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PD762EV Chamberlain Review 2020

Are you planning to construct a garage to keep your two beautiful cars & one bike? If yes, build it with a new garage door system. Buy an automatic garage door opener, i.e., Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener. Lessen the effort & energy that you utilize to open & close your garage door. If you have a best garage door opener, then it is not necessary for you from getting out of the car when enters/leaves your garage.

These automatic garage door openers come with high safety & secured systems so that no thief/ a stranger enter your garage. Mainly, a noise will reduce if you have new garage door opener remote. If you want to beneficiate in these many ways, you need to buy a Chamberlian Garage Door Opener for sure. To purchase this, you need to know about the Garage Door Opener Reviews of Chamberlain PD762EV. These will help you in getting an opinion about the product.

PD762EV Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Before going to discuss the Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Opener, let me share my experience about how I came to know about this innovating garage door system. Last month my friends and I planned to go for a vacation. For that, we decided to gather at my best friend Charlie home. From our six members, I went 1st to his home. When my friend was taking the car out from the garage, I saw a remote in his hands. With the help of that remote controller, he is opening the garage door. It’s the moment that I know about this Garage Opener.

When we return to our homes after the completion of the tour, I got a thought in my mind that why don’t I use this system to my garage too. I have surfed on lot many sites then  I like this concept very much. Exactly, on this day of previous month, I bought the no.1 Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener. What I like most in the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener are its specialized features. If you too want to buy a Chamberlain PD762EV, check out the Features, Specifications along with the Pros & Cons in the form of reviews.

Garage Opener Chamberlain PD762EV Reviews

Chamberlain, one of the famous & well-known Automatic Garage Door Openers producing companies in the world. It releases many models with different variations of garage door openers. Now, its innovation is Chamberlain PD762EV Clicker Garage Door Opener. When it comes to the design, it is the MyQ Technology enabled model. The PD762EV Chamberlain is a 3/4 MyQ Chain Driven Garage Door Opener. The Garage Door Opener Chamberlain PD762EV equipped with a MyQ Home Activation Technology.

This 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Chamberlain PD762EV has a  Security +2.0 along with a MyQ Technology which makes Chamberlain Garage Door Opener the best one. A Tri-Band Burst Radio Technology Chamberlain PD762EV Remote designed for better performance, range & less interference. The control panel of three buttons, one to lock the door, 2nd one for turning on the lights & final one to lift/shut the garage door. To know about this product deeply, you need to figure out the Features & Chamberlain PD762EV Specs in this article.


  • Cost
  • Quality
  • MyQ Technology
  • Chain-Driven Opener
  • HomeLink Compatibility
  • Warranty

Any customer decided to buy a product, he/she mainly looks for three things, cost, quality, performance. If any of the three were not okay, then they didn’t think to buy it. Also, it may lead to a negative impression of the product. The Chamberlain PD762EV Price is 174.60 Dollars.

You need not to worry about the quality because it is a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener.  Chamberlain PD762EV is a 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener & the model of its is Chain – Driven opener which is very reliable & stronger than a 1/2-Horsepower model. Its durability, quiet performance & opening/closing garage door gives 5/5 rating for this product.

The technology that used in the Best Garage Door Opener PD762EV Chamberlain is MyQ. With the help of this MyQ App, it is easy for you to control, monitor the garage door opener. You can also operate the outdoor as well as home lights from anywhere by installing this MyQ Home Contol App on your smartphone. This app will be available on an iPhone or Android app store. To use this MyQ App, you need an Internet Gateway. You need to buy CIGBU separately.

The Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener stylized with a rugged Chain-Driven Motor. It has a powerful 3/4 Horse Power AC Motor which provides an ultra-quiet & smooth operation of your garage door. It is one of the Best Chain Drive Garage Door Openers that I have met with.

For some vehicles, Compatibility Bridge is necessary. Once visit the official website of the Chamberlain if you need a Bridge because there you can get the complete information about it. Through the HomeLink, you can get a safe & convenient lift and close your garage door system.

Next to the cost & quality of a product, the important factor is its lifetime or validity. The Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Opener come up with a lifetime warranty on the motor which is the heart of the entire garage door opener. The Chamberlain PD762EV Parts & other Accessories has a warranty of 1 year.


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
26.8 x 8 x 13.4 inches
Item Weight
38 pounds
Lifetime for Motor, 1 year for Parts & Accessories
Name of the Product
Chamberlain PD762EV 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener
174.60 Dollars
MyQ Home Control App, Security+2.0
Special Features
HomeLink Compatibility


  • Easy to install
  • Rugged Chain Drive
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty
  • Vehicle Remote Control System
  • MyQ Enabled Connectivity


  • Equipped with the wonderful technology to control & access the garage door easily. That's why the PD762EV is also known as a Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener
  • HomeLink Compatibility is available in Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener. It works with an in-vehicle remote control system in cars
  • Auto Limit/Auto Force feature which protects the garage door system from the damages
  • Come with an excellent warranty. One year for the parts, chain & accessories and lifetime for the motor


  • Requires a little bit technical knowledge at the time of installation
  • No battery backup

Bottom Line

At last, I want to share with you guys about the Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener is, with its special features and technology it has received positive feedback from the users in the form of Chamberlain PD762EV Review. Don’t wait until the completion of the stock, buy it.

“Feel comfortable while opening & closing your garage door with the Chamberlain PD762EV.”

Chamberlain PD762EV 3/4-HP Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener comes with the MyQ technology which allows you to control the garage door with a smartphone. It has a powerful motor and even comes with two 3-button visor remote. All together, it is the best garage door opener which you can get at low price.

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