Garage Door Opener Buying Guide: A garage door opener provides you easy, dependable operation, reliable, quick access to the home and improves security and also budget-friendly model, there is an opener available which has performance, power and some features useful for home.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

The below article Garage Door Opener buying guide explains about what are types of garage door opener available. Also, how they work and some of the highlighted smart features and the accessories you receive with Wi-Fi supported openers. There are many different factors you need to consider before purchasing the garage door opener. Openers are generally available in different sizes and styles. In order to fulfill the all your needs to the best, it is very important to know how to choose best garage door opener and which garage door opener is best for my garage and how to purchase the garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide image
Garage Door Opener Buying Guide image

Types of garage door openers

The standard garage door opener has the same design. A motor drives carriage or trolley along a rail. The trolley is connected to garage door and if trolley moves, then it pushes the door to close and pulls the door to open. The key difference for various types garage door opener lies on the motor that how it moves the trolley.

A chain drive garage door opener uses the metal chain to move the trolley to lower and raise the door. This type of garage door opener is economical but to tend to vibrate more and produce more noise compared to other types. If you have a separate garage that is not near home then the noise is not a big issue. But if the garage is under the bedroom or living room then it is an important factor to consider.

A belt drive garage door opener is similar to chain drive garage door opener but it uses a belt instead of metal to move trolley. This has a smoother operation which is a suitable and good choice for a home with a living room and spaces adjacent to the garage. Belt drive systems have fewer moves parts so it needs less maintenance.

A screw drive garage door opener uses some threaded steel rod for lifting mechanism. As this rod rotates it moves the trolley along with the track which is used to lower or raise the door. This also has less moving parts like belt drive garage door opener requires reduced maintenance.

A direct drive garage opener is a quiet mechanism where motor itself act like a trolley and moves along the track, lowering and raising the door. Finally, it has an only single moving part that is motor which requires less maintenance with reduced noise and vibration.

What to look for when buying a garage door opener?

1. Determine the amount of power your garage door requires

There are three different sizes of garage door openers available. ½ horsepower, ¾ horsepower, and 1/3 horsepower. This is the first one you need to refer in the Garage Door Opener Buying Guide.

2. Decide the type of drive system you need:

There are different types of drive systems available. Decide which one suits you the best. The best drive garage door opener, metal chain garage door opener, screw drive garage door opener and direct drive garage door opener which we already discussed in the above lines of Garage Door Opener Buying Guide.

3. Special Features to consider and also the importance of speed

The regular opener opens at 7 inches (17.8 cm) per second. Some models may be slow and some of them may be fast depending on their functionality.

4. Decision about Installation of Door Opener

Whether the installation can be done by yourself? Do you need a retailer who helps you in completing the installation process? Do you have an outside party who completes the installation process? These you have to decide after referring complete Garage Door Opener Buying Guide.

5. Search for a garage door opener carrier

As you came to know what you need from Garage Door Opener Buying Guide, once visit stores such as Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s. Most of the private businesses that sell and install garage doors will likely sell garage door openers.

6. Comparison

Compare the features and prices of each opener that you are interested in purchasing. Know all the features and choose the best from all the remaining openers which serve your complete needs.

7. Warranty

Examine the Guaranties and Warranties offered with garage door openers: Look for the longer warranty period and term which covers the motor of the opener and the parts.

8. Other

Look for a manual emergency cord, timed reverse feature and automatic lights because they serve the best purpose and also satisfies your needs as a good garage door opener.

How to choose the best Garage Door Opener?

There are so many Garage door openers available in the market. From the available garage door openers, it is really difficult to choose the best one. For that purpose, the people should consider some the factors that help you in deciding the best garage door opener. Here are those factors included in this Garage Door Opener Buying Guide.

Consider chain driven openers as a cost-effective option

chain driven openers image

Consider screw drive openers for a better option

Screwdrivers use a long metal rod threaded like a screw to close and lift garage doors. As it possesses very few moving parts, a screwdriver tends to be reliable as well.

screw drive openers image

Consider belt drive openers for quiet operation

belt drive openers image

Belt drive openers use a rubber-like belt on a cog to close and open doors. Since the opener doesn’t have the banging metal parts, loud is the best option available.

Consider Jackshaft and direct drive openers for highly dependable options

Though available in fewer models, these alternatives are gaining in popularity and also offer additional options for quiet door openers.

Jackshaft openers image

direct drive openers image

Which Garage Door Opener is best for my garage?

We have provided all the functionalities and also the steps to choose the best garage door opener in the above sections. Consider all the functions and also the specifications of the garage door opener and choose the best one which satisfies all your needs. Also, check the range of price you want to buy and opt for the best garage door opener.

As the complete Garage Door Opener Buying Guide is given here, it will be helpful for the individuals who want to buy it. It serves all the purpose of the individuals who are going to buy the garage door opener for the first time. Choose the best garage door opener which suits the best for your purpose. For more info, visit Garage Door Opener portal regularly.

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