly durable weighty duty chain for reliable operation to last long.

genie garage door opener 2035-TV FEATURES

  • ½ HPc power
  • Easy to setup and Smart Programming
  • Included Accessories
  • Standard features and Warranty
  • Compatible, Reliable and Durable

The provided DC motor has less weight for easy installation and the ability to supply power to operate and lift the residential garage doors of 7 feet height and has the weight of 500 lbs and for 8 feet high garage door you need to have an extension kit. The potent DC motor of Genie Garage Door Opener Chaindrive operates the garage smoothly with soft stops and starts.

Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener is lightweight with a stiff  and strong portion tube railing system that does not require assembling hardware and comes with pre-programmed remotes which helps in to reduce the one step during the first installation method.  The Genie 550 ½ Hp garage door opener smartest programming makes the whole set-up easy and quick just with the push of an electronic button.

A wireless keyboard without keys makes you capable in opening the door with a private pin, two 3-button remotes which are already programmed,  and a multi-functional wall relieve with break lock and a button for operating light. Included with illustrated installation manual and also the QR codes for programming part and online installation videos are available for easy installing of Genie 550 1/2 hp garage door opener.

Genie chain drive 550 garage door opener is included with special features that are non-contacting safe T-beam reversing system, diagnostic technology, intellicode access protection, and GenieSense monitoring.  Safe t-beam helps in preventing the accidents with an imperceptible infrared beam that comes across the door opening and reverses the door if some object goes by the LED beam light, beams are also improved with analytical technology to aware you regarding malfunction. The access code changes with every action on the door to avoid unauthorized access for safety and security. 10 years warranty on Gearbox and motor, 5 years on a chain, and 1-year on parts and remaining accessories of Genie 550 1/2 HP chain drive garage door opener.

This Genie Wall Mount garage door opener is compatible with famous inbuilt car remotes like Car2U and Home link without the requirement of any extra hardware like repeaters and bridges. Heavyweight and strong chain-driven system last long and highly durable. GenieSense examining technology decreases the wear and tear by always supervising the door.

Genie 2035-TKV Chain Drive 550 Opener SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Model Number
Product Dimensions
116 x 12 x 8.5 inches
Product Weight
31 Pounds Approximately
Limited 10 Year Motor, 5 Year Chain, 1 Year Parts and 1 Year Accessories
120 volts
0.5 HP
Extension Kit
Available for 8 Ft high garage (Sold Seperately)
UL Listed
Residential garage usage only
Bottle Capacity
24-Bottle Capacity

Things to consider while buying a Garage Door Opener


  • Budget: Firstly, decide the amount you’re ready to investment in a garage door opener which will safe guard not only your home but also keep your loved safe and protected. 
  • Type of garage door opener: The second thing that you should decide the type of garage door opener you want, as there are more than one kind of garage door openers available in the market. You could decide the type of the garage door opener according to the kind of your garage door and which opener would suit it the most.
  • Noise Level and Smooth Functioning: The third thing in your list should be to check the noise level. As the technology has advanced, they have also reduced the noise level while using the garage door openers. But there are still models available especially of chain drive garage door openers that rattle and make hell lot of noise whenever they are used. It could be quite problematic if you want the garage door opener in a residential area. Be sure to check the noise level and smooth functioning of the garage door opener. 
  • Real-time Alerts: The garage door opener you choose should be technologically advanced enough to be send you every second’s update about the garage no matter where are you. Most of the garage door openers can be linked to your mobile allowing you to manage your garage from wherever you’re and sending you alerts if any activity with the garage door opener.



  • Easy Installation, smartest with one push button
  • Pre-programmed remotes
  • Durability with heavy-duty chain drive
  • Car remote system with HomeLink and Car2U


  • Smooth and quiet
  • Wireless keypad
  • Reliable and durable
  • 10 years warranty
  • Safe T-beam for security
  • Intellicode access protection
  • GenieSense Monitoring


  • Sometimes overheats


How to program a Genie 2035 garage door to a cell phone?

To program a Genie 2035 garage door to a cell phone

  1. Get MyQ app
  2. Add the MyQ Serial Number
  3. Connect to MyQ wifi
  4. Click on start
  5. Now program the garage door opener 
  6. Select the brand following the given instructions
Does Genie 2035-TKV have lights on both sides?

Yes, Genie 2035-TKV does have lights on both sides.

Will Genie 2035 garage door suitable for 10” high 8” wide door?

No, the opening track is less than 8”.  With the help of an extension kit this opener can be used to lift the 8
feet height garage door.

Is it feasible to add a smart controller to this Genie 2035 garage door?

Yes, you can have an Aladdin kit to this unit.

Do both remotes are provided with a battery and clip?

Yes, both remotes have clip battery and clip each.

Does the Genie 2035 garage door is included with the motor brackets?

Genie garage door opener chain drive is provided with all the essential hardware.

Bottom Line

Genie garage door opener has a powerful DC motor that operates the garage door smoothly and you can experience reliability with the heavyweight and strong chain-driven system.  This machine is available in ready to work condition right out from the box and is suitable for 7 feet high garage door opener. You can conveniently open the garage door from the car with the help of pre-programmed 2 3-button remotes.  The wireless keypad allows you to open the door with a private pin either from your house or from the outside of the garage. With the Safe-T reverse system, the closing door automatically stops when an object goes through the beam light. The door detecting supervising system observes the Safe-T beam to make sure that it is working properly. The Genie 2035-TKV Chaindrive garage door opener review conveys that it is the great product with small controllers, quiet, provided with good light, worth, and it is highly suggested.

Genie 1/2 hp garage door opener– heavyweight chain-driven system- includes wireless keypad, wall console, pre-programmed 3-button remotes, safe T-beam, model 2035-TKV,  ½ HPc DC motor, intellicode technology, safety sensors- reliable, durable, compatible, GenieSense Monitoring, diagnostic technology, Smart set Programming, easy to install, 10 year warranty.

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