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Chamberlain C450 Review 2023

Chamberlain C450 garage door opener is very flexible, durable and long run chain driven opener which has inbuilt smart technology that provides you with more control so managing your home becomes easier. Chamberlain chain drive garage door opener includes built-in Wi-Fi which permits you to control the garage upon installing Chamberlain MyQ app. From tablet or Smartphone you can receive real time alerts, close, open and even know the current status of garage door from anyplace. Chamberlain C450 Smartphone opener is designed and engineered for protection and safety and it comprises of wireless keypad, dual system wall control panel and featured with improved Triband technology for performance, less interference and greater range.

Chamberlain Smartphone Garage Door controller has high level of encryption and supervision against hacking when connected with Wi-Fi router firewalls and home’s ISP. This garage door opener needs 26-watt max CFL or two 100-watt max non-halogen. Chamberlain C450 garage door opener is opt for 7 feet high garage door and requires extension kit for 8 feet and 10 feet garage doors.


  • Smart garage control & High durable chain drive
  • MED lift power method- ½ HP & Greater range remote
  • Safety, Security & Others

1. Smart garage control & High durable chain drive

You can able to open and close the garage door from any place with built-in Wi-Fi by connecting it to smart phone through MyQ app. Chamberlain garage door opener is constructed with rugged steel with accurate fabrication for reliable performance for continuous usage.

2. MED lift power method- ½ HP & Greater range remote

It delivers high lifting force with capacity equal to its power class for lifting effortlessly. This garage door opener has exclusive Triband technology remote that can boost the range of remote up to 1500 feet high for faster entry and exit.

Perfect Fit: Chamberlain C450 garage door opener is compatible to 7 feet high garage doors and need extension kit for 8 and 10 feet high doors.

3. Safety, Security & Others

  • Put up with Safety and Security: Posi-lock anti-theft protection makes sure that once the door is closed totally, it stays locked. With unmatched security and 100 billion code encryption garage door is protected from hacking.
  • Chamberlain garage door box includes: Double function wall control, safety sensors, wireless keypad, and 2 three button remotes.
  • Easily connect: With inbuilt Wi-Fi it can be easily connected to home network
  • Receive alerts: You will alerts on your Smartphone when the Garage door is opened or closed.
  • Schedule to close: You can set a frequent schedule to put up the shutters of garage door or to turn the lights on/off



  • Manufacturer : Chamberlain
  • Item model number : C450
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
  • Batteries : 2 lithium metal, require batteries
  • Battery Cell Type : Lithium Metal
  • Item Weight : 35 pounds
  • Material : Alloy Steel
  • Color : Pewter
  • Warranty : Motor: 10 Years; Chain, Parts, Accessories: 1 Year

Chamberlain Smartphone Garage Door Controller Power and Security


Lifting Force ½ HP:

Chamberlain C450 garage door openers can bear typical aluminum doors with a lift power equal to ½ HP

Safety and Security:

  • Safety sensors:

Can able to look after the people and vehicles with the help of inbuilt safety a sensor that prevents the door from closing when it meets some obstructions

  • Secure code:

Every click of garage door opener secure code will be sent to the user.

