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Chamberlain Myq-G0301 Garage Door Opener

As you might already be aware of that a garage door opener is a device which helps you manage the movements of your garage door and gives you completely control over it. Now, with a help of a good garage opener you can leave your home in safe hands with the opener, keep tabs on it, and work without worrying about anything. The garage door opener is designed in a way to be motorized which helps you with controlling it which is directly linked with the opening and closing of the garage door. The garage door can be controlled by in many ways depending on the quality and features your garage door opener. It could be controlled with a remote, electronic keypad that comes with some garage openers to enter their key or even with your phone if the garage opener has that feature. 

The garage opener will not only give complete control over the movements of your garage but also keep it safe from unwanted intruders & burglars to enter. A user & consumer according to their need can buy the garage door which suits his or her preferences the most. Garage Door Opener is a very quiet but strong with providing durability and longer life & advanced technology helping you to manage and control your garage from anywhere you want without any worrying about your garage and house. The Chamberlain Myq-G0301 Garage Door opener comes with very powerful lift system which smoothly lets you operate you garage without any problem while you’re opening and closing it. Chamberlain is known for their product quality and also assures its customers that their product has been encompassed with best quality and is known for its great and amazing performance and reliability from its former customers. In this article, we will review the Chamberlain Myq-G0301 Garage Door Opener with all its glory and lowliness if any.


  • Impenetrable Design
  • Offers Quality Protection & Safety
  • In-Garage Delivery by Amazon
  • Wireless protection hub with smartphone control
  • Cloud Cam for Indoor Security
  • Easy Installation
  • Performance Level

The Chamberlain MYQ Garage Door Opener has been mindfully designed by its engineers and then it is followed very carefully its manufacturers. If something compliments with anything it makes it look more elegant and attractive. In the similar way the Chamberlain MYQ Garage Door Opener has been built keeping in mind the requirements & needs of the customers in their mind. It is one of the best things about the Chamberlain products that its customers are kept in centre and then everything is followed keeping in mind their preferences. The product comes in a black and white colour which are very universal in nature and will work with any thing and make it look classier.

The Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301 will completely update your present garage door opener as it is universal to all the garage door openers since 1993. It will become the protective layers of your house and provide amazing increased functionality of the garage door opener. Once you have installed the product, you don’t have to worry about anything after that. There are thousands of happy customers right now, who after installing Chamberlain are amazed by its quality performance and smooth operation. The garage door opener will not get stuck in middle while you’re using it for opening or closing the garage door also could be handled from a remote area till a particular range with your smart phone. 

This is a new but very nice feature which Amazon is offering to their prime members only. It is an optional feature that you can decide, if you want to opt for it or not accordingly. It offers In-Garage delivery with a key, meaning that they can get their orders deliver inside their own garage safely and watch it (live or its video afterwards) being delivered with the cloud cam. If you’re out of your house and your ordered is to be delivered, then with this feature you don’t have to worry abut someone else taking it from as your package will be securely delivered inside your garage. It is also a good option for those who travel a lot can opt for this feature for their orders to be delivered safely inside their garage. However, this is optional feature, you don’t necessarily have to choose it if you don’t want. It doesn’t mean, if you buy the product you have to opt for this feature. There is no compulsion, its all up to you.

The Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301 doesn’t need wires to work, it is a wireless garage door opener which like most of the wireless garage door openers will connect to your wife and operate using the internet gateway. After the appropriate installation of the device, you can control your garage even sitting far away from just with click of your smart phone, tablet or google devices. All you have to do is connect all your electronic gadgets to the MYQ app and keep tabs on every second of your garage and home. With connection with the MYQ app you will get every minute updates and notification of the movements of the garage.

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub Myq-G0301 comes with a added cloud camera which will help you see your garage movements live or later in a video sent to you in your phone or tablet to which you have connected it. It will give power to monitor it 24/7 from wherever you want or however far away you’re. Not only that it has also been given a two way audio mechanism to be able to talk to your family, or telling someone to stop throwing garbage in front of your garage door. They are offering a 30 day free subscription for you to test and try it.  After that if you like it than you can subscribe it with the MYQ app for which they charge $1 for a month and 10 $ for a yearly subscription which not much but still you’re already paying the products 

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener will not take much of your time or energy. It doesn’t, even require a professional technician to install it. It has been engineered in a way that it could be easily self installed and get it to start working pretty easily. You just have to follow the instructions given in the manual, after reading and understanding them properly. It will hardly take twenty to twenty five minutes or even less. If by chance you face any problem, you can always call on their customer service number and they will guide you thoroughly through the installation procedure. 

The Chamberlain Garage Door Opener MYQ has been built by referring to the desire & needs of the users in general and then giving it priority. The Chamberlain brand is widely known for its quality and durable products with thousands of happy customers worldwide. This is an amazing product through which you can not only have complete control over your garage door (When its opened, closed or any movements with it) and also be able to keep tabs on it and while your things are being delivered. It is a combo of two great products made by the brand which understands the importance of safety of your home and your loved ones. The product will run very smoothly once it has been installed properly, afterwards you no longer have to worry about anything as you will get notification of every movement with the garage. 


Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
Product Weight
Product Model Number
Smart Garage Hub + Cloud Cam
Black and White
ASIN Number


  • Smart Garage Control
  • Guest Access
  • Receive Alerts
  • Smart Collaborations
  • Key Smart Garage Kit


  • Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Two added features
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Updates and notification of every moment of the garage


  • Extra Subscription charges when you are already paying for the products.

Bottom Line

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub Myq-G0301 is an amazing product for everyone who wants complete control over their garage, its every movement even when they are not home. I am sure that this the product for them to manage and control their garage door remotely whenever they want. They can even live watch what is going on with the garage through the new added features of cloud cam which will send you videos and might even allow you to talk to your family. The cloud cam can even work with Alexa and smart enough to detect and alert. It is a great product in all, providing with you best security while updating you about it on every step. The product has been given a three point seven star out of five on Amazon.

The Chamberlain Myq-G0301 Garage Door Opener is the Best Smart Garage Door Opener is garage door opener which comes with a cloud cam to keep tabs on the interior of your garage and home. It comes with a new creative optional feature to get through which your orders can be delivered safely inside your house. It gives you complete control over the movements of your garage and secure it against the burglars and unwanted intruders. Moreover, you can control and manage it remotely and see notification of every movement.

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