Chamberlain B970 Ultra Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener – A Perfect Budget Pick for your Home

As you can already comprehend from the name itself, we need not go deeper into what a garage opener is or what it does. But we would definitely want you to know that the Chamberlain is one of those foremost brands when it comes to producing the best garage openers for your home. Its B970 Chamberlain garage door opener comes in front of the series of best garage openers. Efficiency has merged with affordability in this particular product, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly yet effective garage opener, consider having this product.

We recently bought this Chamberlain B970 Smart Garage door opener for testing its efficiency in terms of its features. It has a quiet and powerful motor, making it easy for you to open any garage door no matter however heavy. This product not only keeps you from having to do the heavy labor of opening your garage shutter by yourself, but it also keeps your cars safe in there. It gives you complete control over the security as well. It can be connected to your smart device, and therefore, it makes it way easier to keep track of its operation and function.

Chamberlain B970 Review in 2023

1. Motor Power and Battery Backup

The Chamberlain smart garage opener B970 has a potent motor of 1 ¼ HorsePower. This garage door opener draws its power from this DC motor and works perfectly in all garage doors with a height of up to 7 feet and a maximum of 10 feet if the extension is added.

MyQ smart garage door opener Chamberlain has a battery backup. In situations of power cuts, you do not have to step out of your car to open your garage manually to get your vehicle parked inside. Thus, its battery backup allows you to do this impossible task with extreme ease.

2. Smartphone/Wi-Fi Connection

We can control the Chamberlain garage opener via a smart device, like a smartphone or tablet. You can connect this door opener with your smart device to be able to operate its functions from your phone itself. It does not matter if you are away from the garage or your house. You can control the opening and shut down of your garage with your phone at any time you want.

There is an app called MyQ app, a mobile application for Chamberlain products, through which you can control your garage opener. This MyQ application sends you real-time notifications every time your garage door is opened or shut. Plus, it lets you share the control for that garage door with multiple devices at the same time.

3. Powerful Belt Drive

The Chamberlain myQ garage door opener is a belt drive garage opener. But there is a difference in it from all the other belt drive garage door openers. That is, it is noiselessness. That is right, this product’s belt drive is made up of reinforced steel or rebar, so it ensures a prolonged service.

While this noiseless belt drive takes care of the situation when your neighbour and family are fast asleep, but you need to park your car in the garage without spoiling their sleep. This belt drive is designed to serve you for a really long time without creating much roar while operating. This may come to the best use when you have an attached garage in your house.

4. Light Indicator and Motion Detector

There is a light indicator provided with this smart garage opener’s package. You have to install it in the garage door or its adjacent wall. This light indicator gives you a hint when you are far away from the garage in your car, and you need to store your car in it. With this Chamberlain B 970 ultra quiet garage door opener, you do not have to look for your torch or mobile, as this light indicator itself is capable of leading you to your garage.

With this above said technology, one would know where the garage door exactly is. There is a motion detector connected with a light indicator so that whenever it senses some kind of motion around the garage door, it automatically turns the light on. This motion detector contributes much to your purchase of this garage door opener.

5.3 Button Remotes and Superior Range

This Chamberlain wifi garage door opener comes with two remotes, each with 3 buttons. So you can operate 2 3-button remotes door openers with 1 spare remote at the same time. You do not have to carry 2 different remotes for operating them as that can be really confusing to understand which remote is for which door.

These remotes are superbly effective as those boast a Triband technology, ensuring a superior range for controlling these garage door openers. There is a spare remote too. You can be as far as 1500 feet away from your garage with your car and still be able to open the garage door in advance before driving into it if only you have the remote with you.

6. Safety Sensors and Wireless Keypad

The safety sensors of the Chamberlain belt drive garage door opener can sense if there is any obstacle in the path of its door. If you have this garage door opener in your home, you know right away that this door would not shut if there is any hindrance, like your pet, even if you want it to.

Its wireless boasts that it does not need to be electrically connected on your garage door. This wireless keypad stays in place and takes care so that the door cannot be opened without you opening it with remotes or with smartphones. This has a high security +2.0 encryption which makes your garage safe and secured. Another security is there called Posi Lock anti-theft, which keeps track of whether your garage door is being opened forcefully in your absence.


Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener Specifications

  • Brand: Chamberlain
  • Item model number: B970
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium Metal
  • Color: Blue
  • Item Weight: 35 pounds
  • Warranty Description: Motor & Belt: Lifetime; Parts: 5 Years; Accessories: 1 Year


How do you program a Chamberlain model B970 garage door keypad?

There is a Posi Lock anti-theft and high security +2.0 encryption in this Chamberlain model B970 garage door system which you can set up using the keys given in its keypad. After that it can be controlled via MyQ app.

How to connect Chamberlain B970 garage door opener to wifi?

You can connect the Chamberlain B970 garage opener with Wi-Fi via the given keys and switches in this machine. Then you have to install MyQ app on your mobile and keep the Wi-Fi on for uninterrupted service.

Does this Chamberlain wireless garage door opener B970 unit have WiFi and/or can it be added to a smart home hub for access via Alexa?

Yes, the Chamberlain wireless garage door opener has Wi-Fi connectivity. But unfortunately, you cannot use Alexa with it yet.

Will the Chamberlain B 970 garage door opener work with alexa ?

The Chamberlain garage door can be used with Google assistant. But Alexa does not work with it.

Does this B970 Chamberlain garage door opener with battery backup support a track type garage door?

Yes, Chamberlain B970 garage door opener with battery backup supports a track type garage door.

Summing Up

Chamberlain B970 ultra-quiet belt drive smart garage door opener can be justifiably said to be the top scorer among all the other garage door openers available in the market. Its work is not only to open or shut the door but also to provide a safe and secure system to protect your assets in your garage. It has a strong 1 ¼ horsepower motor which enables you to lift almost every type of heavy garage shutters.

The motor of the Chamberlain smart garage door opener is strong yet quiet, which complements its ultra-quiet belt drive perfectly. Its motion detector panel operates the lighting of its light indicator, leading you to the exact point of the garage door even on darkest nights. Its safety sensors throw a beam to detect something on the doorway and therefore, make sure nothing comes under the shutter while shutting up the door. Hope this Chamberlain B970 Review stands quite unique and satisfies all your needs, Happy Shopping…!!!

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