Chamberlain C870 Review

Automatism is today’s secret agenda for growth in every aspect. Do I want room to be chilled before I even enter the house? Switch on the air conditioner using wi-fi. Do I want to locate my car in a parking full of cars? Beep it and I’ll know where my honey is. Am I up for multitasking? Siri, help me out here. Nothing we do today is without the smartness of technology. It keeps making our lives easier and better.

Amongst all these continuous changes, one thing that has remained constant for almost everyone is their dream to have that great grand home and to own that luxurious car, the one that you have been dreaming about to take tours on for so long. Since every good thing needs preservability, so does your car. Would you mind spending that extra dollar to ensure its safety and automatism comes along with it. Chamberlain C870 Garage Door Opener is here – specially built to suit all your personal car- cares and ensure automatic motions. This C870 Garage door opener is made with extra precision and smart technology that adds extra strength to the chain to ensure smooth operations. Know further details in the below Chamberlain C870 Review.

Chamberlain Model C870 Chain Drive FEATURES

This my favourite and so millennium feature. You can close/ open and completely operate the garage door with this Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Smartphone app. Every time the garage door opens or closes, you will receive notification. You can also customize schedules for the garage to open at specific timings and close too. I mean what more can one ask for!

This Best garage door opener from chamberlain  works just fine without the power too. There are two lithium metal batteries included in the set so you can operate the door even in power cut outs.

The chain of the garage door is made with smart technology which is extra strong. The material is made of rugged steel and precision fabrication for a long term usage. The lift power system is super strong, reliable and has the capacity of highest lifting compared to 1¼ power class.

The set includes two 3- button remote controls that can operate upto three Chamberlain garage door openers or the interior light modules. The TriBand technology boosts remote range upto 1500 feet for a quicker entry and exit.

Online installation videos are available along with a Chamberlain C870 Manual with a detail instructions. Remotes are pre- programmed, snap- lock rail system and tech support by the Chamberlain ensures that the installation goes smoothly.

It is fitted with Unmatched Security+2.0. There are about 100 billion code encryption that protects against hacking and Posilock anti- theft protection assures that once the door is closed, it stays locked. These are the features which we observed while testing and for any information regarding this Chamberlain C870 Review you can leave a comment.

Chamberlain Model C870 SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight
35 pounds
Motor: Lifetime; Chain & Parts: 5 Years; Accessories: 1 Year
Item Package Quantity
Not Applicable
Included Components
Garage Door Opener, 7 FT Rail Kit, Full Function Wall Control, Two 3 Button Remotes Transmitters, Keyless Entry Keypad, Safety Sensors
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
Battery Cell Type
Lithium Metal

Chamberlain C870 Installation Steps

Here is a short overview of the Chamberlain C870 Installation-

STEP 1 Determine the header bracket location

STEP 2 Install the header bracket

STEP 3 Attach the rail to the header bracket

STEP 4 Position the garage door opener

STEP 5 Hang the garage door opener

STEP 6 Install the light bulbs

STEP 7 Attach the emergency release rope and handle

STEP 8 Install the door bracket

STEP 9 Connect the door arm to the trolley

STEP 10 Install the door control

STEP 11 Wire the door control to the garage door opener

STEP 12 Attach the warning labels

STEP 13 Install the Protector System

STEP 14 Wire the Safety Reversing Sensors

STEP 15 Connect power

STEP 16 Aligning the safety reversing sensors





How to program Chamberlain C870 garage door opener?
  1. Locate LEARN button on Chamberlain C870 garage door opener
  2. Press it twice until LED blinks.
  3. Click the arrow button until you get the desired position
  4. Click the black button
  5. After two blinks click the fast blinking upward arrow.
  6. Then click the fast blinking down arrow.
How do I connect my Chamberlain C870 garage door opener to WIFI?

To connect Chamberlain C870 garage door opener to WIFI

  1. Go to “Menu” >> “Program” >> “WiFi Setup”
  2. On your mobile, go to settings >> Wi-Fi >> “My-Q” wireless network. 
  3. Go to your browser enter the link: setup.myqdevice.com 
  4. Click “start.”
  5. Select your home WIFI network >> to enter the password >> Click “Next.” 
  6. Then you’ll hear a series of beeps on . 
  7. Go to the mobile app of myQ and login >> click “Get Started” >> Add new Hub >> enter the serial number >> Name your device. 
How do I speed up my Chamberlain garage door opener?

Some Garage Door Openers are set to their lowest speeds. There is a screw that sets the speed which can be done by hand. So, you can adjust the speed of your Chamberlain garage door opener.

Is the battery backup included in the Chamberlain C870 package?

Yes, Battery Backup is included in the Chamberlain C870 package.

Will this Chamberlain C870 use the same rails as an older 1245r model?

 If you buy a particular model, you’ll have to use the rails that are provided along with the product.

Bottom Line

Chamberlain C870 is a Smartphone controlled Garage Door Opener available in market. It is a best fit to buy if you have a self- owned home. It takes care of every need that an automatic door opener should. The design is special made for the safety and to ensure security of the owner’s car’s every bit. I mean it is only fair to protect our car from every bit of scratch that neighbours’ children do sometimes intentionally.

The full function wall control panel enables easy programming of the two remotes and the keypad that come along with the kit. The wall control panel also turns on/ off light automatically whenever any motion is detected. The safety sensors which are of course an added safety, prevents the garage door from closing if any object or being comes in between.This Chamberlain Model C870 is absolutely reliable and trusted with to take care of your dream cars. Hope you collect many!

Chamberlain Chain Drive Garage Door Opener C870 allows you to open and close the Garage Door smartly using your Phone through myQ App. It even gives power backup through power outages. Altogether, it is the best option for the one who want durable and secured Garage Door Opener. So, to get this Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener check out the price at Amazon and grab it now.

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