Chamberlain Door Opener B750 and B970 – Which One is Best?

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When it comes to buying any product, it is important to be thorough with its features and different models. Chamberlin is one of the famous companies that manufacturers garage doors. It offers the best quality with amazing functionality and is budget-friendly. Chamberlain offers a belt-driven or chain driver automatic garage door with smartphone control options as well. Chamberlin b750 and b970 are almost similar but there are some factors to consider about both when it comes to premium quality purchase for your garage safety. Having the best quality garage doors and security is essential. Let’s get into the Chamberlain B750 Vs B790 comparison guide to choose a perfect garage door opener for you.

Chamberlain B750 Vs B790 Review & Comparison

Chamberlain B750 Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener imageChamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone garage door opener image
Basics of ComparisonChamberlain B750 Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door OpenerChamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener
Dimensions‎26.7 x 13 x 8 Inches‎18 x 10 x 6.5 Inches
Weight ‎31.9 Pounds‎35 Pounds
Lift Door Weight Up to650 Lbs650 Lbs
Power0.75 HP1.25 HP
Smartphone ControlYesYes
Battery BackupNoYes
Belt DriveYesYes
Wi-Fi IntegrationYesYes
MyQ app compatibilityNoYes
Sound QualityUltra-quietUltra-quiet
Range1500 feet1500 feet
Check PriceCheck Price

Chamberlain Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener


The Chamberlain B750 garage door comes with Wi-Fi capability which can be directly connected to the home network. The main advantage is that it can be controlled from your home, and can be connected to any device. And can be operated by mobile for opening and closing of the garage door. The smart feature is the b750 ultra quiet garage door opener is easy operating doors.

The Chamberlain B970 smart garage doors also come with built-in Wi-Fi and can be connected to the home network. It also has the advantage that it can be operated from the smartphone for opening and closing of the garage doors.

Power System

The B750 uses a plus system to lift the garage doors, Chamberlin is famous for such high power lifting doors. Power lifters can play an important role while selecting the perfect product because it helps easy and smooth lifting of doors. Whereas, Chamberlain B970 uses a max power system twice as b750 to lift the doors which feels like opening a normal house door. It’s more powerful than any other Chamberlain garage door opener. It has more energy and power and is of the best system.

Access sharing

By installing MyQ app you can share access with max 3 people. But in b750 this feature isn’t available leading to the disadvantage of the model. Whereas, Chamberlin B970 is also can be operated with a smartphone and decide when to open and close the garage by applying a particular setting in the MyQ app. Users can set timings to open and close according to their convenience and also can set a schedule for lights, switch on and off. They get notifications and reminders directly on the phone screen.

Battery Backup

For a device that would use 24/7, an equal amount of battery is required. Chamberlin B750 doesn’t have sufficient energy required for a power out or if more energy is used. It lacks battery backup it would be unable to operate in a power outage. B970 is provided with a 24/7 performing battery and also battery backup if the power outage is caused and can be used smoothly for a longer time.


Chamberlian B750 garage opener lacks keyless entry. In case there are more visitors at your place keyless entry is very beneficial for you. Only when code is provided the door opens. Whereas this smart garage door opner B970 has a keyless entry. If loss of key, the company takes care of such issues. It helps easily lift the door without any person controlling it over and over.

Weight of the Door

B750 can lift to 370 pounds of weight. So customers having a high weight garage can hardly think of this option. However, the Chamberlian b970 smart garage door opener can lift 650 pounds of weight and is a very thick and exact model for heavy garage owners.


This myQ smart garage door opener B970 is provided with the feature of a security code where only the authorized person can operate the device. Any change or hack is directly reported to the person immediately. Every notification is provided on the screen. One that person can change garage settings. The Chamberlains B750 model lacks this system. It has an ordinary security system. It can easily operated by house members as there is no need for personalized settings.


Comparatively, the price of b750 is more affordable than the b970, both have Wi-Fi connectivity and are smartphone operated. But Chamberlain b970 has weight and security benefits, when it comes to b750, it is simpler and easy to use. It all depends on what are your requirements if you require quality facilities or light basic facilities would do for you.

Final Words

After competing for both, quality-wise Chamberlains b970 is a clear winner. But if you are looking for something budget-friendly then prefer B750. Both models have similarities, there is no high point of difference. You should look for what is your exact requirement, just don’t go for features and an upgraded security system. Both are built for different requirements. Both have basic security, battery, connectivity and are warranted by the company for damage or any assistance in operating systems.

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