Chamberlain C273 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener – Smart one with all essential features!

Gone are the days when you have to struggle with the garage doors putting in all your efforts. Chamberlain offers you efficient and quality garage door openers that are affordable and reliable. Their latest innovation, the C273 Chamberlain garage opener, is one such product that might solve your purpose well. We bought this garage opener and tested its performance by keeping a close watch on its working. You can see the detailed Chamberlain C273 review below to know what we experienced. Let’s just say that this product captivated us with its smart technology and high powerlifting capacity.

With a durable chain drive, Chamberlain C273 garage door opener offers safety and security that makes it trustworthy to use. This product is easy to control as it comes with a remote and helps in convenient operation. Its wifi connectivity makes it possible to connect this garage door opener to an app that can be synced with a smartphone providing easy accessibility from anywhere. The notification system alerts you when the door is opened or closed. There is also a provision for a battery backup system that lets you operate if you run out of power. With its smart and advanced features, this garage door opener could compete well with all your requirements.

Chamberlain C273 Review for 2023

1. Horse Power & Chain Drive

The MED lift power system provided by Chamberlain garage door opener C273 delivers the highest lifting force without letting you put any effort and thus gives efficient results. Due to its powerful lifting capacity, this garage door opener makes work easier and reliable as it becomes compatible even for standard aluminum doors.

This garage door opener’s smooth working process is the outcome of its durable chain drive that gives you a longer life. The chain constructed with rugged steel with precision fabrication caters to satisfactory results and keeps this machine’s durability intact even after several usages. Being noiseless is also another factor that comes with chain-driven technology.

2. Smart App Control

With this era’s advancing technology and everything compatible with smartphones, Chamberlain myq garage door opener C273 can also be operated anywhere, anytime through your smartphone device. By installing the myQ app on your smartphone, you can easily sync your garage door opener with it. This makes your task easy-going by letting you operate from any place and sending you notifications for door opening.

You can also provide access for your garage door opening to 3 more people; family or friends that you might want to give access to. This app lets you have easy control and makes it secure to use by notifications. Thus, you are no longer bound to a remote control for operating your garage doors.

3. 3-Buttoned Remote & Suitability

The 3-button remote is provided with tri-band technology, which comes with this Chamberlain smart garage door opener package. This product’s remote control has a range of up to 1500 ft. aiding quicker entry and exit. This 3 button remote makes the operational process of it quite simpler.

This myq smart garage door opener Chamberlain is an ideal fit for doors up to 7ft. height. But if you are stuck up with greater height doors and you wish to use the same garage opener, it can still be worked out. This garage opener can be used for 8 and 10ft. doors as well, but with the help of an extension.

4. Safety and Security

Chamberlain 1/2 hp chain drive garage door opener is equipped with advanced and smart technology. It’s safe and secure to use as it avoids any unwanted or theft activities in your garage that might be troublesome for you. To become trustworthy and allow you to use this door opener without any worries, it provides a high-level security system.

This Chamberlain C 273 Garage Door Opener renders you competent security with code encryption technology and anti-theft protection. Security+2.0 with 100 billion code encryption offers security against any kind of hacking. The PosiLock system gives you all the protection against theft by ensuring a proper locking of your doors.

5. Sensor Technology

One of the best of C273 Chamberlain garage door opener features is its sensor technology. To provide reliable access to anyone through your garage door without creating any obstruction and preventing any kind of harm to anyone, this product is a step ahead. Chamberlain C273 1/2 hp Smart Garage Door Opener is equipped with an in-built safety sensor technology.

This product’s safety sensors detect any kind of obstructions that might come in the way and project an invisible beam that changes the door opening’s direction, saving people, pets, or any other kind of objects that might cause obstruction. These safety sensors are easy to install and serve the purpose well, giving efficient results.


C273 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Specs

  • Manufacturer : Chamberlain
  • Item model number : C273T
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Color : Gray
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Type of Bulb : Incandescent
  • Usage : Inside; Amateur
  • Horsepower : 1/2 HP
  • Warranty Description : 1 Year Manufacturer for Accessories, Drive, Parts and 6 Year manufacturer for Motor


Does Chamberlain security garage door opener C273 notify you when the garage door has been opened?

Yes, this Chamberlain C273 can be set to notifications alert and let you know when the door has been opened or closed.

What battery is in Chamberlain C273 chain drive Garage Door Opener?

This Chamberlain chain drive C273 garage door opener is California SB-969 compliant.

What is the technical lifespan of the battery for Chamberlain C273 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener?

The battery’s technical lifespan for this C273 Chamberlain 0.5 hp Garage Door Opener is between 1-3 years.

Will this Chamberlain C273 opener lift a 12ft by 12ft door?

Chamberlain C 273 garage opener will probably not work well for a 12ft by 12ft door. So prefer not to use it. Though, it can work for 8ft and 10ft doors with an extension.


To rescue you from the daily hassle of your garage door opening, this Chamberlain security plus garage door opener is at your service, providing you with efficient results and all the desired features. Equipped with the smart and latest technology, it won’t let you back out if you are looking for a high-quality, powerful garage door opener. Easy installation and the working process will not let you devote much time and effort. Bestowed with various advanced features, it also provides you with high profile safety and security.

If you are confused by various options and models of garage door openers, then this Chamberlain C273 review will help you to know well about this product. Just say goodbye to all the efforts and pain made for opening your garage door, as this Chamberlain C273 Smart Garage Door Opener will serve you well. Hope our review aids you in making a perfect choice for yourself. Happy shopping!

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