Chamberlain B1381 and B970 – Which is Best Quiet Garage Door Opener?

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Chamberlain Group is specialized in fashioning and manufacturing garage door openers. It is serving all across the globe and is one of the most celebrated companies for door openers and gate systems. Not only do they enhance our house safety but make an everyday errand of parking super easy and convenient. Spare yourself the physical exertion of opening and closing the gate, with garage door openers all this is achieved just by pressing a button. What is amazing is, the wifi connectivity and google assistant commanding feature. You say it and it’s done. Let’s compare get into the Chamberlain B1381 Vs B970 garage door openers.

Chamberlain B1381 Vs B970 Comparison Table

Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener imageChamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener image
Basics of ComparisonChamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door OpenerChamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener
Drive TypeBelt Drive SystemBelt Drive System
Voltage120V 120 V
Lighting100-lumens of LED26-watt max CFL light bulbs
Remote ControllerYesYes
Lights Turn On When Entering GarageYesYes
Motor Power1.25 Horsepower1.25 Horsepower
WiFi ConnectivityYesYes
MyQ App Compatibility Yes Yes
Maximum Weight CapacityYesYes
RangeExclusive TriBand 1,500 feetExclusive TriBand 1,500 feet
WarrantyFive years on spare partsFive years on spare parts
Check PriceCheck Price

Chamberlain B1381T and B970T Smart Garage Door Opener – Key Differences

Motor Power

Chamberlain B1381 and B970 both have a tremendous motor horsepower of 1.25. With this amount of horsepower, it very smoothly and easily opens garage door. The Chamberlain garage door opener does not get stuck or trips while opening and closing. Motor power of these is strong enough to pull a door weighing around 650 pounds. A belt drive is utilized in the process of uplifting the garage door.


Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener has 3,1000 Lumen LED light. This LED incorporated in B1381 lasts for about 30,000 hours on average, which is absolutely brilliant and enlightens your garage completely. On the other hand, we have Chamberlain B970, it does not have a LED light but instead has a normal bulb and is not strong enough to enlighten the whole garage. However, both these powerful garage openers are automated and turn on automatically when there is an entry in the garage.


Chamberlain B1381 smart garage door opener has superior security and safety technology when compared to Chamberlain B970. B1381 has a factory installed auto lock feature which ensures safety even when we forget to lock our garage doors. On the contrary, B970 lacks this auto lock feature and hence turns out to be less secure than B1381.

WiFi Connectivity

Both Chamberlain B1381 and B970 are Wifi compatible. You can easily connect them to any internet connection near their vicinity. This Wifi connectivity comes very handily when you want to control your garage doors even while you are not around. These quiet garage door openers can also be commanded with Google assistant while being connected to a wifi network.

Wireless Keypad

Chamberlain B1381 and B970 both have a wireless keypad provided with the set. Both these wireless keypads have an excellent feature of Posi Lock anti-theft technology. This ensures extra safety measures against hacking and system muddling etc. A wireless keypad is more convenient and makes the job absolutely effortless.

Battery Backup

Chamberlain B1381 and B970 have a fairly decent battery backup. This really comes into use when there is a power supply cut or any similar issues. With a battery backup, the garage door opener still functions and can be used painlessly. This is a brilliant feature and is not incorporated in the majority of Garage door openers.

Remote Control

Each of these smart garage door openers, including B1381 and B970, have a pair of remotes. These remotes have three control buttons on them. Their functioning distance ranges to 1,500 feet away. Working at such a distance is unimaginably convenient. Each remote can control up to three garages within 1.500 feet range.


Chamberlain B1381 has a safety sensor included in the set. This sensor helps in automated obstruction identification. If any obstruction and obstacles found in their way, they will automatically reset and start all over again. However, in B970 the safety sensor is not that strong and it rarely resets if any obstructions are found on its way.

Additional Features

A motion sensor has been incorporated in both Chamberlain B1381 and B970. When there is an object moving near or around the garage gate, the garage door opener turns on its light immediately. This gives both these garage openers an edge over all the other garage door openers which lack this feature. Safety and convenience are enhanced with Motion sensor technology.


The warranty provided by Chamberlain is astounding. For all the spare and extra parts, there is a warranty of five years. A one complete year warranty on all the accessories and a lifetime warranty on the belt and motor. Apart from that, free in-home service not covering any damage costs.


Our team has thoroughly investigated and researched both these Chamberlain B1381 Vs B970 comparison guide. Both the belt drive garage door openers are brilliantly designed and fashioned appropriately for enhancing the user experience. However, we believe if affordability is not an issue, you should prefer B1381 over B970 for all the extra smart features it provides the user with.

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