Chamberlain C450 Installation

  • The header bracket will be centered above the garage door and it is fastened to structural support. Never attach the header bracket over the dry wall. If header bracket is already installed properly, then use it if possible.
  • Lift the garage door to the maximum point of travel and make a spot above two from this.
  • Close the door, and set the bottom of the header bracket on your mark and drill on marks for pilot holes. Follow the instruction manual for exact size of drilling holes.
  • Use the given hardware to install the header bracket.
  • Now place the assembled garage door opener into correct position. You will find it easier with a helper. Use a ladder to support the motor and the step stool or second ladder to get to the header bracket.
  • By using the clevis pin attach the rail to the header bracket and with the help of a ring protect the rail.
  • Open the garage door and set it under 24 below the rail. This will help to put the motor unit at the correct height for linking to the support bracket. If the well installed support bracket is not in place, you should supply one along with the hardware for binding it to the structural support in the ceiling. Drill the pilot holes into the structural supports and connect the support bracket in that place which will be centered above the garage door opener.
  • Calculate the distance between the support and garage door opener.
  • Measure and cut the hanging bracket.
  • Attach the hanging bracket to the garage door opener and the support bracket.
  • Remove 24 and pull down the garage door.
  • Install the light bulbs
  • Through the handle thread the emergency release rope and tie it off.
  • Install this emergency release rope to the trolley, and making sure that the handle is within the reach but at least 6 feet away from surface in order to prevent contact with the vehicles or any obstacles. This is to evade any accidental release.
  • If the garage door is built with light weight material like aluminium, fiberglass, or light steel, make sure that both the vertical and horizontal reinforcements are installed prior to connecting the door bracket. Center the door bracket below the header bracket. Connect it to the vertical reinforcement on the apex panel.
  • Set the top edge of door bracket to two to four inches under the apex edge of the door, or straight away under any structural support across the top of the door. It gets attached to the vertical reinforcement on the apex panel with the given hardware. If you have already installed door bracket, then it will be easy to use that.
  • The outer trolley should be near to the garage door so you can install door arm. If you want to move it, disconnect the trolley by dragging down the emergency release handle and move the trolley near to the door.
  • The door arm includes a curved section and a straight section. By using the given clevis pins attach the straight door arm to the trolley and the curved arm to the door bracket. Adjust the straight and curved arms so that they come out to be positioned between one and two o’clock. Connect the two with the provided hardware.

Chamberlain C450 Installation is not over, if the protector system is not been installed.

  • The protector system has safety reversing sensors which are fixed on each side of the garage door at surface level. Safety reverse sensors are installed in not more than 6” from the surface. Crack the sensor brackets on to door and then fix the safety reversing sensor using the nuts and bolts.
  • Instructions for connecting safety reversing sensors to the motor unit:
  • Put the white wire in the white connector and the black wire in the grey connector.
  • Next, install the door control which may come in one of these three styles: Single button or multi function or LCD. Follow the instructions in the given manual for connecting the wires and fixing the door control. It should be mounted within view of the door and at the height of 5” from the floor, steps, landings or any other surface.



Simply press and hold the down button on the ceiling unit of the C450 Chamberlain garage door opener until the door has reached the desired position. Click on the “Program button” that is the black rectangle button to set the adjustment.


To install a Chamberlain C450 garage door opener
1. Start by placing the motor unit on the floor 10 feet away from the garage door.
2. Layout all the components of the rail.
3. Start connecting.
4. Connect the rail to the motor unit.
5. Install the trolley on the rail.
6. Install the belt and the pulley.
7. Hook the belt onto the trolley.
8. Fix the header bracket.
9. Now lift them and fix the ceiling unit.
10. Put the bulbs.
11. Thread the emergency release rope.
12. Install the door bracket.
13. Install the protector system.


1. Press the “Learn button” that is the yellow- round button. You’ll find it on the side or bottom of the ceiling unit on the same side that has two antenna wires.
2. Once you press the button, the machine gets ready to learn travel distance and the force program.
3. Then simply repeat the programming procedure again.


No, Chamberlain C450 cannot work for swing doors since it is only designed for upward sliding garage doors and especially sectional doors.


Yes, Chamberlain C450 is a heavy duty chain garage opener so it is strong enough for a 2-car garage.


Chamberlain C450 garage door opener is chain driven garage door opener which is made using steel material that is highly durable. It can be controlled from the smart phone using MyQ app. When speaking about the safety of garage, this garage door opener includes an anti-theft protection called as Posi-lock. This is the best garage door opener which can be installed easily and is highly recommended because of its features, value, smart control, safety and security, and ease of installation is the factor which makes perfect for many people.

Chamberlain Group C450 Smartphone Controlled Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener image

Chamberlain Group C450 is a durable chain drive garage door opener which you can continuously for long time. For fast entrance and exit, it can increase the remote range up to 1500 feet. It also allows you to control your garage door with smartphone. Overall, it is the best garage door opener which you can trust for security and safety as well.


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