Chamberlain B4545 Garage Door Opener – Now you can control your garage door from anywhere!

Technology has influenced our lives in numerous ways, and one of the benefits has been the added convenience. One such great example of added convenience is the garage door openers available today in the market. Added security and safety are additional benefits that one would get with a garage door opener like the Chamberlain B4545 Garage Door Opener. From what we saw while testing this garage door opener, this particular model showed great promise for someone wishing to connect an older garage system with the rest of the home. To know what exactly we liked and what dissatisfied us, read the complete Chamberlain B4545 review.

The function and design of this Chamberlain B 4545 Garage Door Opener turned out to be pretty easy to manage. Its smartphone control feature allowed us to do the rest after installation, and using the door opener was a piece of cake after that. The myQ is a very much convenient addition to this device because of its design’s remote control aspect.

Chamberlain B4545 Review for 2023

1. Security

Safety and security are two aspects that have been well taken care of in this Chamberlain security garage door opener. The video camera fared well on our analysis as it was able to provide us with a live feed of our garage from where it had been positioned. This camera added a sense of security, which would otherwise have to be taken care of separately.

For anyone looking for an integrated device that can manage the garage’s safety while adding to the convenience that comes with using one, this product would be a good choice. Despite being a basic model, it has a lot to offer in terms of your garage’s safety and security.

2. Power System

A power system built into a garage door opener’s design plays a key role as it directly connects to its primary function. This Chamberlain smart garage door opener B4545 proved to be very efficient in this aspect owing to its MED lift power system. It almost effortlessly lifted our garage door while being experimented with, which shows that it is a reliable device whose performance can be trusted.

This Chamberlain wifi garage door opener comes with a lifting force that is claimed to be ¾ HP, good enough compared to many other models available similarly. This particular feature, coupled with the strong belt drive, is what makes this product’s functioning convenient for a user.

3. Belt Drive

The belt drive is what holds the weight of Chamberlain B4545 Secure View Video 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener when its open button is pushed. We examined this particular aspect in this Garage Door Opener, and the steel-reinforced belt drive effortlessly lifted our garage door.

Moreover, this entire process of lifting our garage happened without much noise being generated. Frequent use of the belt drive for opening the garage door also didn’t tear down its mechanism in any way, showing this garage door opener’s strength.

Buyers can expect more than the basic camera that is being featured with B4545 Chamberlain garage door opener. High definition can be streamed live with its help, and given it is motion-activated, the usefulness is apparent. Manual adjustment is also possible up-to 360 degrees so you can get the most appropriate view of your garage.

Glare resistance and night vision are features of this camera, making it equipped more than enough. Its night vision lens adjusts itself automatically, so clarity is optimum. Coupled with the safety sensors, this full-featured camera works very well in the Chamberlain MyQ B4545T garage door opener.

5. Additional Accessories

It is not just this garage door opening mechanism that makes Chamberlain Secure View Smart Garage Opener as efficient as it is. The additional accessories that we got with the package also made our experience with it more satisfactory. In the box that you will receive on purchase, a wireless keypad, two 3-button remotes, safety sensors, and a motion-detecting control panel will be present.

Its keypad helped in programming this system wirelessly, while the remotes were helpful in quick entry and exit. Their range is 1500 ft, with no chance of this system getting hacked under any circumstance. Safety sensors also came in handy when there were obstructions while our garage door was being opened. Any possible accidents can be avoided with these accessories’ help.



  • Manufacturer : Chamberlain
  • Item model number : B4545T
  • Product Dimensions : 26.75 x 13.38 x 8.06 inches
  • Battery Cell Type : Zinc Carbon
  • Color : Blue
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Item Weight : 32 pounds
  • Usage : Inside; Amateur
  • Horsepower : 3/4 HP
  • Warranty Description : 5 Year Manufacturer for Parts, LifeTime manufacturer for Motor & Drive, 1 Year Manufacturer for Accessories & Camera


Does Chamberlain smart garage opener B4545 need a hub or does it connect to the wifi directly?

The garage door opener from Chamberlain will connect to your router, and the rest can be managed with the help of the myQ app. This is only for when you have anything else except an Apple Home Kit because then you will need a hub.

Whats the difference between Chamberlain B4545 and B6765 ?

The B6765 is a more advanced model than the B4545, with more horsepower and light features. B4545 has neither of the two. Yet, this Chamberlain B4545 is more affordable and is worth every penny.

Does B4545 Chamberlain myq smart garage door opener have Ethernet port?

An ethernet port isn’t present in Chamberlain 0.75 hp garage door opener B4545 because it connects directly through Wi-fi.

Does Chamberlain B4545 ultra quiet belt drive garage door opener have battery backup?

Battery backup isn’t a feature that the Chamberlain B4545 garage opener has.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, Chamberlain 0.75 HP quiet garage door opener B4545 proved to be a good product to place your bet on. Security and safety features are well enhanced to suit the needs of any user. Its camera specifically provided a clear picture of what was happening in our garage even while we were far away. Two-way communication between your phone and your garage is possible because the camera that comes already installed makes this model a great upgrade. An outdated garage system became entirely new when coupled with Chamberlain myQ garage door opener.

Additional accessories available in its package only enhanced the convenience factor. Multiple individuals in the same home will also have the liberty to access this garage door opener through remotes, as they come with the package. Above all, smooth performance and great reliability are what we saw in this garage door opener. Hope this Chamberlain B4545 review is found helpful for you. Happy shopping!

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