beamUP BU800 1.25 HP Garage Door Opener – Powerful enough to lift the heaviest doors!

Automatic garage door openers have made opening heavy-duty garage doors an easy task. BeamUp has launched a new version of garage opener called the beamUP BU800 1.25 hp garage door opener specialized in 2 car garage doors. This garage door opener is a belt-driven opener that offers super quiet performance, and you will not get any vibrating or squeaking sounds which other types of openers let out. This garage door opener runs with smart technology and can be supported through Alexa and Google Home voice assistance for quicker and convenient operations. Let’s see this detailed BeamUP BU800 review to know how far this garage door suits your requirement.

BeamUP Centurion BU800 garage opener is very simple to install without any help of special tools. The manufacturer also provides a simple step-by-step installation guide. This device’s motor system runs on a 1 ¼ Hp which offers ultimate safety, reliability, and security in your garage. It comes with an in-built sustainable LED lighting of 3000 lumens ( 200 watts) which lowers your energy bill. BeamUp has given priority to new-age technology and also has kept the consumers in mind while designing this product. This garage door opener is an effective and reliable 2-car garage door opener. After we’ve tested and thoroughly researched this best garage door opener, we were awed by its robust operation.

BeamUP BU800 Review of 2023 (Key Features)

1. Belt-Driven

Beam UP garage door opener is a belt-driven garage door opener. This opener works great on an 8′ x 7′ single door or 16′ x 7′ double door, it is designed as a 2-car garage door opener and offers smooth and ultra-quiet operation. This belt can effortlessly pull up doors to 7 feet height doors. If required for 8 or 10 feet garage doors, you can attach an extension to this existing garage door opener, and your work will be done.

Since this garage opener is a belt-driven garage door opener, it’s an ideal appliance for houses with living rooms or bedrooms above or attached to the garage. This belt-driven function has very few moving parts compared to other types of garage openers, resulting in a lower cost of maintenance. The rail length of this belt-driven opener is about 123” or 10.25 feet.

2. Horsepower and Motor System

This is the most important feature of any garage door opener. It shows the power and effectiveness of this opener in lifting heavy garage doors. Beam UP BU800 garage opener has a dc motor with 1 ¼ horsepower which conveniently and quickly pulls up the garage door. Since this is a double car garage door opener, 1 ¼ hp is way more and highly effective than ½ hp.

As this motor is an excellent device with a high power system, it will function with less effort, and there will be lower possibilities of wear and tear. This garage door offers an advantage since it has a dc motor, wherein its small size provides super quiet operations and smoother starts and stops. This high horsepower run motor can also turn alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) power.

3. Smart Controls and Functions

The Beam UP garage opener has offered a smart dial keypad remote control wherein you can manually control the settings opener with just a press of a button. These remotes are so small in size that they can easily fit in a pocket. This machine has a built-in Wi-Fi connection system. In short, you can link this garage opener to the BeamUp app installed on your mobile. With the wireless network, you can conveniently operate your garage door from the app without any requirement of our manual operation.

There’s an auto shut off function, where the garage door automatically closes up after a preprogrammed time. You can also receive real-time notifications on your smartwatch or mobile app if an unauthorized person is operating your garage. This BeamUp app also supports Alexa and Google home voice assistance, so you can just speak, and there you go! Your garage door gets shut.

4. Security

This Beam labs beamUP BU800 garage opener has a powerful and highly effective security system. It secures the garage with a special radar motion-sensor system that continuously scans and senses every nook and corner of your garage. If this radar sensor detects any suspicious movement, it will immediately start up the LED lighting. There is also a unique vacation lock feature wherein you can lock up your entire garage. Even if any unauthorized person tries to open up the garage with any remote device, they cannot be able to do so.

Have you ever thought that your garage door could have eyes? Yes, this device indeed has a cleverly designed photo eye safety system. Here this system is attached beneath the garage door and functions with a beam light and two sensors. If any object interrupts the photo-eye system’s sensors, this then gives a signal to the system, and the entire garage door circuit breaks down so the garage door cannot shut down.

5. Warranty

The manufacturer of this beamUP Centurion Garage Door Opener provides a 2-year warranty on its accessories. A 5-year warranty for the installed dc motor and on other parts also a lifetime warranty on the belt. The manufacturer will repair or replace its parts if found any damage/faults in this product’s material during workmanship. We being a purchaser should disclose its original sales receipt as a proof of purchase to gain this warranty service.

This garage opener’s warranty service would not be applicable if this product wasn’t installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This warranty service would not be applicable if unauthorized dealers did installation/repairs. Also, the damage of parts (like batteries, fuses, sensitive adjustments, and remote control), water damage, lack of power supply, or any Acts of God are excluded from the warranty.



  • Manufacturer : Beam Labs LLC
  • Model Number : BU800
  • Product Dimensions : 12.4 x 10 x 6.7 inches
  • Batteries : 2 Lithium Metal batteries required (included)
  • Color : White
  • Battery Cell Type : Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • Horse Power : 1-1/4 HP
  • Drive System : Belt-Drive
  • Warranty Description : 2-Year Accessories, 5-Year Parts, Lifetime Motor & Belt


Will two car garage with one door works with this BeamUP BU800 garage door opener?

Yes, this BeamUP BU800 garage door opener will work great with one door car garage.

Will Beam UP BU800 smart garage door opener work for a one car garage?

Yes, this BeamUP BU800 smart garage door opener will effectively work for a one-car garage.

Does beamUP BU 800 garage door opener have a backup battery to open it when the power is out?

Unfortunately, no. This BeamUp BU800 garage door opener does not have a backup battery to support its motor when the power is out.

Will the centurion Beam UP BU800 be able to handle the door weight of approx 600 lbs?

Yes, this Centurion BeamUp BU800 will be able to handle the door weight of approx 600 lbs.

Final Thoughts

BeamUP BU800 Centurion garage door opener has brought the next level in garage door operations. Its whole package is perfect for offering customers with security and a powerful operating system all in one unit. This 2 car garage door opener is a belt-driven opener offering smooth and ultra-quiet operation. This appliance performs functions with the latest technology and can be conveniently operated by mobile and a handheld remote control device. It comes with compatibility to work efficiently with Alexa and Google home assistant by our voice controls, so just say a word, and your garage door will open up.

The motor has a horsepower of 1 ¼ hp providing adequate power. You do not have to worry about your garage’s security since this beamUP smart 1-1/4 hp garage door opener provides absolute security systems. There’s an inbuilt photo-eye security system that immediately senses any suspicious or unauthorized person. The final words for our BeamUP BU800 review, are that its energy is efficient and has a really powerful security system. Thus, we highly recommend this device for you.

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